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You are only mine- ragsan- part 9

Hi sissy’s.  first of all I want to say that tere ishq me jana ff was posted with different title. Then again same update posted 2 times with epi 21, 22. So I cudnt able to figure out ur views. Then also thanku for reading. I hope it’ll not repeat again.

Coming to this ff, as many of u don’t like rude ragini, I’ll make little change in her soon. For that phase this chappy was needed to start their love story.  May b many of u wont like this chappy. But it was needed. That’s y I completed this in one chappy only without dragging. So, whatever u feel u can tell in comments.


So,  lets start now



Kar: wat? RAGINI? Wat r u saying?


San: yes Karan. Coz of her Lucky’s job rejected.


Kar: but this Lucky’s personal matter.


San: that’s only. She knows that I , myself Wil not go to her and agree. So she’s using my family. She very well know that my family is my weakness.


Kar: how can u b so sure?


San: let’s go to her only. Come.


Kar: but sanskar..


Sanskar takes Karan with him. Both reached Sinha company. Ragini and Naina was sitting together in ragini’s cabin. Karan shocked to see Naina there.


Kar in mind: Wats she doing with Ragini?


San: is this done by u?


Rag: (normally) wat?


San: I don’t want unnecessary talks. Come to point now. R u behind whatever happening with lucky?


Rag: yes.


Karan shocked.


Kar: y r u dragging lucky in this? It’s urs and sanskar’s personal matter.


Rag: I know. To make it personal only m doing.


San: see. Don’t do anything to my family. Or else..


Rag: or else wat? U don’t have any other option. I’ll do each and every that thing which make u to come to me.


San: I’ll not.


Rag: u’ll.


San: now call swara and tell that she doesn’t have to marry other. It was just a prank.


Rag: ok I’ll do as u say. But u have to agree for our marriage.


San: never.


Rag: then forget that I’ll do.


San: fine. I’ll only fix everything.


Rag: ok.


Sanskar turns to go.


Rag: tmrw evng u’ll come to me. U agree and I’ll do everything correct.


Sanskar glares her and leaves with Karan. Both were sitting in garden and thinking.


San: Karan wat to do? Swara will not listen to me. Coz she thinks she’ll harm lucky. And without her lucky will b lifeless.


It’s getting nite. Still they were sitting there only. Sanskar gets call from home.


Suj: where r u sanskar? Y din’t u come home? It’s already very late.


San: actually mom there was urgent work. We r on the way. Don’t worry.

He cuts the call.


They went home and slept due to tiredness and tension. They dint know when sleep take over them.



Mrng they woke up late.


San: get up Karan. It’s already 10. We r late. Now we have to take leave I think. Sir will not allow us in office today.


Kar: in sleepy voice. We’ll manage yar.


Suj: both of u come for breakfast.


They get fresh and comes to breakfast table. Laksh was already there. He saw sanskar with hopefull eyes.


San: don’t wry lucky. I spoke to swara. She’s tensed. She’ll b ok till evng.


Lak: happily. thanku Bhai.


Kar (audible to San): y did u lie?


San: wat can I do Karan. I can’t see him sad.


Sanskar’s mob rings. He takes call. It was from uttara’s college. After listening to talk sanskar got shocked. But he adjust him to normal. He gets up from there.


Suj: where r u going? Have breakfast.


San: mom. Sir had called. Clients want to meet me. So I’ve to go now. Don’t worry I’ll have breakfast there only. Karan come. Bye mom bye lucky.


Both left.

Kar: wat happened sanskar? Whose call it was?


San: from uttara’s college.


Kar: is she alright? Wat happened there?


San: I don’t know matter clearly. After going there only I can come to know.


They reached college. And goes to principal office. there they saw uttara standing there crying. He goes to her hugs her.


San: don’t cry uttu. I came na. Stop crying. Sir wat happened? Way she did?


Pri: she leaked today’s question paper and sold to students. It’s a wrong thing. U  also know that.


San shocked but he was sure that uttara can’t do this thing. Uttara hugs him.


Utt: I dint do anything Bhai. I swear. Someone else did. I didn’t.


San: I know u can’t do these kind of things. Stop crying now. To principal. Sir u very well know her. She’s not that type of gal who do such things.


Pri: even m surprised. She’s topper of every year. But proof is against her. We found papers from her bag.


Utt: I don’t know how it came in my bag Bhai.


Pri: I know she can’t do. But decision will be taken by management.


San: decision?


Pri: they will decide her punishment. They may throw her out of her college.


Listening this uttara started crying again.


San: but sir how can u take such decision. it’ll ruin her life.


Pri: I know but nothing is in my hand. There’s one possible way. If u get proof that uttara is not responsible for this all then she may b saved. management meeting is at afternoon. Whatever u do, do it fast. U don’t have time.


Trio come out of office. They sit near by there bench.


San: uttu, think how these papers came in your bag?


Utt: I don’t know Bhai.


San: this is only way we can save u. Be calm and think from starting from home wat and all happened and did u keep it bag anywhere?


Uttara thinks for few mins and tell.


Utt: yes Bhai. While going to washroom,I gave my bag to nitu to hold for few mins.


San: then she might have done. Where’s she? Let’s find her.


They saw nitu in campus. Seeing uttara and sanskar she tries to walk from there. But Karan blocks her way.


San: did u keep papers in uttara bag?


Nit: (shivering) no I don’t know anything.


San: if you don’t tell, we’ll handover u to management.


Nit: starts crying, I didn’t do anything. They did this. How can I do this with my best friend.


San: they means who?


Nit: I don’t know them. 2 boys came and kept papers in her bag and threats me not to tell anyone.


San: do u on who r they?


Nit: no. But m sure they’re not of this collage. They’re outsiders.


Sanskar sits sadly


Kar: how can we find them. It’s only little time left for management meeting.


San: if they were from college we cud have find them. But.. how to find outsiders in such less time.


Sanskar’s mob rings. It’s laksh.


San: ha lucky tell.


Lak: Bhai. After 4 hrs swara’s engagement is there. She’s not listening to me. Pls do something Bhai. Pls stop that.


San: wat? Today only?


Mob fell from his hand. Karan takes and asks wat happened. He tells him.


Kar: don’t wry lucky, we r going to her now. He cuts call.


Sanskar was crying. Karan too get teary eyed luking at him. But he has to give me courage.


Kar: sanskar. Stop crying. We will do everything correct. Don’t worry. Nothing will go wrong.


San: we don’t have time Karan. I can’t be a gud brother. Today my sis and bro r in prob. And they think me as there hero. They think I’ll fix everything. But see m helpless. M bad brother Karan.


Kar: hey u r gud bro. Don’t say like that. It’s just some bad timing. Don’t take it coz of u.


Sanskar gets call. He receives. It was Ragini.


Rag: so my love is in prob?


San: shocked. He stood. U? It means this is also done by u?


Rag: yes dear.


San: how can u do like this? U have prob with me not with them. Y r u ruining thier life.


Rag: still not ruined. It’ll ruin of u can’t do anything. And u have less time. One side laksh and other side uttara. Wat Wil u do? U don’t have much time. Ha if u want I can fix everything. Think abt it. She cuts call.


Sanskar sits. And tells Karan that it’s coz of Ragini. They both sit and think. Laksh, swara, uttara and principal words were ringing in sanskar’s ears. He holds his head. After few mins he stands and was abt to go.


Kar: where r u going?


San: to Ragini.


Kar: wat? Wat r u saying? R u in sense?


San: ya m in sense. (Sad face) see Karan there’s no time left. We can’t do anything. We can’t stop swara. She’ll not listen. And we can’t find thoses boys who did this. And coz me I can’t ruin their life. They don’t even know that m responsible for whatever happening with them. I don’t want to be reason for their sorrow.


Kar: but.


San: I decided Karan. M going. I’ll call u later. Till then u be with uttara. She needs u.


Karan stood helpless as he also can’t do anything.




@ Sinha company.


He enters her cabin. Ragini stands seeing him.


San: u won. I agree for wat u said.


Ragini happily runs to him and hugs him.


Rag: I had told u na. That u’ll come to me. See still it’s 5 hrs to complete 48hrs.


San: first correct everything.


Rag: of course dear.


She calls someone and makes swara’s engagement cancel. And again she calls someone and told those 2 boys to go to college and surrender.


Rag: I fixed everything. No need to be tensed now.


San: but one condition.


Rag: normally no one keep any condition infront of me. But only for u its allowed.


San: I said. But for engagement and marriage rite now m not ready. I need time.


Rag: happily. Of course. Take ur own time. When u’ll b ready then only we’ll do engagement. M happy that u agreed. Now you are ONLY mine.


Sanskar left from there. Ragini calls naina inside. She comes and sees ragini was super happy. Naina was happy seeing this. But in one corner of her heart she was upset also.


Ragini hugs naina happily.


Rag: finally he agreed naina. M really happy.


Nai: now promise me, u never repeat like these things again.


Rag: I promise. I love him. I’ll never hurt. I’ll tell this to mom and dad.


Nai in mind: after many years u r happy. U got ur love. I saw some changes in you. If sanskar accepts u whole heartedly then u’ll not remain rude ragini. But before this I need to talk with sanskar.


Rag in mind: I don’t know wat happened to me after seeing u sanskar. I never felt like this before. After so many yrs, I felt happiness coz of u. I dint knew wat I was and wat I became. I know  that whatever I did now, it hurted u a lot. But in future I’ll never do this. It’s a promise. My life changed coz of u. now onwards u r my sanskar.


She was happy.



Precap: sanskar pov


This was longer update. I’ll just wait for ur comments on this part.

Love u all.




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