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Patiala Babes 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mini Confronts Ashok

Patiala Babes 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini makes her friend Preet enact as papaji/Ashok and rehearses how she will confront him to show his concern for Babes/Babita. Daadi calls her to get ready for Jagraata and she runs to get ready. In jagrata venue, Babita prepares prasad while Lovely taunts that movie was really good, she missed her. She asks Sukhi if movie was good. He says yes and asks Lovely to help Babita. Lovely says she gets backache if she bends, so she will call Mini for help. Babita says it okay as Mini has exams. Lovely says she must be chitchatting with Preet. Preet sees Ashok speaking to neighbor and asks Mini to go and speak to her papaji. Mini walks to Ashok and nervously says she needs to talk as he comes rarely and never speaks to her. Ashok gets Mita’s call and goes aside. Mini rehearses on the other

side of curtain her speech for papaji. She says he should take Babes and her to London, he has many benefit out of it, one he will get tasty food by his wife, care, etc.. Babes is waiting for him since 17 years, even she wants to enjoy London’s colorful life and see Buckingham palace, etc. Ashok hears everything. A boy peeps at Mini standing beside curtain and it falls down. Mini gets tensed seeing Ashok hearing to her confrontation and runs to Babita.

Ashok gathers family and says he wanted to tell them something, he is away from them since 17 years, but now… Dadaji asks him to look at Dadi’s face before speaking anything. Babita nervously looks at god’s idol. Ashok says truth is his business is not going well, so he and his partner have decided to wind up their business and return to India. Family gets happy. Dadaji asks Dadi if she is happy now. Daadi happily hugs Ashok asking him not to give her so much happiness. Dadaji asks Babita to get happy now as her husband is returning forever. Mini hugs Babita happily.

Next day, Ashok gets ready to leave. Lovely gives her long shopping list. Mini taunts she can get everything via oonline shopping provided she pays. Babita scolds her to stop. Daadi tells Ashok that he did not send money since 3 months, they have 3 month’s house EMI to pay. Dadaji says Ashok told his business is not going well, now he is returning to India and everything will be fine. Ashok calls taxi and walks out of house. Mini thanks him and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Babita asks Ashok not to attention to her words. Ashok says he feels sometimes he is doing injustice to them. Babita says never to think that. He leaves in car. Babita asks Mini what was papaji saying, what did she say him. Mini asks her to forget everything and go to parlor as papaji is returning to India forever.

Ashok heads car towards a hotel instead of airport. He meets Mita who excitedly hugs him. He takes her in and asks why did she come here, he was very nervous that she may come to his house. She asks why did not he inform about her to his family yet. He says he was about to speak, but her call made him nervous, so he hurriedly came to meet her. She confronts that earlier he left Babita and went London to stay with Mita and forgot Babita, now she will go to India and forget her to stay with Babita. He says he will not forget her. She says Babita has right to stay with him, but she does not, so she is afraid. Ashok says nobody can separate them, how to make her believe that. She asks him to call his family and inform them right now. He says fine, he has to inform someday, so why not now. He calls Lovely and informs her.

In kitchen, Babita burns her finger. Dadi/biji sees that and asks what happened to her. Babita says she is worried since Ashok went, did he call. Lovely enters and says Ashok called her. Babita asks what did he say.

Precap: Mini cries in front of Babita how can papaji betray them.

Update Credit to: MA

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