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Nimki Mukhiya 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tune starts the work

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says we have to get done with that Nimki. Babbu says sweeti will help us fight her. Ritu say she doesn’t know about business. Babu says but she knows about Tune and Nimki. Annaro says divorce her. Sweeti says he is right. Tune is very innocent. He can’t do anything. Diamond says then move him from here. Tettar says I am trying to find a solution for him too. Sweeti says tune will do a mistake on his own. Annaro says babbu you have to divorce her asap. I wanna see you getting married.
Nimki says Tune will start the pipe work today. People say this Nimki gave work to her man. The old pipe broke too and this one would break too. Tune says enough. He hits the pipe and says it wont break. Nimki says this pipe wont break ever. That’s my promise.


says Babbu knows what am I trying to do. What should I do? I should make him trust me. Annaro says trust you what? Annaro says did he like the chicken I made? Annaro says he was very happy. We are glad we have you back. Sweeti says what about the girl I showed you for babbu? Annaro says their kundli didn’t match. Ritu has changed too. Sweeti says everything is okay between us. Sweeti says you should get Babbu married very soon.

Sweeti says amma will convince you Babbu and I will get nimki free from you.
The work has started. Nimki says to Tune you were worried if it would start on time or not. Tune gives the money to the workers. Nimki says don’t give all money together. Jariya says to Tune move the pipes we have to go. Tune says we are working here. Nimki says no one will move.

Mausi says I am glad Nimki gave this project to Tune. Elena says you did the work too. She is takin all the credit. Mausi says Ram is really worried. Nimki plans on divorcing Babbu publicly. You have to get her out of here. You should marry her. Elena says Nimki will come here right? Wow. Abhi says go in and do your homework. Mausi says I am sure Ram wanted to discuss that with you as well. Abhi says I am there as a friend for her. She likes Tune.

Ram says to Mauha where is tune? She says I don’t know. Mono says Tune dropped me at school. Mauha says he met you but he doesn’t have time to come here. Its been more than a week. He doesn’t have time for me. Mono says but he spoke to me. Mauha says he doesn’t have time for me. ram says he wont go anywhere. Mauha says I know he wont go anywhere. Nimki says why are you shouting so much? Mauha says whose call was it? Nimki says Tune’s.
Precap-Babbu breaks tune’s pipe. All people blame him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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