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50 shades of Kaanchi -part 3

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Here comes the 3rd part:

Last time Kabir told saanchi that he will pick her up to dine with her…

Saanchi: It`s already half past 7.. in 30 min he will pick me up…

Pragya and Saanchi meet in the cabin to change the clothes…

Saanchi: Hey  Pragya.. Is it okay if you go home alone? Kabir.. I mean Dr. Kabir invited me to a dinner and he wanted to pick me up at 8pm…

Pragya: You mean THE DR. KABIR? You really mean the new owner of this hospital? :0

Saanchi: I know it sounds creepy but I think he follows me.. I told him I study here and now the whole building is his suddenly…

Pragya: You are just paranoid! Go to dinner with him girl! He looks damn good and you can`t miss this…

Saanchi: He is handsome, but also somehow, … i don`t know but i have the feeling that he is a controll freak…

Pragya: Whatever just get to know him! If you don`t like him you can split up anyway

Saanchi: We have to be together to split up girl! We are just meeting casually…

Pragya: Oke Oke! But here i have some make up with me … I will set your eyes a bit …You always look exhausted after work…

So Pragya does Saanchis make up and then they both go out of the hospital

Kabir was already waiting for her.. with his sportcar.. this time without chauffeur..

Saanchi: Hi ..

Kabir: Hi Saanchi. How was your day?

Saanchi (thinks: he is asking as if he`s my husband…): It was good… a bit stressful, but I survived 🙂

Kabir Oke lets go

So they both went to a restaurant and after sitting down…:

Kabir: Soo tell me something about yourself.

Saanchi (thinks: what is this? an interview or what?): There is nothing important.. you already know what i study and where.. and probably you also noticed that pragya and isha are my close friends…I live with them in a flat… But what about you? I heard that you sponsored a campaign helping children in africa… Is it because you really want to help poor people?

Kabir: No… It`s just a business.. It helps boosting a positive public view on my hospitals.. and companies

Saanchi(looks at him ): Are you always this coldhearted or are you just pretending to be like that?

Kabir(pauses.. looks away): Some people say I don`t have a heart at all.

Saanchi: Who?

Kabir: People who know me well

Saanchi (looks at him as if she`s trying to solve a puzzle): Why do I have the feeling that you are lying… I have the feeling that there aren`t any people who know you well.

Kabir(looks at her and knows she is telling the truth): Let it be now.. Tell me about your favourite book or movie.

Saanchi: I don`t know.. I like cute rom coms, but also stories based on true life stories

Kabir : I am not romantic at all… What about your parents?

Saanchi: Oh my father passed away when I was small… and my mom married another guy..But he is a great stepfather. I really see him just like my father… But my mom was never sure about relationships, so she divorced him and now she is married with the 4th guy.. She sounds weird but she is good at heart…

Kabir(gets up) :I think this is not going to work…

Saanchi: What?

Kabir takes her to the car: I will drive you home… But this relationship is not going to work.. I am too bad for you! You deserve better.

Saanchi:I don`t understand anything! First you kiss me out of nowhere and steal my first kiss and now you say we shouldn`t even give this a try?

Kabir: You don`t understand me! Wait! Your first kiss?

Saanchi(kept her hand on the mouth… and then asked slowly): Did I say that?

Kabir (felt bad): I am really sorry but I am saying this for your well-being…

Saanchi: Oh come on don`t sound like my parents…

Kabir: But come now I will drop you!

Saanchi: Forget it! My friend will take me home!

Kabir: Sure?


Kabir: Okay Okay

So Saanchi called Pragya and told her about everything

Pragya quickly came to pick her up and to cheer her up she brought her to a bar.

Saanchi: What the hell are we doing here?

Pragya: As  a best friend I have the obligation to cheer you up.. and the only way in this situation and in this time… Is to get you drunken!

So both went in and enjoyed… Pragya met Veer, who is her senior doctor and they spent some time together…

Meanwhile saanchi was desperate about kabir and drank to much…

So while in the queue to the toilet she called kabir:

Saanchi: Hello Kabir!

Kabir: Saanchi? Where are you?

Saanchi: Wherever I am why does it concern you? We don`t have any relationship anyway? Isn`t it?

Kabir: Saanchi you are drunk! Tell me where you are !

Saanchi: In Medcity discobar! Wherelse? we always come here.. By the way ! You are way too overprotective! You know that! First you say (she says in deep tone) Saanchi we should meet up.. 8pm? and then you say Saanchi no i am not good for you go away.. Come on decide once kabir!

Kabir: I am coming!

Saanchi: What the hell ! Who told you to come?

He cut the phone..

Saanchi: Shit, will he come now?

She felt there wasn`t much air, so she went out of the bar and her old school friend Ryan came….

Ryan: Hi Saanchi how are you girl

Saanchi: Oh I am fine!

Ryan : I really liked you even i school days.. (and he tries to  kiss her…)

Saanchi: What ??? Ryan stop it ! I dont`t

Then Kabir pulls her to his side and yelled at ryan: Don`t you understand english? She said no!

Saanchi: Kabir?

Kabir looks at her: Saanchi you are too much!

Saanchi throws up ..: Turn away! You can`t see me like this

Kabir(gives her a tissue paper)

Kabir: I will drop you home now!

Saanchi: I came with pragya! She is still in there

Kabir: I already called my brother! He will take care of her.

Saanchi: You have a brother?

Kabir: Veer is my brother

Saanchi what? Oh god i think i am going to fall unconscious now.. everything is spinning

Kabir: Now?

But before he got an answer she fell into his arms.

He took her to his home… Which is at the top of christina college and hospital. Right above his office.. (Just like in 50 shades of grey)

He let her sleep in his bed… and looked at her calm face for few minutes before he also fell asleep next to her…

Precap: Saanchi wakes up in kabirs clothes and remembers everything (or almost everything)… Veer and Pragya are bf gf  now; Kabir tells Saanchi about his conditions for this relationship… A guy enters Isha`s life…

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