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Muskaan 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets attacked

Muskaan 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ronak showing the ring. He jokes on Sir ji. Gayatri laughs. Ronak recalls wearing the ring when Gayatri was scolding him. Sir ji says we can make Muskaan stay in outhouse for two days, else people will say something. Gayatri says yes, guests were gossiping today, we shall ask her to stay in outhouse, Ronak will value her more, I will stay with her. Sir ji asks why, you have to be here. She says its fine, I will know her well. He says fine, as you find right. Muskaan sees the ring and thinks this looks like a good dream. Aarti says I feel something good happened, so I thought to make some sweets, Muskaan likes sweets.

Muskaan sees some shadow when light goes. She takes a candle and goes to see. She asks who is there. She gets scared. The goon goes. Ronak comes there. She gets

relieved and hugs him. Gayatri comes and smiles. She says I told you not to come here. She asks him to leave before she returns. She goes. Ronak asks why do you always hug, what’s this. Muskaan says I saw someone’s shadow. He says it was me, Ronak, I came to check, Sir ji has spread enemies for you. Light comes. He says have this torch, power cut happens often here, take your phone, call me if you have any problem. Muskaan thinks of filmi scene and asks him to turn. She says he is so rude and goes. He turns and says she is crazy.

Pandit asks for wedding invite card. Ronak checks the wedding card. He gets shocked reading about Muskaan’s dancer background. Sir ji smiles. Ronak asks Sir ji to get better cards. Gayatri says I have the real card. She shows the card. Muskaan checks the card. She thinks I got my real identity because of Ronak today. Bua and Bunty talk about the costly card. Gayatri shows the silver coins, which has Ronak and Muskaan’s name inscribed. Muskaan and Ronak feel why is Gayatri doing so much. Pandit keeps card near the idol. Gayatri asks Muskaan to go and get ready for haldi.

Muskaan goes to outhouse. Someone follows. Gayatri is with Ronak. Sir ji gets angry. Muskaan gets ready. Gayatri asks Ronak to stay happy and keep smiling. Someone comes to Muskaan and catches her. She shouts seeing him. The man attacks her. Everyone applies haldi to Ronak. Muskaan runs away. Sir ji applies haldi to Ronak and compliments him. He asks Ronak to tell the truth to Gayatri. Muskaan struggles to save herself. She sees a knife. She picks it and threatens the man. She stabs him. The blood falls over her face too. She gets shocked and drops the knife. Dolly jokes on Ronak. Gayatri says when Muskaan gets ready and comes, everyone will be shocked. Muskaan comes shouting for help. Everyone sees her blood stained clothes, hands and face. They get shocked.

Ronak says its not Muskaan’s mistake. Inspector asks him to call Muskaan. She says I have committed this murder. She gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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