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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shardul stabs Bhuvan

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sunita saying I wasn’t telling them anything. Shardul says think of your daughter, she is with us. She asks why are you doing this, Ishita is your good friend. He says stop calling me Shardul, call me Raman. She says you are cheating Ishita. He says just do whatever I say, else.. She says fine, don’t do anything to my daughter. He says don’t talk to anyone. He gets Arijit’s call and says everything is going as per plan. Arijit says please update me. He says fine, I will talk later. Karan says please stay away. Raman says get Dr. Sudhir who told Shardul is Raman, he will tell the truth. Karan says fine, its my first and last help. Raman thanks him.

Sanjay asks Bhuvan why did you come, bhuvan asks did you identify me in disguise. Sanjay asks is this disguise, did you tell boss. Bhuvan says no. Sanjay asks him to just go. Bhuvan goes out to wait. Karan gets Dr. Sudhir home. Everyone is with Ishita. She gets conscious. She gets angry on Shardul. Karan gets Sudhir home. Ishita says I m so happy you are here. Karan says actually, he said he wants a last favor so I got the doctor here. Ishita asks Sudhir to tell the truth, who is Raman. Sudhir says I told you before, he is Raman. Shardul smiles.

Ishita asks why are you lying, did he threaten you. Sudhir says stop it, I have done the surgery and gave him a new face. Karan says thanks, you may go. Yug asks Raman to stop the drama now. Shardul says get out of my house. Ishita says don’t you dare touch him, if you want to make him out then I will also leave. Sunita says calm down, don’t make her health worse. Mr. Bhalla says we will let him stay here. Shardul says I want to stay alone, keep an eye on this man, Yug. He goes. Bhuvan sees him leaving. He says where is Raman going now, I will follow him. Shardul thanks the doctor. Doctor says its about money, how did you know Raman will call me here. Shardul says I was manipulating his next move, Raman called you here, I knew just you could prove me wrong, I m always ahead. Sudhir asks for money. Shardul says don’t worry, Arijit is transferring money into your account. Sudhir says Arijit has transferred money, I will leave the country now. Bhuvan records them.

Shardul sees him in the car mirror. Bhuvan says it means he isn’t Raman, Arijit and Shardul did this, Arijit has hidden this, he will kill me, just Raman and Ishita can help me, but how will this happen, I will send this video to Ishita, no, my name will come out, what shall I do. He gets another sim card. Raman asks are they mad. Ishita says don’t worry, Shardul is cheap, we will fight him. Ishita gets some message. Shardul catches Bhuvan and slaps him. He says you did recording, now Arijit will see you. Bhuvan takes a knife to stab him. Shardul stops him. He stabs Bhuvan. He gets the phone. Bhuvan falls down. Raman says someone wants to send us proof against Shardul. Ishita says we shall wait. Ishita calls on the number. Bhuvan sees his phone lying. He tries to pick it. Ishita says why isn’t he answering, I will try again, phone is switched off. Raman asks why isn’t he helping us. She says we will trace the number, we can go and ask him. He says just one person can trace it, we have him in our house.

Arijit asks what, you killed Bhuvan. Shardul asks what shall I do, he attacked me with a knife, I had to kill him. Arijit says he was my trusted man. Shardul says he was making doctor and my video to send to Ishita, I saw him and killed you, I deleted the video. Arijit says even if he was cheating me but… anyway what did you do to his body. Shardul says dead people don’t talk, I have to go to Bhalla house. Arijit gets sad. Ruhi says what happened to Ishimaa, we didn’t know about it. Aaliya consoles her. Ruhi says whom shall we trust. Raman and Ishita come to talk. Karan asks him to leave. Ishita says if he is really your father-in-law, behave yourself, I have come to show something. She shows the message. Raman says someone wants to give us proof, he wanted to send us but his number is off, Yug trace the number, find him out, can you do this for me. Karan says this message can be fake, you asked my help, I got the doctor, he gave statement against you.

Ishita says you all are confused, I won’t blame you, if this message is genuine, then you will make a mistake, I feel you will believe me. Yug says I will find out. She says don’t tell this to Shardul. Raman says do this for your peace of mind, you are also worried. Ishita says you can do that for my sake, I will send you the number. They go. Yug says we shall find out. Karan says maybe this lookalike is playing a game. Ruhi says we are doing this for Ishita, she will know who is cheating her. Yug says I know who can help us. They go. Arijit asks did Bhuvan come there. Sanjay says yes, he came in disguise, I made him away. Arijit says next time inform me if anything happens. Shardul asks where are you all going. Ruhi says we are going to relieve our stress. Raman says I can understand, come back soon, else Ishita will worry.

Arijit asks did Bhuvan die. Shardul says yes, I stabbed him with his own knife, I will go and check. Ishita looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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