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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira’s hide and seek

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with everyone asking the kids why are they making noise. Manish says if you are protesting, I m also with you. Kairav says we don’t know. Vansh says Dadi asked us to gather everyone this way. Dadi asks Guru ji to tell her what did he want to say, everyone is here. Guru ji says its been long that shanti puja didn’t happen, I want Kartik and his wife to do the puja, does Kartik have any objection. Kartik says Guru ji… Dadi says he has no objection. Naira thinks its a sign that I should stop. He thinks I have to tell the family. Devyaani says we should ask them to send Naira home. Naira comes home. She cries and hugs Naksh. Kairav says Naira went to meet Naksh. He goes to play. Kartik says you are running away from me, so you went.

Kartik says I m coming, I won’t let you go away this time. Vedika comes in his way. Naira says I still love Kartik, even if our relation ended in the society’s sight, when we came together after a long time, its happening again, what shall I do. Naksh cries and says we are also confused. She says if we get together, then it will be wrong with Vedika, her life would be perfect if I didn’t come back, don’t know Kartik and I are perfect or not, we get separated and get together, Vedika loves Kartik. Bhabhimaa asks and you? Naira says me too, this is the problem, I just love him, Vedika is his wife, I can’t break anyone’s marriage. He asks her to think about Kairav and decide. She says I know, that’s why I m worried.

Vedika says thanks for trusting me and supporting me. Kartik says its fine, a friend will understand a friend. Vedika says I have made kachori for you, will you have it. He says I don’t want to. She insists. He signs no. She says fine, you can go, is everything fine, is it about Naira. Naira hears Kartik’s voice and turns to see. She sees him and asks why did you come here. Her phone rings. She looks around. Kartik comes. She turns away. Kairav calls her out. She sees Kartik getting Kairav and Vansh. She sees Vedika, Gayu, Suwarna and Surekha also. Kartik says Naira thinks I won’t know this, I want her to tell everyone then we shall see whatever happens. Bhabhimaa asks how did you all come suddenly. Kartik says we came here to surprise. Suwarna says Kairav was getting kids, so we thought to come.

Surekha says Dadi invited you all for puja. Bhabhimaa says we will come. Vansh asks them to play. Kairav says you all have to play. Suwarna says we will sit and talk. Kartik thinks maybe we can talk while playing. Vedika thinks maybe I can know his feelings this way, or Naira can say. Naksh says you both play a board game. Kairav says no, we will play. Kartik and Vedika say we will play. Kairav and Vansh explain the game. Naira doesn’t keep her hand on Kartik’s hand. Kartik asks them to not do any cheating. He gets blindfold. He starts counting. Naira says why did you come here Kartik. Kairav asks her to go and hide. Everyone claps. Kartik hears them clapping and thinks this clap was of Naira. He goes to Naira. She tries to run. He says don’t cheat, I told you before. Naira says I m saying the same, cheating shouldn’t be done with Vedika, none will get happiness, our family and Vedika trusted us, this will be cheating with them. He removes the blindfold. Her dress string gets stuck to his watch. Khayaal tera….plays….

He ties her to the pillar with the string. He holds her. Yeh rishta kya…plays… He says won’t it be cheating to tell Vedika that I m very happy, or if I tell Kairav that we are not together, we are not cheating, our love didn’t end, after marrying Vedika, I didn’t get feelings for her, even no one came in your life, right. She cries. He says I was waiting for you, what proof do you want, tell me. She says think what would happen, why shall the family get punished, it will be wrong. He says let it become wrong, we have done mistakes before, at least our intention will be good, our truth will come out, then Vedika and entire family will be hurt. Everyone waits for Kartik. Gayu says maybe he went to other side.

Kartik says I have decided to tell everyone the truth, its better to decide once than hurting them every time. Naira says no. He says there is no way to end this cheating. They have an eyelock. Vedika looks on shocked. Naira turns to see. Vedika cries. Kartik asks are you listening to me, tell me something. Kairav calls him out. He asks didn’t you catch anyone. Kartik says I didn’t get anyone. Kairav says you did cheating. Kartik says sorry, it was last time, I won’t cheat and won’t let anyone cheat, I will tell everyone. He goes.

Naira says maybe Vedika has heard our talk, so she went somewhere. Vedika comes home. Naira says we can discuss it. Vedika gives some papers to Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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