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Kundali Bhagya 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki wakes up and catches Sherlin

Kundali Bhagya 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The robbers catch the guard, Prithvi sees it and gets nervous so runs away, Preeta asks Karan that she must go and he is mad, he asks her why she is behaving like this with her, she asks him why was she mad, she says that he does not know what he is saying because he cannot make her wear the Mangle Suture and she did not say anything to him when it was a necklace, it does not ma3ean that they are married, she get shocked, he seeing the reaction says that this means that she has something in her hear, Preeta rejects this saying that he can never be her first choice. Karan says to Preeta that she will be not able to resist the voice of her heart and will eventually look into her heart, they both start to stare at eahcother.he asks her will she not ask him how he knows wants he feels, he says that

no girl in the love can leave without loving Karan, he says that they both look good together like the best pair, he makes her wear the Mangle Suture, she gets shocked. Karan starts to laugh and makes fun of her, she does not feel it, he then apologizes, asking she can scold him but not hit as it will hurt him, she says that he must get away because it is bad for her, they start to fight , she is about to leave he stop her but she says that he must let her go as he never understands, she forces him to let her go, he says that she can leave I she wants to get away and he will not follow her.

The robbers are taking everything, Rakhi asks them to not take a single piece as they had every though time searching for it, Rishab is talking on the phone and not looking at the store, he enters and is caught, the police arrive which angers the robbers and they ask them to bring Rishab as he would have called them.

Prithvi runs shouting for Preeta he is stopped by the robbers.

The robbers are threatening everyone and so they run leaving Janki on the floor, Sherlin thinks of going back to the store but then decides to run, she falls after hitting Janki and says that she must leave her after she is dead, Janki wakes up and catches her feet, she is about to leave but Janki starts to shout and says that she will tell everyone the truth regarding her and Prithvi,

Karan sys theta what she said regarding him is what any girl would say to a robber, he ask her why she think s that he is not good for her, she can either answer the question or leave, if she leaves he will not come back for her and will never talk to her. He gets angry and asks her, she says that she got scared because if he really made her wear the Mangle Suture then they would get married. He says that she does not love him and if he started to love him then they would marry after announcing everyone and not like this, he says that he broke her engagement without her knowing and soon will take her from the wedding, she says that she will marry Prithvi and not come  to him, he says that she must say it to him because she is not marrying for his wishes, he asks if se is still confused and reminding herself about whom she is marrying, Karan leaves and she follows him.

Sherlin after coming down hides, Janki comes looking for her and wonders where she has gone.

He robbers ask the shop owner to bring the entire stock and warn everyone that if they say anything then they will be dead and the robbers away from the mall, Sarla asks Prithvi where Janki is , robber gets mad and yells at her threatening her to murder if she says anything more.

The robbers brig everyone to the hall and warn them that they must not act smart, everyone runs away and get really stamped, everyone runs in different directions, Shrishti and Sameer meet each other on the stairs, they says that they were separated and cannot remember what to do. The robbers get angry and starts firing, they gets cared and Rishab also meets them, they think of a plan,.

In the hall the robbers kill and person who was trying to run away, everyone is shocked.


Precap; Preeta and Karan see the robbers and try to avoid them by hugging each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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