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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Goons Attack Kabeer

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya’s family panics when goon throws smoke inside her house. A man enters house. Satya picks vase to hit him thinking him as goon but finds Shikha’s husband Karthik insead. At Surana mansion, pandit performs havan and asks to sprinkle holy water in whole house. Rama asks Jaya to do the task. In Satya’s house, Kabeer runs and hugs his father crying. Karthik consoles him. Satya asks what is he doing here. He says he got Kabeer’s call asking him for help, worried, so he came here to protect his son which any father would have done; till goon is caught, he will stay here. Satya says no need for that as she is there to protect her family. Karthik says his small family is among her big family. Satya says she is guard of her family and does not anyone’s

help, Shikha has already divorced Karthik legally and he can only meet Kabeer twice in a month, which he has already, so he may leave now. Karthik consoles Kabeer not to get afraid until his papa is there and give him a call whenever he wants to; he walks away helplessly.

Jaya calls Satya and informs that she is coming to give her prasad. Satya says not now as she is very sleepy and disconnects call. Naani asks why did she stop Jaya from coming here. Satya says she would get tense unnecessarily seeing their situation. Jaya gets tensed and informs Samar. Samar consoles her that mamma must be really asleep and makes her sleep.

Next morning, Jaya goes to kitchen where Rama is preparing tea and nervously confesses that she prepares tea in her room in an electric kettle daily morning and drinks it in room. Rama says she knew about it since before and it is fine. Jaya serves tea to family. Chachaji throws his weird shayaris. Family laughs forcefully.

Kabeer insists Satya to get her cap for school’s sport day. Satya agrees and takes her to market in her car. She sends driver to get car. Kabeer says he needs red cap. Satya calls driver, but his phone is in car itself, so she herself goes out asking Kabeer to be in car and not open door. Goons knock door and frighten Kabeer to open door. They walk away to get stone while Kabeer runs into jungle. They search him in jungle while Kabeer hides. Satya and driver return and don’t find him. Kabeer falls down and injures his leg, cries loudly. Goon runs towards him.

Jaya informs Rama that today is Kabeer’s sports day and she wants to attend it. Rama permits. Samar enters and says no. Rama asks why is he stopping Jaya. He says even he will accompany her. Jaya gets happy. Satya continues to search Kabeer. Kabeer hides while goons search him. He sees road and runs on it. Goons get into their car and speeds it towards Kabeer. Satya reaches home and asks Shika if Kabeer reached home, he left market without informing her. Shikha panics and asks how can she leave Kabeer alone in market.

Precap: Satya with her family reaches Surana mansion to stay with Suranas.
Each family member agree to keep them in their rooms. Samar gets romantic with Jaya when Satya calls her. Jays hurriedly opens door. Samar gets sad thinking earlier he used to hear Satya’s call, not will hear her voice directly.

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