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Siddhi Vinayak 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi fools Urvashi

Siddhi Vinayak 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Siddhi enters with eunuchs. Vin lets go of Urvashi who falls flat on the floor. Eunuchs tease Urvashi. Siddhi rushes to her side. Choti fell down. She prepared everything so nicely husband. You messed up everything. Urvashi stands up. Vin apologizes to Urvashi. Eunuchs dance around Urvashi. Siddhi thinks I have vowed to not give you even a leaf now, forget about my husband! Urvashi shouts. What’s happening? Siddhi shares that they somehow found out about their wedding. I too don’t want anyone to cast an evil eye on you guys. Eunuchs tease Urvashi for being too excited. Siddhi asks Vin to give them shagun. She takes out his wallet from his pocket and pays them. They notice the jewellery kept on the side table. Siddhi follows their gaze and hands them everything. Choti is now the proud owner

of 3000k. She has enough. Vin tries to object but Siddhi calls them auspicious. Vin walks out in a huff. Urvashi calls after him. They tease her not to call her husband by her name. Siddhi looks at them. Urvashi might try whatever she want to but I wont let her stay with my husband now!

Vin comes downstairs mumbling to himself. Manjari says why you will leave. It will be the uninvited guest who will leave. He is angry with Siddhi for whatever she is doing. Manjari suggests stopping her right away so she wont exaggerate things in future. Once she signs divorce papers, the game will be up! Vin knows she wont do it easily but Manjari suggests him a trick with which he can make her agree. Vin calls it cheating. She calls him naive. Has she cheated you less? You are still thinking of her? It means you don’t care about me and this family. He denies. How will we make it happen? She replies that she will help him execute the plan. I will throw that girl out of your life at any cost!

Urvashi has decorated the room with candles and flower petals. I will make Vin fall for me tonight! Siddhi enters all tired. The room smells and looks so nice Choti! How did you know it was my favourite fragrance? I am sure Prachi must have told you. She lies down on the bed. These candles aren’t letting me sleep. She blows them out and pretends to sleep. Urvashi shakes her asking her to leave. Vin enters just then. Siddhi asks him to come. She makes Urvashi lie in the middle and asks Vin to sleep on the other side. He tells her to stop the drama. She calls it love. You have married both of us so you will have to sleep with us! You got two wives after all. He tells her to stop calling him all that. I cannot stoop to your level! I am also Superstar Vin Kundra. I also know how to do all this drama! Vin walks out of the room with his pillow. Siddhi shouts after him that she wont call him any of that from now on. Urvashi is irked. I don’t know why you are after me! I beg you. Leave me alone. Siddhi asks her if she should leave her house. Urvashi gives up on her. It is better to sleep in the guest room with Vin ji. She leaves too. Siddhi remarks that Urvashi does not know who she has messed with. I will make sure you understand it!

Next morning, Manjari asks Urvashi to cook gajar ka halwa. It is your first rasoi after all (first ritual after the wedding). Prachi and Gauri will help you. Urvashi nods. Manjari goes. Siddhi enters and offers to make halwa but Urvashi shoves her aside. I will make it better than you. Siddhi reminds her that she can only fool better. You cannot make better gajar ka halwa than me. No one can match up to Aai’s recipe. Urvashi is certain she will make the best halwa. Siddhi tells her to show them. Prachi takes Siddhi outside the kitchen and asks for the secret recipe. Siddhi refuses. It is my biggest strength with which I can impress Vin. Urvashi and Gauri eavesdrop as Siddhi and Prachi continue their fake conversation. Urvashi finds the box which Siddhi intentionally mentions to Prachi. Gauri stands guard on the door as Urvashi makes halwa. Gauri and Urvashi smile. Siddhi smiles looking at them from far.

Urvashi serves halwa to everyone. Siddhi asks her if it will be worth eating. Urvashi snatches the bowl out of her hands. I made it for the family members. Siddhi nods. I will be happy seeing everyone eat. Manjari takes a bite. Her happiness is short lived. She struggles with the first bite itself and starts blowing bubbles. Siddhi smiles. How do you manage such things? Prachi is smiling too. Shankar finds the halwa strange. He burps loudly and bubbles start coming out of his mouth too. Siddhi is having difficulty holding herself. Everyone falls prey to the same thing. Urvashi takes a bite as well. Siddhi is happily popping bubbles. It was just a small halwa because of which your plan foiled. I will soon turn your every happy moment bitter!

Precap: Gauri tells Urvashi a plan. Gift him something that will touch his heart. Your MIL is his weakness. Urvashi decides to gift him a photo of him with his mother. Siddhi overhears their plan. I will see how Choti will win in her plan!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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