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Jiji Maa 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni opposes Haryali

Jiji Maa 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niyati getting tea for Uttara. Uttara taunts her. Vidhaan says everything will be fine. Haryali comes and says I have found a solution, Vidhaan has to get remarried to give a heir to the family. Everyone gets shocked. Haryali says Vidhaan has to make this sacrifice. Falguni asks what are you saying, we have always obeyed you, you expected to get a heir from Niyati and me, now you want to get another bride, you want to ruin Niyati’s family.

Uttara asks what’s this way to talk to Haryali. Suyash says how can we do this by believing a dream, how can we punish Niyati and Vidhaan. Vidhaan says I know all your dreams turned true, but I will never leave Niyati. Niyati cries.

Haryali says I m not joking, Vidhaan has to remarry, this isn’t any son, if one tree doesn’t

give fruit, another tree is planted, Niyati can stay here but Vidhaan’s second wife will give the heir. She insults Niyati. Falguni asks her to stop it. She says I won’t let injustice happen with Niyati. Haryali says I won’t let injustice happen with this house. She asks Jayant if he wants to save his house or not. Suyash says we will solve this later.

Haryali asks what’s the solution, you can’t marry Falguni, and Vidhaan is refusing. Vidhaan says Niyati is my life, I will not marry anyone else. Haryali says tell me your decision. He says you know it already. Haryali says this family can get saved if one person sacrifices. Niyati thinks of Vidhaan and her. She gets sad and cries. Falguni comes to console her. She says Vidhaan will not marry anyone. She hugs Niyati. Uttara says Shom, I know what’s Haryali doing, just see what happens, I can do anything for my son’s happiness, Falguni has cut my way, just see how Niyati comes across her way. Vidhaan says I know Niyati is much troubled, how shall I make her happy.

Falguni says take her out somewhere, take care of her. Suyash says its a nice idea, I will make the bookings. Vidhaan thanks him. Suyash stops Falguni. They have a moment. He says if you say, I will make our bookings too. She says no way, Bua is at home, if both bahus go, who will look after her. He says you still care for Bua. She says yes, we didn’t listen to her, she is Jayant’s sister, its our duty to look after her. He says fine, we will go once she goes. He goes. Haryali comes and says you think you will change my decision by sending Vidhaan and Niyati away, Vidhaan has to agree to his fate. Falguni says I will never let you do this, you can never separate them. Haryali shouts Vidhaan will get remarried. Niyati smiles seeing some kids. Vidhaan gets angry on the servant. He smiles and plays with the kids. Uttara comes to Niyati and says Vidhaan became a kid with them, its upsetting that he couldn’t have his own kid, he can’t become a father. Niyati cries. Falguni looks on.

Falguni says I understood your plan. Uttara says then fail me and show, I will get Vidhaan remarried. Falguni says I will write Niyati’s fate now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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