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The new road – part 2

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“why don’t we talk when we meet ?” she wrote back after waiting for a few seconds but didn’t wait till 9:34 changed to 9:35 because in any case she didn’t want him to feel that she had no answers to his question.

But 9:34 changed to 9:35 then 9:40,9:50,10:00… he didn’t reply back.

“perhaps something came up! “ she tried to make herself understand but her heart was not calming down.

From that first glance the love has kept growing … she had been passing the corridor with her mother after the formalities when she noticed this guy in mustard yellow check shirt walking in full confidence in that certain gait, like he knew he had an effect on others and for the first time she noticed a guy for more than a minute, she had even turned back to stare his distancing back.

Like she had stared him for a while he too had looked at her and they had this very little eye contact but then she came out and he too disappeared.

After that brief first meeting she forgot about him, busy in the workshop until she saw him for the second time on a fine morning  near reception and again he looked at her; she had hid that blushed smile hardly leaving the reception in a hurry.

And this time he took the seat in her heart… like wise she got to see him everyday but they were not in same sessions and so she only got a glimpse of him.

And with these hide and seek , attraction turned into something serious for her without him having a single hint about all this.

She used to come early to sit in the reception lounge to wait for him and she didn’t know whether he noticed or not this meek girl visibly exhausted in the books for whom his one glance has become a recommended sweet syrup.

First she thought to let it all keep going like this but one fine morning when she could not find him,she felt restless only to know the workshop in the other department has been finished.


She tried forgetting him but couldn’t get any success and when the frustration rose she joined social media to get a glimpse of him.

Next few years went in both of them completing their education and with increasing labour she too thought less about him but he didn’t leave her and whenever her mind wanted rest she found a pastime in staring him….

The thoughts broke when someone knocked her door.

“aa jayen..” being an observer had earned her a skill of knowing who was on door with their knocking pattern, Meena came with a three key tapping whereas Ashfaq did these two soft knocks.

“Madam!! khichri?” he asked her in the his mostly whisper like voice.

“it is okay Ashfaq, I am okay. no need to be worried…I’ll come in the dining hall.” she answered with a smile.

“and get ready with your bags soon, this time we have to leave early morning.” with that she came out of bed and kept her phone on the side table.

The sudden smile on her face did not go unnoticed from everyone’s face as she came down.





The whole day went in final proceedings of the current case and she couldn’t get a single moment to see the messaging app.

It was only in night she turned on the wifi and a trail of messages followed .

“i don’t mind an officer stalking me by the way,” with the winking emozi his first text again made her smile.

His current pictures were devoid of her presence in them, it seemed they were not together but she wasn’t sure.

“why didn’t get married?” she typed and sent it away.

But luck was hard , reply again took time and her heart started the flips.

It was his birthday when after every one has wished him on his recent pictures she saw that certain comment of  “love of my life”.

it was against her self respect to see the profile of that private account but eventually she got to know about him after a few weeks on the Valentines’

her unsaid and unintentional wait had resulted in a massive heartbreak… next few weeks went in her deleting him from her life gradually.

“you are following me from I don’t know how long but you never accepted my request.” his text pinged.

They both knew ignoring questions and then throwing a shock to each other…she smiled on it.

“Because there is nothing in my life for you to know at this point.” she texted back.

“really…I thought we were going to meet.” the texts started again.

“well, I know you but I don’t think you know me.” it was an immediate reply.

“i have to go Officer, something came up… talk to you soon.”

The last words gave her hopes and she felt goosebumps.

“good night.” she typed away.

“good night and i can ask the same question… why didn’t marry yet?”

“was waiting for you.” she whispered in her heart.




Hey everyone! Second part is up…read and tell me how it was, i am sorry for the delay. one day i was about to post it but then this site was down… next part will be up on 6 dec.

With love Morusya.

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