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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer’s reunion brings a twist

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tai watches Sameer leave on his bike. Bholuram? She looks at Naina’s sad face. Naina leaves in an auto. Tai ji thinks this bike guy is not from this college. Is he from our society? A crow shits on her. She makes a face. Naina got saved today but till when? I will expose her at any cost!

Preeti is making a list of what she wants from America. Anand shares that he got Visa too. Bela gets confused between Visa and Pizza. Tai ji taunts her for not being smart like her. She tells her the difference. Bela taunts her indirectly on her day dreaming. Tai ji notices Naina lost in her own world. She lies that Chacha ji is going away for too long. Tai ji taunts her for not being so studious like Preeti. Preeti smiles. They all go inside for some work or another. Preeti decides to call Kamya

and check with her father from where he bought everything last time.

(Voiceover – Naina):
In those days, going to America was equivalent to going to moon. Chacha ji was going to America and will bring loads of stuff. Everyone was super excited except me. Everything makes you happy if everything is going smoothly in your love life. If not, you will find everything hollow!

Next morning, Naina is looking for Sameer. She hears the sound of music and goes inside a room. Kartik and Priyam keep a watch on them. Sameer gets up to go but Naina closes the doors from inside. Priyam wants to catch them red handed but Kartik suggests letting Principal Ma’am do it.

Dil Deewana plays as Naina walks towards Sameer. He tells her he has to go but she refuses to let him leave till the time he talks to her. She keeps blocking his way. Will you call JBR again? Call whoever you want to but I wont let you go without talking to me! I know you are upset with me but how do I tell you that Kartik did all that intentionally so we end up fighting! Forget about what Kartik did, I am angrier on you. Was our love only this strong? He replies that he loves her just like he used to but she does not. She tells him to come clear. He explains that her priorities are her work, her fame whereas his necessity was only her. I have come to understand that I was never your priority! I asked for a kiss and you made me look down in my own eyes! I am not like that. So many girls are after me but I am just not that kind! You kept talking about what matters to you but you are the first and last girl of my life. My life starts and ends with Naina but you wouldn’t have given it a thought which is why you dint feel bad when Kartik hugged you. She denies. I felt bad as well. It was intentional. He tells her that he isn’t like that. I cannot act that ways and I cannot even see you acting like that. Anyways, I know your priorities now so I will get out of your way! It is difficult but I will try to live without you!

Naina’s eyes well up. I cannot even think of living without you. You are the first guy in Naina’s life. You are the first and last guy whose hand I held. I sat on your bike for the first time. I loved you for the first and last time. You are my life. I never had any other necessity other than you. It isn’t and will never be in future! Don’t talk about separating ever again! I love you Sameer. She hugs him and cries her heart out. Sameer hugs her back. Naina kisses him on the cheek. Sameer’s eyes widen in surprise. Title track plays. He kisses on her hand. Naina smiles. They hug again. Principal Ma’am and JBR peek at them from the window sills. Who is this girl? Kartik takes Naina’s name but she insists upon seeing the girl herself. She knocks at the door asking Sameer to open the door. Sameer holds Naina’s face to keep her identity safe.

Students also gather outside the room but JBR sends them away. Sameer gives Naina his swear and makes her get out of the window. Naina complies. Kartik breaks open the door. Principal Ma’am and JBR question Sameer but he insists he was alone. Kartik insists that Naina was there. Sameer charges on him but Ma’am and JBR warn him to stop it. Ma’am peeks out of the window. Naina hides behind the wall so Ma’am fails in seeing her face. Sameer heaves a sigh of relief. JBR says we know it was Naina. Kartik and Priyal go outside to check. Sameer says we fought yesterday in front of you only. Kartik and Priyal went outside for no reason. They wont find anyone. Naina runs away. Sameer tells Ma’am Naina wasn’t there. I was all alone. Everyone has left for their home already.

Kartik and Priyal don’t find Naina outside.

Naina walks worriedly in the corridor.

Kartik and Priyal tell Ma’a and JBR that no one was outside.

Naina prays that they get saved today. I wont do it ever again. I will offer 11 coconuts, come to temple on Tuesday too. Just save us today!

Ma’am keeps two conditions before Sameer – either he will tell them that girl’s name or sign this form. The form states that you wont be giving the exams this year!

Precap: Sameer tells Naina about Ma’am’s condition. I told her your name. Now my Mama-Mami and your father will be meeting soon! Naina looks freaked out.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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