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Perfect Pati 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vidhi seeks Damini’s help

Perfect Pati 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pushkar asking Vidhi if she loves him. She says yes, I love you, even when you treat me like an animal, I love our relation, you decide if this is truth or a lie. She sees her burnt hand and cries. Pushkar stops her. He says I love you even more, I m afraid that you will leave me and go, I have lost a lot since childhood, I can’t lose you. He hugs her and says my bride…. She sees his madness. He imagines her with Ashwin. He gets angry and pushes her. She gets hurt.

He says bad relations. She shows a knife and stops him. She says stop it now, I can’t tolerate you more, I m your wife, not a culprit. He says yes, when why did you hug another man. She scolds him for his cheap thoughts. She pushes him away. He holds the knife and bleeds his hand. He says you are

scaring me. She says you are getting hurt. He says you want to hurt me as I have burnt your hand by diya. He throws the knife. He says no need to care for me, you think I m dying to touch you, stop this drama, I will sleep on bed and you will sleep on ground. She cries. He sleeps. Its morning, Pushkar wakes up Vidhi by pouring water on her. He says how much will you sleep, you will make my breakfast, lunch and dinner. She says yes, I will make your fav breakfast. He gets surprised and goes. She says you may create hurdles for me, I will keep a wife’s duty. Vidhi thinks to call doctor. She goes to make breakfast for Pushkar. She prays in the temple. She gets chunri and ties it to her wound.

Bela questions Meera about her boyfriend. Meera says she is my friend, its a girl, not a guy. Bela teases her. Vidhi makes breakfast. She gets doctor’s card. She calls Dr. Damini. She lies and says my friend Suman is worried for her husband’s behavior. She describes Pushkar. Damini says your friend has to come to my clinic, tell her to come to me and meet, get her husband along. Vidhi says sorry, its tough to get her husband, even my friend can’t come, I can come alone if you say. Pushkar looks on and imagines that she is happily talking to Ashwin. He snatches her phone. He says I knew your acting, you started making mistakes again. She sees the burnt roti. Damini hears Pushkar on call. He tries to talk. Damini says hi Pushkar, I m Damini. Pushkar asks who is this Damini. Vidhi says Damini is my childhood friend, she couldn’t come in marriage for some reason, she wants to meet me. He says so your friend Damini…. don’t forget my breakfast. He gives her the phone and goes.

Vidhi says Damini ji, sorry, I lied to you. Damini says I understand, its not easy to face truth, its your husband’s problem, if we have to solve this, we have to turn your lie into truth, I have to come to your house as your friend, I have to meet Pushkar, if you get him here, he will doubt, I will come to your house. Vidhi thanks her. She hopes that she succeeds.

Vidhi and Damini have a talk. Bela comes and says I forgot my purse here, I need some money. Pushkar says Damini is Vidhi’s friend, Bela don’t you know her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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