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ISHQBAAZ SS – Our Angel, Ishana – Chapter 6



ShivIka Villa


Everyone are shocked to see Ishana collapsed on the floor. Shravani runs towards her and lifts her face.

Shrav: (pats her face and cries) Ishu!! Wake up!! Your Shravs is here.

The Oberois look each other confusingly.

Annika: So strange. It’s just a small scratch but she fainted seeing that.

Gauri: I think, bhojai, she is having weakness seeing the blood. That’s why she fainted.

Bhavya: But, why this ACP is worrying a lot?? Just now she talked like a lioness.

Saumya: (looking at something) No, I think something serious. Look at her hand. (All look at her hand and shocked to see Ishana bleeding terribly)

Shivaay: (kneels beside Ishana) The wound is not deep, but how come she is bleeding like this??

Shrav: (Ties her wound with Ishana’s scarf. She looks at the Oberois) Please get for me some ice cubes and first aid kit. (The girls run inside)

Kalyani: Rudra, lift her and put her on sofa. (Rudra nods and lifts her in his arms. He makes her to lie on the sofa)

Shrav: Ishu, wake up. Look at me. (Cries hugging her)

The girls come towards her bringing a bowl of ice cubes and the first aid kit. Shravani untie the scarf and places the ice cubes on her wound. She takes her mobile and call someone.

Shrav: Navya, a glass piece scratched Ishu’s hand and she is bleeding badly. (Navya says something) Not deep wound, just a small one but still she is bleeding badly. (Again Navya says something) Are you sure?? Yes. I’m having with me one. Ok. I’ll give it to her. (Shravani ends the call and takes her handbag. She takes a medicine bottle from her bag and feeds Ishana the medicine. Shivaay is sitting worriedly beside Ishana and caresses her hair.)

Kalyani: (caresses Shravani’s head) Don’t worry, putthar. She will be fine.

Tej: We will take her to hospital if you want.

Shrav: (bandages Ishana’s hand) No need of that. I just talked with her doctor. She said she will be fine after having this medicine. She just took her vaccination a day before yesterday. So, it won’t be dangerous.

Jhanvi: What is wrong with her?? She just hurt a little but she was bleeding terribly.

Shrav: Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia. (All look at her questioningly) I mean she is having problem with her platelet. She should not get hurt. If she gets hurt her blood can’t be stopped and will flow non stop. Luckily, this is just small scratch. It could have be dangerous if her wound is deep. (All are shocked listen to her)

Annika: This is first time I’m hearing about this. Since when she is having this problem??

Shrav: Since she was kid. Woh… Actually, her mom was having this problem and it affected her daughter too.

Ishana gets conscious after a while. Shravani cries and hugs her. Shivaay is relieved to see her conscious. Ishana looks at him and signs through her eyes that she is fine. Shivaay nods his head tearfully.

Ishu: (breaks the hug) Shravs, don’t cry in this uniform. It doesn’t suits you.

Shravs: Shut up!! Do you know how scared I am?? Why don’t you be careful??

Ishu: How do I know that there is a flower vase?? (Shravani cries and hugs her) Don’t cry, Shravs. You know right, I can’t see you in tears.

Shrav: And I can’t see you in pain. (Kisses her forehead)

Ishu: (looking at the Oberois who are smiling at her) I’m still here??

Shrav: You fainted here. Then, where I will take you??

Ishu: No. I thought you took me to hospital ready.

Shrav: I called Navya just now. She said that it won’t be dangerous because you just had your vaccination. She just ask me to feed your medicine.

Ishu: (towards the Oberois) Sorry for troubling you all.

Kalyani: It’s ok, putthar. How are you feeling now??

Ishu: I’m fine now, madam. Shravs, we can leave. (Tries to get up but she feels dizzy and sits back. Shravani holds her.)

Jhanvi: I think she is still weak. Annika, bring juice for her. It will give some energy for her.

Annika leaves to kitchen and bring two glasses of juice. She hands over the glasses to them. Shravani takes the glasses and makes Ishana to drink the juice. Shivaay goes beside Ishana and caresses her hair gently. Annika who is standing there feels something in her heart. But, she brushes off the feeling and continue looking at Ishana. Shivaay looks at Ishana’s bandaged hand and caresses it gently. Annika’s heart started to beat faster. Gauri noticed Annika’s expression and goes to her.

Gauri: What happened, bhojai??

Annika: Shivaay…. (Ishana coughs listening to Annika and looks at Shivaay. He too gives a shocking look to her. Shravani rubs her back)

Gauri: (confused) What???

Annika: I don’t know why but I feel Shivaay is here. (Bhavya who is listening to their conversation come towards them)

Bhavya: Bhabhi, bade bhaiya is still in coma. Please don’t strain very much.

Om: I think you are missing Shivaay very much. That’s why you are feeling like this.

Rudra: Right. Don’t worry, bhabhi. Bhaiya will recover soon.

Ishu: (whispers towards Shivaay) What a love both of you are sharing?? She can feel you. I’m impressed.

Shivaay: I told you that our love is khidkithodh love. (Shravani looks at Ishana mumbling something)

Shrav: What are you mumbling alone??

Ishu: No. I was praying that Manu and Ajju should not know about this. Or they won’t let me to come out.

Rudra: Manu and Ajju?? Who are them?? Your friends?? (Shravani chuckles)

Ishu: No… No… Manu is my dad and Ajju is my elder brother. (The Oberois are shocked and cup their mouths)

Rudra: (casually) Oh… (realised what she said) What?? You called your dad as Manu??

Ishu: Yeah.

Gauri: Anyone will call their dad like that??

Ishu: But, I will call him like that only.

Om: You are calling this ACP as Shravs. She is your sister??

Ishu: She is Ajju’s wife, Manu’s daughter in law, my bhabhi, Shravani, ACP Shravani, my Shravs. (Grins. The Oberois give a weird look towards her)

Rudra: Anything left??

Ishu: (excitingly) Yes. She is not only my bhabhi but she is like a mother, sister, friend (Shravani closes her mouth with her palm)

Rudra: Arrey, madam. Let her finish. It’s very nice to hear. (Omkara slaps his head)

Gauri: This chiraiya is really strange.

Ishu: (confused) Chiraiya?? Madam, my name is not chiraiya. Ishana.

Kalyani: Beautiful name. You know it’s one of lord Durga’s name. (Ishana smiles at her)

Shrav: (towards Oberois) We are leaving now. And thank you.

Shravani helps Ishana to get up from her place and they are about to leave from there. A guy enters the house and walk towards Oberois.

Guy: Why police is here?? Any problem??

Om: Nothing. She just came for enquiry regarding Shivaay’s accident. (The guy become nervous which didn’t go unnoticed by IshShrav. They look each other and turn to him)

Guy: (wipes his face and stammers) Wh.. what?? Shivaay’s accident?? But, why?? It was an accident only.

Shrav: Excuse me. May I know who are you?? How you are related to this family??

Annika: He is Dr Veer Prathap Chauhan, our neighbour and Shivaay’s friend.

Shrav: Friend?? How long did you know him??

Annika: Just only. After we came to Goa. (Shravani nods and about to leave with Ishana)

Veer: Excuse me. (Shravani turns to him) You came to enquire about Shivaay’s accident. May I know why??

Shrav: Nothing. We received a complaint and that’s why I came to enquire them. Nothing serious. It’s just a normal enquiry. (Veer smiles in relief while IshShrav look at him suspiciously)

Shivaay: (towards Ishana) Why you both are looking at him like this??

Ishu: (whispers covering her mouth) I’m having bad vibes seeing him. Don’t know why. We will talk after go back. (Towards Shravani) Shall we leave?? (Shravani nods and they started to leave. Shivaay holds Ishana’s hand. Annika feels something and turns towards them)

Annika: (shouts) Shivaay!!! (ShivIsh are surprised and look each other confusingly. Shravani looks at Annika questioningly.)

Bhavya: (towards Shravani) Woh, actually she is missing her husband very much. That’s why. Don’t worry. (Shravani smiles)

Ishu: (looks at her hand and thinks) She is reacting like this whenever he holds me. She can feel his presence. Poor girl. This much love for her husband. Shivaay is very lucky to have her. (Towards Shivaay) Shivaay you go and see Annika first.  (Shivaay nods and goes inside the house while IshShrav leave from there)

Gauri: (goes towards Annika) What happened, bhojai?? Why did you scream bade bhaiya’s name??

Annika: I don’t know why but I can feel Shivaay is here when I saw that girl. I don’t understand why. (Cries. The girls console her. Annika leaves to her room)


ShivIka’s Room


Annika goes to Shivaay’s portrait and caresses his face.

Annika: Shivaay, I’m getting mad without you beside me. That girl Ishana, I don’t know her before but I felt like you are with her. I don’t know why I’m feeling like that, Shivaay. You are in hospital but why I…..?? I’m getting crazy, Shivaay. Please come back soon. (Kneels down and cries leaning on the wall. Shivaay who is standing at the door feeling bad looking at Annika.)

Shivaay: Annika, you are not mad. You are feeling correct. I’m with her only just now. How I want to tell you that I’m roaming as a soul and no one can see me except that girl?? I need to talk with Ishana about this. Or Annika will be mentally disturbed. I can’t see her like that. (He disappears from there)


To be continue….


I’m really sorry for this boring chapter….

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