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Mere Sai 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Painter

Mere Sai 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahdev’s father after knowing his kleptomania issues and him behind Sahdev’s condition repents for being so strict and tells Sai he is the reason indirectly for Sahdev’s condition. Sai gives moral gyaan that parents should correct children’s mistake and not punish them unnecessarily, but children who enlighten themselves by accepting their mistakes and correcting them wholeheartedly really achieve success in life. Sahdev takes Sai’s blessings. Father leaves towards home with Sahdev and Madhav.

Sai sees a painter painting a scenery and praises his art. Painter says he learnt it from Pune’s artist Apte and this is his first painting; he thought in city, people are habituated to these kind of paintings, so he brought it to display in village and see people’s

reaction. Sai says if he has done his work by heart, it is good, else bad. Man says he must be wander and will not know its value, so if he can move and let people watch it. Sai moves away. Man keeps red and blue marbles in bowls and writes on board he is new artist and wants people’s opinion, if they like his painting, they should put red marble in a bowl, else blue in another pot. He says Sai he will stand near tree and watch silently, else people may not able to give their opinion properly. People watch is painting, someone reads message, a few add 3 people add red marbles in pot and rest blue marbles. Once people leave, Man c checks marbles and gets sad that people did not like his painting. Sai says he did what he thought, now he should do what Sai says and asks to write whoever thinks this painting has anything missing, they should correct it and help him. Man writes same on board and waits aside with Sai.

Kulkarni tells clerk that he earned only 600 rs this month and wants to know some unique ways to earn more. A wealthy man walks to him. Kulkarni angrily asks who is he, how did he enter his house without his permission. Man calls him crow/kawwe and smiles. Kulkarni identifies him as his childhood friend Shyam Bandar/Sundar and happily hugs him. He tells Chuiya they are medical school friends and describe why they call each other kawwe and bandar. Kulkarni says he heard Shyam left medical practice and started construction work. Shyam says is into both construction and medical business as he hired a few vaidyas for his clinic and doing construction business both and earning a lot with his intelligence.

People passes by and seeing note that if they find anything missing in this painting, they should correct it and help him. Ladies say it is such a beautiful painting and need praises. Once they leave, man gets happy that people’s thinking change with just words and thanks Sai for changing his view. Sai says he should do what he likes and what his heart says, people will automatically like his paintings.

Precap: Baiza maa’s MIL cries that she does not have any work. Sai says soon she may get very busy that she may not have time for herself. Her lazy relatives walks towards her home.

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