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RECAP-Om confronts Shivaay

Rudhra explains to Shivaay that whole House is shattered  how Tejvi treated  Sakthi and pinky heartbreaking of Dadi thien How Om Searched for Shivaay after coming from Germany

R-Bhaiya he refused to belive me that you will no more stay with us.After explaining to him what happened we decided to search in each areas of Mumbai we thought you won’t go            far  from us but we are wrong.each time our hard work goes vain Mr and Mrs.Oberoi  went to paris for some days dadi is so worried for 8mnths you won all by keeping you far             from  us there is no single clue left.Before three weeks a Summit was organised by JP industries .Om attended it.when he checked the invitation there was SOR Constructions  he       believed  there was some connection with us he attended it so he may see you but you were smart you sented Mr.Gupta there but the presentation was so similar to which you do       for Oberoi industries.he tried to catch Mr.Gupta but he escaped so we thought to search and go to company ourselves .we took address from website but the Owner  name is                more   Confidential  we were sure its you diverting us from You.

we got ready to come there but Chulbul babhi got unwell so we are here.

S-but how do you know i’m here .haan i know Om attended Summit but what is the need to find me if you are near me or not it doesn’t matter we are always and will be connected by     heart….

R-stop it by Bhaiya.its good  we didn’t register our name in morning so Om said me to write now and i was actually going to pick up dadi but when i saw your and bhabi name i ran to      Om and showed it we came to doctor to ask about it but we saw you here so we waited here till you come outside.

O-Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi can we now know whether SOR constructions is yours?

S-yes its mine.call me Shivaay.i’m still your brother and always be don’t treat me like out of family me

O-wow wow so you remember you have a brother who was  out of town when he was leaving home and for once he didn’t tried to contact him.

S-I thought my brother would understand me and support me in this decision too as always he do.its ok i’m leaving Annika has to take rest and she has not eated anything for more   than 4 hrs.don’t try to follow me Rudra you two are needed for family.

O-(he gets moved seeing how hurt Shivaay is inside)what about Chotema and Chotepapa.the persons who sent you out is not here then why can’t you come..

S-They may not be here but they didn’t call me back to be the part of family so until that happens don’t even think about  i will return.you both are family for them.

R-(runs to Annika)bhabi say bhaiya not to leave please please..

A-i missed my family  but i can’t take decision i’m bounded to Shivaay’s decision sorry Rudra  i can’t(she cries)

S-Annika don’t cry its not good for you and baby .i can’t take chance  only you both are there for me as of now..

A-ek bhar ish decision ke liyae socho na ,mere liyae  please

S-no chance Annika you were there when everything happened right phir be we are leaving that’s it..come

Shivaay catches Annika ‘s hand and moves toward outdoor.she turns and cries leaves.Shivaay doesn’t look back but cries shows as if he is not affected

OmRu  is shocked and stand still after sometime they runs to stop Shivaay no use he has already left they shouts cries but no their brother is not going to come he is so adamant .they understood until  their parents ask him to come .they decided to however bring Shivaay back..

O-Rudra don’t cry .we already wasted 8mnths but not now..

R-what are you saying we were not wasting we tried hard to find him but after seeing him in front of us we forgot to stop him..

PRECAP-OmRu to find the Reason behind giving 50%share given to Swetlana by Shivaay…..

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