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Manmohini 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shiv recognizes the mark on Ananya’s hand as Mansi’s

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Manmohini 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv lay in his bed thinking about Ananya. He gets a call from Dai Maa. Dai Maa was happy to hear the spark in his voice. Shiv says her dream has been fulfilled, her Shiv has found a Parvati for himself. Her name is Ananya, and Dai Maa must come to see her Parvati soon. After the call, Shiv thinks he can’t be freed from that witch’s shadow any soon.

Rahul was enjoying Pani Puri on a stall. Radha curses Rahul for being useless.

Shiv was in the office, and wonders who recognizes his Dai Maa, and sent the fake mail. Pramilla comes to Shiv with the news that someone from Panday House sent the mail to Panday house. Shiv was taken aback. Pramilla wanted a prize for herself. Shiv remembers an important task and turns to leave the office. He wonders how this is possible, who in the house knows about his past.

In the room, Sunanda hugs Kamal. Sunanda was upset and says there is a thorn who wish to create unrest in their house. Kamal was ready to do anything for Sunanda. Sunanda requests Kamal to send Shiv away from the house, his closeness with Ananya may cause problem for their family. Kamal takes Sunanda outside to speak to Amma ji.

Radha and Rahul peeks from behind the pole. Amma ji prays and then goes upstairs. They hear her cry for help. Radha pushes Rahul to help Amma ji, but Rahul was himself afraid.

Shiv returns home and finds a temple corner in the street. He requests for Mata Rani’s help and wonders who wants to peek through his past. The witch, the dream about Ananya and then the letter; how they are connected.

Rahul comes upstairs. Amma ji was terrified and pointed towards a live snake. Rahul himself trembled and jumped over the bed. He faints as the snake moves towards him. Radha comes upstairs, so does Kamal and Sunanda.

Soon, the family hear Shiv sit on the floor nearby the snake and meditates Om-namashivaye. The snake wraps itself around Shiv’s neck. Amma ji finds Shiv an avatar of God. She was lost in a deep thought when Shiv moves to take her attention. He shows Dadi he caught the snake. The family take a breath of relief. Shiv goes to drop the snake outside.

Dadi thinks Shiv had really been sent as her protector. Kamal was speechless and moved by Shiv’s action.

In the room, Kamal apologizes an annoyed Sunanda and promises this won’t happen again. He allows Sunanda to beat him, but at least she shouldn’t stop talking to him. Kamal says Amma ji considers Shiv as her protector. He will get the task done once the matter is slow. Sunanda silently thinks she must do something on her own now.

Ananya sat with the kids in street. She narrated the stories of her brevity and how she threw the snake out. One of the child points that Shiv brought the snake out. Ananya mocks that Shiv had fainted at the sight of snake. One of the kids ask Shiv if this is true. Ananya realizes Shiv stood behind her. He joins in Ananya and says he fainted, but Ananya held the snake with her hands. He holds Ananya’s arm as if a snake. Ananya looks deep into Shiv’s eyes while he smirks. The children had left to buy balloons. Shiv spots a birth mark on Ananya’s wrist. He thinks this mark was on Mansi’s hand. If Ananya is Mansi? He gets the flashback of his childhood with Mansi. Shiv’s shirt had stuck with Ananya’s bangles. She gets it freed with a smile and goes inside. Shiv thinks Ananya is his childhood friend Mansi.

Ananya runs to her room. She remembers how Shiv saved her from the goons on road, then from the slap of the robbers, being with him on the bike and their intimate interaction in his room. She smiled standing beside the window, as she recalled him narrating Ananya’s story. She wonders what’s happening to her. It’s a strange feeling. She only had a single aim in life, Panday and Mishtan Bhandal. Then why Shiv matters a lot to her, whenever he is around.

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