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A DEVIL Falls In LOVE With An ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 32) #LASTCHAPTER

Hello friends???? You guys must be surprised to see my post. It has been so many months since I last posted this ff. I’m sorry guys for the delay but I have many reasons.

First of all, my health was so bad in all these days. I had caught high fever with cold and flu. I wasn’t even able to get up.

Secondly, I was having a very busy schedule and was burdened because of my studies.

Thirdly, I was feeling so low and didn’t feel like writing.

Now, everything is fine but yeah I’m busy with studies still I’ll take out time and will post my ffs.

How are you all???? I hope you all are doing good.! I missed you all so much..!

Now enough of my blabbering, let’s start with the chapter.

I hope you guys remember whatever happened.

Chapter 32 ~

Flashback continues:

Twinkle was taken aback. She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t believe what she heard. Tears rolled down her eyes. Her world turned upside down. She never thought in her wildest dreams that this would happen someday. She couldn’t believe the fact that the one whom she loved for years has now become a  heartless devil without any emotions. She felt like someone stabbed her heart repeated times. The truth came out like this. Sometimes big things happens in your life when you least expect them. She reminisced that Kunj’s company name was ‘SidMin’. She remembered about all the similarities which she ignored. How stupid she was to never realize that the one she has been looking for was right in front of her and she didn’t know.

Chinki and Yuvi waited for her to say something but she didn’t. She was sitting like a living dead body.

Bein scared of her silence. Yuvi finally asked.

Y – ‘Twinkle? You okay? Say something please?’

After a long silence, she replied in not so audible voice.

T – ‘What.. do..you expect.. me.. to say..?’  tears were continuously flowing from her eyes.

C – ‘We don’t expect anything! We’re worried for you!’

T – ‘You both knew this na?’ Both of them lowered their gaze.

T – ‘I don’t believe this. Why did you do that?’

Y – ‘Twinkle, don’t take me wrong. But I really wanted him to tell you!’

C – ‘Twinkle, I’ve seen you crying for him, waiting for him, not sleeping at night. You love him so much and he also love you as much as you do maybe more than that.’

T – (Sobbing) ‘Chinki, I love Sid, not this heartless devil. He broke my heart that time and he did this again.’

Y – ‘Twinkle, he was broken when he got to know all the truth behind that day. He so wanted to come to you, to apologize for hurting you but he couldn’t find you! And then he became like this. But all the time he loved only you. He waited for you and when you came he didn’t even realize that he again lost you!’

C – ‘Twinkle, me tum dono ko aesy nhi dekh skti. Khud ko saza dena band kero. I won’t force you but please jo bhi decision lena ek baar is bachhe ke baare me soch lena.!’

T – ‘Please just go. I need to be alone.’

Both Chinki and Yuvraj left. Twinkle fell on the ground sobbing and screamed his name. She remembered how he hurted her all those time. She remembered how much she cried just because of him.

T – ‘Kunj! Why did you do this? I never thought that I’ll be like this one day. Kese maaf ker dun tumhe? Kese? Ye jaanty huay ke tumne mera sb kuch cheen liya? Meri family ko mujhse door ker diya! Ye jaanty huay ke tumne meri zindagi barbaad ker di! Kese? Per ye dil hai ki manta nh! Ye aj bhi tumhare liye dhadakta hai. Aj bhi har dhadkan me tumhara naam hai! Tumhare itny dukh dene ke bawajood me tumhe apne dil se nhi nikal skti! Sahi kaha hai kisi ne.. Wo mohabbat hi nhi jo dukh na de..’

[Tumne dil dhadkaya

Tumne hi toda

Lakeeron se judaa karke

Haath kyun chhoda



Socha nahi tha samandar ko dhoka

De dega ye saahil

Tum bewafa ho yeh jaanta hai

Phir bhi yeh kehta hai dil


Pyar ho, jab pyar ho

Har baar ho tumse hi

Pyar ho, jab pyar ho

Har baar ho tumse hi]

She was broken and couldn’t think anything. Then she thought about her child. She asked herself that will she be able to take care of this child? Her mind was telling her she can and she doesn’t need to forgive him but her heart was as usual opposite.

T – ‘Kunj! No matter what ever you do! I can never hate you! You’re the first and the last person I love. I don’t want to be alone. I want you. I need you.’

She got up clearing her tears with a determined face.

Flashback ends.

TwiNj were sitting in a corner on the road. She told him about all the happenings the previous night. He was holding her hands in his and she had placed her head on his chest.

K – ‘Twinkle?’ His breath hitched.

T – ‘Hmm?’

K – ‘I’m sorry! I don’t know why I became like this but I never stopped loving you.’

T – ‘I know and I understand.’

K – ‘ Twinkle.. you. You know.. I’ve slept with so many girls.. and you.. I don’t know what to say. This is so weird to have a conversation like this. I mean to say..’

She got up and cupped his face looking directly in his eyes.

T – ‘Kunj, I know I’m not the first but I want to be the last.’

K – ‘I promise.’

T – ‘Promise me you won’t ever love any other girl not even look at any other.’

K – ‘I can’t promise that.!’ He said with a serious face.

T – ‘What? Only now you said sorry and again.’

K – (keeping his hand on her belly) ‘I can’t promise that darling, because this little princess of mine will come soon and I will love her more than you.’ He said smiling and Twinkle’s eyes got filled with tears.

K – (clearing her tears with his thumb) ‘Ssshhh.. Don’t cry baby.’

T – “I LOVE YOU!” She said as her feelings overpowered her emotions. Her heart swelled with happiness. He hugged her tightly not even letting air to pass between them.

K – “I LOVE YOU TOO!” Both cried in each other’s embrace being happy to be with each other.

Kunj’s phone rang breaking their moment and they both parted and got up. He received the call and put it on speaker. It was Yuvi on the other side.

Y – ‘Where are you??’

K – ‘ What happened?’

Y – ‘Siyappa ker diya hai Chinki ne!’

K – ‘Btaye ga hua kya hai??’

Y – ‘She told everything to Twinkle.’

K – ‘Usko thanks keh dy!’

Y – ‘Whattt?? Thanks for what??’

T – ‘For telling me the truth.’

Y – ‘Woww! Wait a sec? You both are together?’

TwiNj – ‘YES!’

Y – ‘Like really? This calls for a celebration yrr..! You both come at our place!’

Kunj – ‘But…!’

T – ‘Kunj, let’s go please!’

K – ‘OK. We’re coming.’

He cut the call and they drove YuKi’s house.

Soon they reached there and Chinki hugged Twinkle as she was too excited.

C – ‘Twinkle! I m proud of you. Thank God you took this decision. Or else you would have proved the line wrong ‘Beauty with Brains’.’ Chinki laughed and Twinkle smacked her shoulder. They all sat in the hall on the sofas.

Y – ‘ Twinkle and Kunj, so everything is sorted. I m very happy for you both.’

K – ‘Yuvi, there is something I need to sort out.’

The three of them looked at him with questioning eyes.

K – ‘I want Leela aunty and Rt uncle to forgive Twinkle for the sin she never did.’ Twinkle’s face dropped listening about her parents. She so missed them.

K – ‘All the problems happened because of me and now I want to sort them out. I want to give everything to Twinkle that I snatched.’ Twinkle’s eyes were glassy. He went near her and hugged her. She sobbed in his embrace. Kunj gave an idea to call them and make Twinkle talk but she was hesitant then she agreed.


Taneja Mansion ~

Rt and Leela were sitting in a room.

L – ‘Aj Twinkle ki bht yaad arhi hai? Pata nhi kiss haal me hogi meri bachhi???’

Rt – ‘Itna waqt beet gaya hai.. She never even called.’

L – ‘Humne hi mana kyat ha usyy! Kuch bhi ho beti to humari hi hai na..!’

Just then Rt’s phone rang. He received the phone because the caller id showed Yuvraj.

Yuvi’s house ~

Twinkle dialed Rt’s number and waited. He picked the phone.

Rt – ‘Hello! How are you beta!’

Twinkle’s tears rolled down her eyes as she heard her father’s voice. Three of them signaled her to speak but she didn’t had the courage. A sob left her mouth which didn’t went unnoticed by Rt. He was confused.

Rt – ‘Hello? Who’s this?’

T – ‘Papa..!’ She said in between her sobs. Rt was shocked. He didn’t expect his princess to be on the phone.

T – ‘Papa, please phone cut math kerna. Listen to me just once. Please.’ She pleaded and Rt gave in. He couldn’t hear his princess cry.

T – ‘Papa, I love you. I know whatever you did was for my betterment but please mujhe khud se alag mat karo. I miss you and Maa so much. I miss Mahi. I miss my happy family. Please forgive me. Whatever happened was not my fault. I just don’t know how did it happen. Me apse alag nhi reh skti.. Apni princess ko maaf ker do na..!’

Rt – ‘Twinkle…! Ghar aajao..!’ Twinkle’s happiness knew no boundaries. She jumped in joy. Her heart wasn’t used to so much happiness.

T – ‘Papa.. you forgave me..!’

Rt – ‘Just come home beta..!’ She cut the call and hugged Kunj tightly.

T – ‘Thank you so much Kunj. Thank you for all the happiness. Just take me home. Papa is calling me.’ All of them got extremely happy and went to pack their stuff because they decided to leave for Amritsar today only.

At Night ~

Four of them reached Taneja Mansion. Twinkle literally ran out of the car and Kunj shouted for her to be careful. All the memories came in her mind. Tears were gushing out from her eyes. She took a step to enter her home when Mahi came running to her and hugged her. YuKi and Kunj came behind her. Mahi cried hugging her.

M – ‘ I missed you sooooo much di…!’

T – ‘I missed you too meri jaan..’ both the sisters cried their heart out and parted. Twinkled entered the Taneja Mansion. Leela stood at a distance with tears in her eyes. Twinkle looked at her and took small steps towards her mother.

She bent down to take blessings from Leela when she stopped her and hugged her. Both of them cried and didn’t say a word. Their tears told whatever they wanted to tell. They parted and Twinkle asked about Rt. Leela told her he is in his room. Twinkle went running to his room. YuKi nd Kunj took blessings of Leela. Twinkle found the door open and entered. She saw Rt sitting on the study table with Twinkle’s childhood pics. His tears falling on them. She went near him and hugged him.

T – ‘Papa, I missed you.’

Rt – ‘I missed you too bachha…!!’

They parted and both of them came downstairs. They all gathered for dinner on the dining table and it was all full of Twinkle’s favourite dishes. She got tears in her eyes and thanked her mother.

Soon they all finished their dinner and were chit chatting in the hall. Twinkle got up.

T – ‘Maa, papa. I want to tell you something.’

L – ‘What is it Twinkle?’ Kunj knew what she was going to tell.

T – ‘Maa, Papa. I’m going to become a mother. You both will become grandparents.’ Rt and Leela were extremely happy. They hugged Twinkle and congratulated TwiNj.

Later, all went to their rooms. Twinkle was unpacking her suit case as she decided to live with her parents for some time. Kunj came in the room and back hugged her.

T – ‘Kunj?? Leave me.’

K – ‘No Twinkle. I’m not letting you go. Bht door reh li tum mujhse.. Ab or nhii..’ Twinkle smiled and turned around. She put her arms around his neck.

T – ‘Me door jany bhi nhi wali.’

K – ‘Twinkle! Kitna ajeeb hai na.. tum itny time mere saath rhi per mujhe fir bhi pata nhi chala ke tum meri Jasmin ho.’

T – ‘Sirf tumhein nhi mujhe bhi nhi pata chala.. Because we changed a lot.’

K – ‘I m sorry.’

T – ‘For what?’

K – ‘Whatever I did was so wrong still you forgave me. You’re so good Twinkle so pure.’

T – ‘It’s the effect of your love.’

K – ‘I promise you, I won’t ever hurt you again and I’ll never let tears come in your eyes and even if they came na so they will be of happiness.’

Twinkle just smiled.

K – ‘I will fill your life with happiness that you’ll forget every pain.’

He comes forwards and captured her lips. She closed her eyes and the butterflies erupted in her stomach. The kiss was so tender and showed their love and passion towards each other. They broke the kiss and joined their foreheads.


T – ‘My Devil’

K – ‘My Angel’

And they both hugged each other tightly. They felt completed with each other. They were not perfect but their love was perfect which brought them together. She craved the type of passion that even brought the devil down to his knees. She was an angel, that made even the devil want to get to heaven. The angel and the devil fell in love.




I don’t know what to say. I’m being so emotional. My dearest ff has come to an end. I know its shocking for you but I planned it out like this. I may come up with season 2 or may be epilogue. I will decide this when you guys suggest me what should I do?? If epilogue, then I will post it in a week or so and if season 2, so I don’t know how much time it will take. Decision is yours. Vote for epilogue or season 2.

This has been such a beautiful journey with you guys. I really love you all. The amount of love and support I got, I never expected at the start. I hope you guys will continue to support me like this. I’ve all other ffs to write and I m really happy that you guys are waiting for them. I will soon continue BayKhudi and YMMLA.

Will come back soon!

Take_care J

Be_happy J

Keep_smiling J

Love you all..!!!!

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