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Vikram Betaal 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update

Vikram Betaal 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that Raja Draupad kept swayambar for his daughter’s marriage and kept a condition to marry her. He says Arjun fired arrow on fish eye. Draupadi makes him wear garland. Arjun also makes her wear garland and get married. They reach home. Arjun asks his mum Kunti to see what they brought. Kunti says I don’t want anything for myself and asks all five brothers to share equally. All looks on surprised. Betaal says it is history, Draupadi became wife of 5 husbands. He asks Vikram to answer why Draupadi/ Devi Sachi became wife of 5 husbands. He asks him to tell why she is called as Sati even after becoming wives to 5 husbands. Vikram says Draupadi don’t had 5 husbands, but they are Dev indra’s ansh. He tells that you didn’t tell me about Dev indra’s

ansh. He tells that Pandav was dev putra, but this is not complete truth. He tells that when Devi Kunti and Devi Matri prayed to devtas for son, then Dharmraj, Pavan Dev and ashwini kumar gave Dev Indra’s 3 ansh in Kunti’s womb, and 2 ansh in matri’s womb. He says they were Dev Indra’s swaroop. He tells that Draupadi was called as Sati woman and tells that it was not Draupadi’s win, but Devi Sachi’s win too. He says Devi Sachi proved an example which couldn’t be seen again. Betaal likes his answer and says you are not only Satyanisht, but knows Shastras too. He says you speak, so I will go. Vikram asks him to stop, but Betaal leaves. Vikram comes out of the fire and thinks one day I will fight with your illusion. Bhadrakaal thinks Vikram is not having any wrong thought and thinks to do something that Betaal can’t tell any stories.

Vikram comes to the Palace. Bhabhi asks did you catch that betaal and gave to sanyasi. Vikram asks why she is excited to know. Bhabhi says she has nothing to do with them and is worried for him. Padmini comes and tells that she is waiting for him. She asks him to get ready. Bharmal gets upset. Bhabhi says this time is not right. Bharmal tells that Vikram is going to Betaal ghaati and returning daily. He asks where is Bhadrakaal with whom you had planned to kill Vikram. Bhabhi says she has new plan in her mind and if that becomes successful then Vikram will write his death with his hand. She says tomorrow you will become a king.

Vikram and Padmini come to do the puja. Padmini says you can’t do anything wrong. Bhabhi comes and says you are lucky to have Padmini. She says she has never done a mistake in doing kal bhairav puja. Padmini says I made the arrangements myself and there will be no trouble. Acharya tells that mahurat is after 2 hours. Vikram says ok. Bhabhi tells Bharmal that the gold kalash will make him king.

Vikram and Padmini come to the cave. He tells padmini that it is said that Kal bhairav is doing tapasya here. Acharya ji tells about the five vaids. Shiv ji asks Brahmadev to stop the 5th vaid rachna. Brahma Dev says he will do the rachna.

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