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RadhaKrishn 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Plan For Radha

RadhaKrishn 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha requests Krishna to wake up. Krishna opens eyes and calls Yashoda Maiya. Yashoda gets happy and goes to get food for him. Radha prays Narayan to enter her house walking on the steps made for him. Krishna walks towards her stepping on the steps made by her. Radhah prays to have fruits submitted to him. Krishna bites fruit and walks towards her further. Radha prays to bless her parents. Krishna blesses Vrishbhan and Kirtida. Pandit says Narayan is happy now and pooja is complete. Balram greets Krishna. Vrishbhan announces Radha is winner among girls and among boys.. Krishna says Krishna.. Someone says Narayan entered. Krishna acts as jumping on steps and walks to Radha. Nand asks if he is fine. Krishna says yes due to someone’s prayers.

Vrishbhan announces Radha and Krishna

as winners again and says they will sit on swinger as Narayan and Narayani. Krishna tells Radha that he told she will sit with him on swinger. Radha thinks how to stop Krishna from sitting with him on swiniger. Pandit invites Krishna to come and sit on swinger. Radha calls her friends to sit on swinger with them and tells Kirtida it is whole Barsana girl group’s win, so each one will sit on swinger. Balram via telepathy tells Krishna that he did his job and it is up to Krishna now. Radha invites her friends to sit on swinger. Krishna tells Vrishbhan if everyone can sit on swinger, what is the value of winning then and celebrating devotthan rituals. Vrishbhan says Krishna is right and requests Radha to sit with Krishna. Radha fumes at Krishna, Krishna smiles and says let us go.

Kans with Ayan goes to Agasur’s place and says he knows he is somewhere around and has a boon to be visible to only whoever he wants to, he can use this boon to kill his enemy Krishna who killed his sister Pootna and brother Bakasur; Ayan will help him take revenge against Krishna. Agasur as snake comes in front.

Krishna with Radha walks towards swinger and sits on it with her. Everyone pray them as Lakshmi Narayan. He thinks there is still time for Radha to become Radha from Dhara/earth, she can watch the glimpse though. Radha sees Krishna and Radha dancing in Golok and then sees themselves in golok, asks Krishna where are they now. Krishna says home. She asks what he means. He says Barsana, if she has any other house. Radha then sees herself in Barsana and relaxes.

Pandit asks to submit food to narayan. Kirtida serves him pure butter. Krishna says only narayani can feed narayan. Kirtida gives butter pot to Radha. Radha tastes butter. Krishna reminisces Radha tasting butter first and then feeding him next. Everyone are surprised seeing Radha tasting butter first. Vrishbhan says she staled food. Krishna says narayan will have narayani’s tasted food and says he is hungry. Radha feeds him. Krishna reminisces Radha feeding him in golok.

Krishna gives moral gyaaan that dear one’s support is very important, if it is happiness it is shared and if it is sorrow, it is lessened; what if they are ransacked in a place where there are no relatives, each second will be difficult to spend till they make someone dear one; now question is who is dear one, relatives who share blood, friends who share happiness, colleagues who share work; one who shares problems is dear one; only in trouble, dear ones are known.

Precap: Radha thinks of meeting Krishna. Agasur walks behind her.

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