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Ek me aur ek tu … dono mile is tarah swasan – Episode 10

Hey i am back..

Sorry guys will be ending this story in 2 shot. Then coming with  new story..
It was 1st time so pardon my mistakes..

Recap :- all have played Antakshri . Talk of shraddha and swara has been heard by two persons.

Now stating the story..

1 is non other than sanskar.
He thinks she is right i have made her life a mess she was leading such a peaceful life now see where this thing have led us.

All the elders and childern are sitting and chatting.

Then only Maan ask angel do you have any bf.. she was smiling now she was confused why he has ask this ques. suddenly..

She also a
Swara she can hide her felling very quickly …
Bhai no not till now but thinking to make kab tak kuvari rahu gi.. gf thi but use bhi  you have stolen..

Maan was blushing till now.. but hide it.

Maan :-  angel this is not right i have ask and u..

Swara :- what bhai you only ask na do you have but i use to gf what can i do in that … go i don’t want to talk to you i am angry

Maan :- waaahhh this is too much here i should be angry and she but same like shona whenever see her fell like she is my sona only.. leave this i have manooo my angel.

Days were passing maan and geet were comming close to eachother.

Sanskar was maintaining diatance with her..
But swara was very disturb by his this behaviour because she was thinking he will manoo her but is going far from her..

Marriage days were close so everyone was here.

Now this was it for her..

Now she strted to irritate sanskar by this he talk her but nothing was affecting him. But her each action was notice by 1 more person.

Sanskar  pov:-

OMG so many days have passed without talking to her but i have totally fallen for her.. ya right i love her.. but i fear she will accept or not that why i am not talking to her but ahe is too much she started to irrate me but i love those moment how she makes faces when her attempt fail to irrate me..
Just wish she also love me.

Everyone was going for shopping today

Swara :- ohhhh god these boys took ao much time to select dress i have done whole shopping one hour and they are…

Geet :- yes you are saying true what are they buying whole mall a what.. what we will do now..

Swara :-  come we will have some thing till they come then aakh sekh le ge( means we will check hot boys )

Geet :- swaru u are took much . I am geting married and u are telling these things to do.. in clg days it was ok now..

Swara :-  ohh sati savitri devi don’t tell me what to do i know you better..

Both start laughing .

Somepersons clear the throat sound came. They see back they see sanskar and maan are glaring them.. as if they have their talks.

After chit chating all were leaving .

Maan while checking his phone was crossing the road. When a truck in full speed was comming. Which was seen by swara she was shocked.

She come out of shock and start running towards maan when she reached truck was inch apart she puches him and truck hit her and …..


Badaaaa valllaaaaa sorrryyyyy for late but now try to this ff in this week only..

Wish u guys happy holi….

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