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KDB Journey of Destiny and Ruined Relationships Episode 4

The episode starts with Srishti demanding an answer from Sarla about Bulbul’s pic. ” Who is this girl??” Sarla gets shocked at knowing it is the photo of BULBUL, Srishti realises, “Oh, that means you know her!! Who is she??” Sarla looks at Beeji thinking, ” So that’s why Beeji was trying to take me away from Srishti!!” Srishti clicks her fingers at Sarla bringing back her consciousness and says, ” Why are you looking at Dadu, LOOK at my eyes and tell me who is this Lady??” Sarla gets confused and turns to Beeji expecting an Answer from her, Srishti gets more curious and takes Sarla by her hands saying” Please MAMA, don’t create this suspense yaar!! You promised me before that you will answer me anything I ask, and you can’t break your promise now!!” Sarla takes Bulbul’s pic from Srishti’s hands and starts sobbing, Srishti confusedly thinks, “I asked Mama about one girl and she is crying so much!! As if Mama is her mother…” Srishti stops herself from thinking and continues, “Since when did you guys start hiding things from us!!” Srishti turns to Sarla, ” Mama, you always used to say, Honesty is the number one policy!! But today what happened?? You two started lying and hiding from us?? I want to know the truth NOW!!”  Beeji loses her control and starts crying while Sarla remains quiet. Srishti now shouts, ” WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS HOUSE!!” Jhanki comes seeing Srishti angry and asks her, ” Srishti what happened?? do you want our whole neighbourhood to hear you!!” Srishti doesn’t give a reply to Jhanki and storms into her room SHUTTING her door. Jhanki gets confused as to why she is upset and asks Sarla, “Benji, What happened to Srishti ?? why is she so upset with you two??” Sarla ignores her question and orders her,         

“Jhanki, GO get Beeji’s breakfast prepared!!” Jhanki says, “I will first go speak to Srishti!!” Jhanki goes to knock on Srishti’s door but is stopped by Beeji, “Jhanki, you know this Srishti, she is a big DRAMA Queen!!! Nothing happened to her, now go get me my cough syrup”. Jhanki says, ” Drama queen?? that poor thing was crying soo badly and hurt, and you are worried about your Cough Syrup Beeji?? Now I’m sure you guys are hiding something from me!! I WILL ASK SRISHTI MYSELF”. Sarla grabs Jhanki by her ARM and scolds her,             

” Jhanki!! Did you forget?? When elders say, YOUNGERS must obey!! Shristhi’s mama and beeji are still there for her, so go get Beeji Breakfast. Just GO.” Jhanki is offended by Sarla’s words and cryingly runs into the kitchen. Beeji makes Sarla realize, “Sarla!! You scolded poor Jhanki unnecessarily”, Sarla bangs her forehead in regret, ” Oh GOD!! What have I done!!” and starts blaming Beeji for her doings, ”  This happened all because of you Beeji!! All because of you!!” Beeji says, ” Arrey… how is it my fault?? Everyone here knows you very well!!” Sarla crosses her arms and says, ” What do you mean Beeji??” Beeji continues, ” That when you get ANGRY, you become like A Lioness!! Whose mouth opens roaring like one, but doesn’t close until the other person gets upset and goes AWAY!!” Sarla gets annoyed by Beeji and shouts at her, ” Ok fine, Let’s agree for one second that this was all my fault!! But who asked you to show her Bulbul’s pic!!” Beeji gets crying all over again exclaiming, ” I did not show Bulbul’s photo to Shristhi on PURPOSE Sarla!! I just wanted to see my grandaughter’s pic one time!!” Sarla loses her control and also cries, Beeji continues, “I didn’t know Shristhi would come from behind and see the pic!!” Sarla wipes her tears and tells beeji, ” Ok Beeji, calm DOWN, I will go make tea for you.” And She goes in the kitchen hiding her tears deep within her. Shristhi is revealed to be hearing Beeji and Sarla’s entire conversation from her window, and realizes, “That means Dadu wasn’t lying!! And Mama herself has proved it now!! But why did they hide such a BIG truth from us?? WHY!! I want my answers!!”

In Luthra’s Mansion

Rakhi is hugging Rishabh tightly exclaiming, “Why are all these problems occurring in our lives Rishabh??” Rishabh tells her, “Everything will become ok Mom!!” Rakhi moves Rishabh away and stresses, “Don’t give me false reassurance!! Look at your dad and brother’s state!!” Rishabh explains to her, “Dad once said that time makes everything right!! So you will trust Dad’s words Nah maa??” ,, Rakhi replies, “There is a lot of difference in Doing something and saying something!! Your dad, Mahesh Luthra, said many many big things, I will never leave my family. I will always be by your side Rakhi jee!! These are his words!! Did they happen?? No!! So how must I trust him now?? tell me!!” Rishabh takes Rakhi’s hand in his and consoles her, “Mom, dad has never left us!! He is still fighting for his life, why?? For us mom!!” Rishabh makes Rakhi sit on the bed where Mahesh is lying and tries to feed her the food, he had brought along, Rakhi moves the spoon away and is adamant not to eat, “Listen to me son” ,but Rishabh gets water and tries to make her drink it, but Rakhi again moves the water glass away yelling at Rishabh to hear her out, “Rishabh!! I said no, I don’t want anything!! I just want my sons and family to be HAPPY!!” Rishabh puts the glass down on the side table and says, “I know Maa, that you are worried about us, me and Karan, but if you don’t eat I will also not EAT!!” Rakhi stressfully bangs her forehead saying, “You have become very stubborn these DAYS!!” Rishabh smilingly replies, ” I AM your son AFTERALL!!” Rakhi grabs the plate and spoon FROM side table and reaches out to feed him, but instead, Rishabh takes the spoon from her and feeds her saying, “You first” Rakhi now cheers up and feeds him back. After the Mother-Son shares their ‘moment’, Rakhi wants a favour from her son, she asks Rishabh, “I fulfilled your wish by eating, and now you must fulfil mine!!” Rishabh nods saying, ” Yes mam!!” Rakhi continues, “When Karan returns, you must convince him to accept PREETA, there is only you whom Karan won’t refuse!!” Rishabh confesses to RAKHI, ” Even I was thinking about Preeta jee earlier, You know mom, whenever I think about the good things Preeta Ji has done for us, AND what Karan did with her, I feel some sort of GUILT, even after knowing that every PROOF stands AGAINST her!! I feel inside that what happened with Preeta jee was WRONG!! Because if we compare the good things and bad things, Preeta Ji has done more good!! She saved our Karan from that Monisha, how she cared for our Dadi!! How can we be so ungrateful mom??”  Rakhi nods fully agreeing with him, Rishabh continues promising her,          ” MOM, till now I stayed quiet because I thought everyone here was against Preeta jee!! But now that you’re with me, I will definitely speak to Karan when he returns today itself OK??”  Rakhi feels relieved and happily hugs Rishabh.

Sherlyn comes standing in front of Prithvi’s house, she thinks deeply, ” Preeta and Karan’s meetings are quickly removing the barriers between them, This is not right for us!! I must inform Prithvi to do something about this!!’  Sherlyn takes out her phone and decides to call Prithvi. While Prithvi is shown half-naked, enjoying his warm bath with his Air pods plugged in. Sherlyn gets furious again when Prithvi doesn’t pick up her call and thinks, “I’m losing importance in Prithvi’s life day by day!! My Punno Baby wasn’t like this!!” She messages Prithvi “Why aren’t you picking up my call?? I have to tell you something very imp, reply ASAP.” Prithvi applies the shampoo on his head and says, ” Ahh… So refreshing!! Having a bath makes you forget all problems and stress of your life,,, And in my life, the problem is Sherlyn baby, but I can’t get rid of this problem until she gets me my property!!” Sherlyn breaks her phone in ANGER screaming, “Prithvi!!  Today no one can save you from me!!” And she goes banging on his door yelling, “PRITHVI!! PRITHVI!! Open the door now..” but Prithvi doesn’t hear her from his restroom. Then Sherlyn realizes his door is open and storms into his house. Prithvi is dreaming about Preeta in his bathtub, when he hears Sherlyn screaming his name across his house corridor, “Prithvi!! Prithvi!!” He wakes up from his dream and later gets frustrated at knowing, “This was all just my dream!! And this Murko ki maharani came and ruined it!!” Sherlyn screams after checking every room in Prithvi’s house. “Where are you Prithvi??” Prithvi gets annoyed and puts on his bathrobe and goes out of his restroom. Sherlyn sees Prithvi coming her way and runs over to him. Sherlyn now catches his collar angrily, while Prithvi gets confused as to why she is angry, ” Why did you come home baby??” Sherlyn gnashes her teeth in ANGER, she starts scolding him for not attending her calls, “Did you know how many times I called you!! Why don’t you answer my call at first!!” Prithvi checks his phone and receives 20 miscalls and her message, he thinks, ” THANK GOD I left my phone outside the restroom, at least I could have a nice bath!!” Sherlyn clicks her fingers on Prithvi’s face and asks him frustratedly, “Here I’m angry and instead of asking if your Sherlyn baby is ok, you are busy in your own world!! What were you thinking??” Prithvi lies, “Nothing, nothing at all, you continue!!” Sherlyn gets really mad and grabs furniture of his house and starts throwing it, She yells at him, ” Preeta…Preeta…Preeta… All men are wanting this girl only!! That businessman Rishabh, that spoilt cricketer Karan, and even you!! Prithvi Malhotra, are after that woman!! Sometimes I feel like killing this Preeta..” Prithvi clinches his fist in anger when Sherlyn speaks ill about Preeta and warns her pointing his finger right at her nose, ” Say all you want about me but don’t utter a single word about Preeta Ji or else..”,, Sherlyn shouts at him and threatens him,  “Or else what?? You’ll kill me?? Don’t forget Prithvi, If no Sherlyn, there is no Prithvi!!” Sherlyn angrily warns him, ” Think before you speak Prithvi Malhotra or else forget your dreams!!” Prithvi now pleads Sherlyn to forgive him, “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean that and yes, Prithvi is only Sherlyn Khurrana’s!!” Sherlyn tells him, ” You better not repeat this again Prithvi, and I mean it this time!!” Prithvi nods and asks her, “But Baby, why did you come here?? I’m sure there is some reason??” Sherlyn sarcastically tells him, “No, I came here to see your face!! Arrey you dumbo, obviously there will be some important reason!!” Prithvi puts his hands in front of her pleading her to tell, ” Ok my Maa, I’m a dumbo, I’m a loser, you can give me all these names, But first, tell me what happened??” Sherlyn rolls her eyes and answers him, ” I saw Preeta with Karan in his cricket training!!” Prithvi shockingly asks “What” Sherlyn continues, “Yes!! I saw with these eyes of mine that Preeta was with Karan!! And I feel like, it won’t be long before all rift we created, will diminish!!” Prithvi says, ” No this can’t happen!! Preeta ji can’t come close to Karan!!” Sherlyn bangs his head scolding him, ” You are worried about your Preeta ji!! What about our dream of avenging the Luthras and snatching away their happiness and property?? If Karan and Preeta become one, then they together will not let our plan succeed!!” Prithvi pays heed to her words saying, “Baby, you are right!! If Preeta ji reunites with Karan then she will leave no stone to expose us and backfire our plan!!” Sherlyn asks him, “Prithvi, c’mon and think!!” Prithvi asks her, “I will think if you let me think!!” And he suddenly starts smirking leaving SHERLYN in puzzles, she confusedly asks him, “Are you mad?? You are smiling instead of thinking of a plan!!” Prithvi tells her, “Eureka, this time I will create such conflict between these two, that they will never look at each other again!!” Sherlyn asks him, “But what are you going to do Punno baby??” Prithvi continues smirking and comes close to Sherlyn telling her, “Leave it to the BOSS, for now, I know how to take away your stress!!” And he makes Sherlyn lie down on his SOFA, and gets cozy with her.

At the Kitchen, Back in ARORA’S Home

Jhanki is saddened by Sarla’s words from before, she prepares the TEA for Beeji which SARLA had asked her to make. Tears are rolling down Jhanki’s cheeks by the time Sarla arrives there, Sarla comes to Jhanki and is about to apologize to her, “Jhanki, I don’t know what happened with me..” Sarla stops speaking, after noticing Jhanki’s tears and  grabs hold of Jhanki shoulders, making direct eye contact with her realising, ” You are crying Jhanki??” Jhanki moves Sarla’s hands telling her, ” WHY do you care whether I’m crying or not!! After all, I’m the servant of this house!!” Sarla holds her ears asking for forgiveness from Jhanki, “Jhanki, I’m HOLDING my ears and asking you to forgive me!!” Jhanki moves Sarla’s hands away from her ears and explains to Sarla, ” Unless you tell me the reason what made you so angry that you vented that anger all on me!!”  Sarla answers, “Srishti!!” Jhanki gets confused and says, ” Shristhi?? Is that why you fought with me??” Sarla bangs her forehead and tells her, “I will tell you if you let me speak!!” Jhanki confusedly says, ” But what did Shristhi do now??” SARLA continues trying to clear Jhanki’s misunderstanding, “Shristhi didn’t do anything, but she is getting to know about everything..” , Sarla pauses after noticing that Shristhi is watching them. Shristhi looks on.

To be Continued…


Author’s response to readers of KDB Journey!!

This particular episode has been enlargened as an apology to my fans for the huge delay!! It’s been almost a month since I posted the 3rd episode, as I was really busy in my own world and didn’t find time to make the episode. But now I feel this GAP was needed to have more thinking time. Because I believe, as a writer that one needs to think a lot before writing!! And a big thank you to those who bore with me and were patient. But thanks to the thinking time, I’ve come up with more interesting tracks, which will shape my storyline. I also recently checked my TellyUpdates mail, and it was full of requests to publish the 4th episode. Well, here it is!! Hope you enjoy it.

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