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Yeh Teri Galiyan 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Teri Galiyan 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Beauty calls someone and says Shan’s arrest shouldn’t create problems in our plan.
Nevi calls Jamai and says you did a wonderful job by sending media there. We is disgraced. Ridhoy comes. Nevi says you didn’t sleep? He says brother is in jail. How can I sleep? I want to meet him. Nevi says this can defame you. This is a murder case and of your dad. Ridhoy says I dont’ care. He is my brother. Our father was never there for us. Nevi says if you leave you will see my dead face.

Asmita says to constable leave Shan or I will tell everyone he was sent there because of us. Khurana says you are threatening our people? She says I am doing what is right. He says prove that he is innocent. We can’t leave him. Asmita says you decided that he is a culprit.

He isn’t a criminal. Khurana says bring proof of his innocence. She says I will.

Ridhoy is sleeping on the floor. Nevi says why are you sleeping here? He says this is what I deserve. I can’t meet my brother. I wont eat anything or sleep. Servant says to nevi someone came to meet you. Sh
Nevi goes downstairs. Asmita says to Nevi hello aunty. Nevi recalls what she said. Asmita says please sorry for everything. Accept me as your daughter in law. Nevi says what made you change your decision? She says true love can do anything. I realized I was doing a mistake. I saw how much ridhoy loved me. Nevi smiles. Ridhoy smiles too. Ridhoy hugs Asmita and says thank you so much. He says mama everything will be good now. I am so happy. Asmita says in heart I am sorry Ridhoy. But I have to expose your mom.

Shan does exercise in jail. Constable says our sir called you.
Nevi says i am so happy Asmita. I can’t tell you how happy you made us. You will be our ridhoy’s wife. Nevi says to Ravindra asmita and ridhoy like each other. She has accepted the proposal.

Scene 2
Next morning, Nevi is worried. Nevi says shan can’t come out of jail. I am trying to fix everything. Why did asmita show sir a way. It is very harmful for Ridhoy. She doesn’t know about Shan or this family yet.
Puchki comes to shan and says you were thinking about me? He says no. She says you can’t run from truth. He says I am not. Puchki comes close to him. She says you have feelings for me and you can’t hide them from me. You are always thinking about me. Your heart beats for me. You are scared right. From your own emotions. Shan says no. There is no such thing. Asmita says that’s how it is. You can’t hide these emotions. Don’t suppress your heart.
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