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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: A surprise for the family

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira thanking the Lord. She calls doctor and asks did my reports come good, can Kartik and I… He says you want to plan a baby right, when you were here for the operation, I told you about Kartik and your mischief caught in the CCTV cameras fixed in the hospital. Everything you did today got recorded too, I have seen what happened n new born baby ward, I understood, I would have recommended you some tests if you told this to me that time, its never too late, I will discuss your reports with gynac and get back to you. She thanks him. He says I had sweets at the time of marriage celebrations, now its time to celebrate even this. She laughs and thanks him. Kartik sees her and asks what are you doing here. She says it was doctor’s call, I forgot some reports,

do you think I m lying, you can call him and ask.

She asks him to please cheer up. He says okay fine come, we have to plan the surprise. He goes. She thinks I will talk to him when reports come. Naksh goes to scare Gayu and asks her to pretend getting scared. She says I have become emotionless now. He says I told you to move on, you all have seen me moving on after Tara… She says I m trying. He says you aren’t trying hard, you have a smile on your face and sorrow in eyes. She says there is one advantage that Kirti isn’t here, you got time to concentrate on your sisters, is everything fine at Krishna. He says yes,what about your designing work. She says its going great. He gets Kirti’s call and talks. She sees Mansi-Anmol, Naksh on call, Ananya-Ranvir happy…. and gets sad.

Manish and men have a talk. The ladies have laugh having a talk. Manish says a girl wrote a love letter for me by blood, Deepa. Akhilesh says sorry, Deepak has written that letter to take revenge on you. They all laugh on Manish. Manish says promise, you won’t tell this to Suwarna, else she will make fun of me. Ananya says no one should share this talk outside. The ladies laugh. Alarms ring. Suwarna checks the gift box and finds the alarm clock. She checks the car. Vishwamber gets the clock and card too. Suwarna and Vishwamber read Lav and kush’s letter. The kids ask them to reach about the mahurat to gather in the living hall. Everyone gets ready and comes. They see Parivaar awards. Yeh rishta…plays.. Lav and Kush welcome everyone and ask them to put the phone on silent. Vishwamber goes out and answers call.

A man Lakhna greets him. Vishwamber says I don’t want to sell my house. Lakhna says you will sign the papers, I will come to meet you, tell me, will you come or shall I come. Vishwamber says you can do anything, but I can ensure you that I will not sell my haveli to you, I will turn it into an old age home, but not sell it to you. He turns and sees Naksh. Naksh asks is everything fine. Vishwamber says yes, a property dealer was threatening me so that I sell haveli to him. Naksh asks why didn’t you tell me anything. Vishwamber says its fine, don’t tell to Badi Nani, she has many memories with that haveli. Naksh says I know, even I have many memories associated with it. Vishwamber says lets enjoy these two days, forget it. Lakhna says I will do anything and take that old man’s sign, lets go where he is staying.

The awards function begins. Everyone claps. Kartik and Naira dance on Ek hua hai parivaar…. yeh rishta….. Samarth says I never imagined that one can enjoy so much with family. Nandini says its such a good thought. Kartik says you will love it more when you get awards, all of us are one family, everyone is related. Naira says we celebrate relations. Kartik says many relations are taken for granted, we want to appreciate these relations, lets begin, Ananya and Mohit are the hosts. Mohit does shayari. Everyone smiles. Naira goes to fix the back zip. Kartik helps her. She doesn’t see doctor’s call. She says we will miss the awards, we shall go. He holds her close. Manish says we don’t know who are the judges, what’s the procedure. Mohit says our special judges are Lav and Kush. Everyone claps.

Lav and Kush get seated. Akhileesh says if you two are the judges, then I m your father. Lav says its a crime to threaten someone sitting on a responsible position. Akhilesh holds ears. Everyone claps. Mohit shows them the trophies. Naira checks doctor’s missed calls and messages back that she will call him later. She thinks everything will be fine, I won’t think negative.

Ananya says the most stylish person…. Kartik says even I m nominated. Manish says I will be taking the award.

Update Credit to: Amena

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