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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha goes in the forest.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha in the forest near the tree where she hears the voice of a woman singing. Radha hears and says the words, he khag-mrig, he madhukar shreni! Radha says what does this mean? Is it some demon trying to lure me here? kanha comes and says what happened radha? Radha says kanha I heard a beautiful voice of a woman singing something, like he khag-krig he madhukar shreni, I think it must have been a demon to lure me out here. kanha says did you say he khag mrig he madhukar shreni? Then it is no demon, I have read this somewhere, I don’t remember. Radha says kanha how can you be so sure? Kanha says radha, I am not lying, I have read this, yes I remember! Mother read this to me from the Ramayana, it was from the verses of lord ram, in this story mahadev and devi

sati were involved as well, it happened when shree ram was finding mata sita and was very sad. Kanha says come on I will show you, lets go home. radha and kanha go.
Bhadraksh comes out hiding from a tree and says he khag-mrig he madhukar shreni? Bhadraksh says I will tell bhagwan kansa, bhadraksh goes to Mathura.
In vrindavan, kanha and radha go home and kanha removes the Ramayana and says radha come I will show you. kanha opens the page and reads the verse, he khag-mrig he madhukar shreni. Kanha says see it is from the Ramayana. Radha says but why did I hear this verse in that forest near that tree? what is calling me? kanha says we have to ask that to rishi gargacharya, only he can tell us. radha says yes lets go to guru. Kanha and radha go.
Bhadraksh is in palace as he says he verse to remember it. kansa comes and says what are you memorizing bhadraksh? Bhadraksh says bhagwan, I had it on my tongue just now, I heard radha saying this in the forest, wait let me remember I will tell you. kansa says what is it? bhadraksh says yes I remembered it, it was he khag-mrig, he madhukar shreni. Kansa says what? He khag mrig he madhukar shreni? Bhadraksh says yes it was this prhase.
Narad muni says prabhu what is the importance of this phrase and why did devi radha hear this? Lord Vishnu says devrishi, it is the story of lord ram when he was finding devi sita and was very sad due to that, mahadev was a great disciple of lord ram and that is why even mahadev was sad, he wanted to help shree ram in finding devi sita. Devi sati the wife of mahadev saw this sorrow of mahadev and lord ram and she decided to help them both, she took the disguise of devi sita and went to lord ram, lord ram instantly recognized devi sati and said mata sati, I know it is you. devi sati removed her disguise and said how did you recognize me shree ram? Lord ram said mata, I can sense my sita if she is anywhere near me because I love her from my heart. Devi sati then said okay and as her plan failed, she went back to Kailash but now mahadev did not look at devi sati as her wife but rather as his mother because devi sati had taken the form of sita and for mahadev, devi sita was like a mother. Lord Vishnu says then devi sati was sad and so she went to the yagya of her father and committed sati khandan in the agni kund and burned herself down. Narad muni says now I understand what it is.
Rishi gargacharya tells kanha and radha that he khag-mrig he madhukar shreni means mata laxmi wants devi radha to establish her Shakti sthal in the forest, that tree which you both said is the tree where devi sati had come, the Shakti kund hides under the tree and it has to be dug out! Then from your hands radha, mata laxmi’s Shakti sthal which means your Shakti sthal will be established and from that no demon can ever come anywhere near brij mandal.
There kansa says to bhadraksh, bhadraksh it means radha will not establish laxmi’s Shakti sthal and that cannot happen, if she does then it will be problem for us. bhadraksh says bhagwan, we have to do something to stop her otherwise if the Shakti sthal is established then I will burn and die.

Precap: People of vrindavan dig out the Shakti kund from the forest near the tree. radha and all people pray. Kansa sends makdasura to kill radha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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