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Iss pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon: twinj Episode:23



Kunj whole world was freeze down after Listen Papa words from his son mouth for the very first time that feeling is world best thing that he feel right now he just smiles and looking at ammar who looking at him back papa word echoed in his ears.

Twinkle and others looking at ammar and Kunj..

Ammar:dost what happened??

Kunj:haa.. one more time last paka..

Ammar:what papa 😛..

Kunj:hmm nodded his head in yes..

Ammar:very loudly papaaaaaaa put his all strength.Kunj was very happy.ammar kissed on kunj cheeks.twinkle get emotional she went in side Leela and Rt too behind her.Kunj lift ammar and throwing him in air and catch up ammar laughing loudly tears come out from twinkle eyes she turned and see this kunj too laughing.Lastly he throws him and catch cuddles him tightly.Rt and Leela see and give smile Rt rest his hand on twinkle shoulder assured her,bas dost. Kunj put him down and kissed on his forehead. Today is my best day ever Someone calls me papa 🥰😊.. I cant describe my happiness ammar my ears dying to listen Papa from your mouth finally you call me too papa. See Yuvi..

Yuvi:yes not someone but your own son calling you papa..

Kunj:I never thought one day someone will call me too papa

Ammar:for Papa you get this much happy.

Kunj:you cant understand my feeling and happiness ammar.

Ammar:even I too get happy when I

Come to know my dost is my papa only.

Kunj:I know ammar Im really sorry.You wanted your papa and Im in front of your eyes. Trust me I dont know before your accident you are my know already I love you like anything when I come to know whom I loved most he is none other than my son.Kunj cupped Ammar face. I love you unconditionally he joint their foreheads.I hurt you papa is sorry.You can scold me.But dont stop talk to me.

Ammar:even Ammar too sorry I said nonsense things you didnt do anything.

Kunj:its okay you leave this..

Twinkle: ammar lets go.. ammar look at Kunj he gestured him go.

Kunj: bye. Ammar went with twinkle..Yuvi and Kunj share a hug.. Im so happy Yuvi.

Yuvi:I can understand its quite natural when your baby calling you papa..

They left from there this all seen by someone cursed lot.

Person:how much I try to separate them they come closer more and more day by day why now this ammar and Kunj shit. If they become one again what Ill do no no I cant let happened this.I try my best to

Separate them.Today they are in this position just because of me..

At [emailprotected]

Kunj was hell happy after ammar and his moment he sits on chair and his pa come and bring files..

Pa:sir today you have to meetings..


Pa:sir usha mam wanted money.what to do should I approve her cheque.. Kunj

Look at zara..

Kunj:money amount??


Kunj:okay do.. twinkle entered in cabin and look at Kunj he was busy in his work but his face glowing like anything.She too sit and take out files.

Twinkle:look at this sadu Sarna after hearing papa from ammar mouth he gets this much happy today his face saying.

I never thought ammar will call him papa. Even Im too happy he calls papa first time.

But what Ill do later There is no Way further.Kunj get someone called he takes the phone and immediately left.Kunj Reached the police station.He went to inspector.

Kunj: inspector why you people didnt give him bail..

Inspector: sir you know na very strong charges at him.

Kunj: still do fast I wanted him outside.

Inspector:what youll do its good na you wanted this only.

Kunj:still.I wanted to meet with DGP..

Inspector:sir I call him but he didnt answer my calls. Ill talk to him and message you.

Kunj:okay do fast this ACP already wasted my time lot..

Inspector:sir you know what helps Lot,

Kunj:ha pata hai he threw bundle of money on his desk.Now happy.My

Work should be done at any cost.

Inspector:haa.Kunj wear his aviator and left from there.Purushottam under cops

All evidence not fully Against him they get in formation just not any cogent evidence against him. They just take him under their protection give him all Facility in lock up that killing kunj lot this world just understands jhoot language..and moreover he had very good teams with many police and politicians.They all under in his hands.

Aditi sitting in garden Daee jaa come there

She sits beside Aditi and caress her hairs she looks at her and give smile rest her head on her lap..

Daee jaa:what happened my Bacha..

Aditi:nothing Daee jaa.

Daee jaa: where is Kunj and Yuvi nowadays.

Aditi: BG busy in his work and Yuvi in his son and wife. Daee jaa give her sad smile.

Daee jaa:its okay Ill call Kunj call him for lunch many days went we all didnt have meal together.

Aditi:he must be busy..

Daee jaa:for me he is always just call him.Aditi dial Kunj number and call him Kunj phone coming busy after he picks up her call.

Kunj: haa.

Daee jaa: what haa where are you.

Kunj:Daee jaa Im busy in work everything is fine na.

Daee jaa: haa just normally I called you..

Kunj:hoo sorry but I cant come I had work

Should I send Yuvi.

Daee jaa:you both come together when you get free..

Kunj:okay they end the calls..

After sometimes later twinkle get free she left for Taneja Mansion she reached her eyes went on Usha she was with ammar talking to him twinkle tell driver stop the car.

Twinkle:what she does with ammar.This devil woman.Making my son like his son..

twinkle went from there she sends Fuzail to call ammar.

Leela: what happened in this.

Twinkle:MAA I didnt like it for Kunj its fine. If is in my hand Ill not let him meet with Kunj as well.

Rt: thats not good twinkle he is his father he had right at him fully.

Twinkle: you and MAA totally changed your perception for him..

Leela: its not like this twinkle puttar maybe he doesnt know about ammar.

Twinkle:I dont care about him MAA what wound he gives me that never ever will go.

Its fine ammar is happy with him.But Ill not stay here anymore I told Abeer he will manage project other process.

Rt:its your decision we cant say anything in this.. ammar come there.

Twinkle: you come here what you were doing with that women haa..

Ammar: mamma she is my Dadi she told me this she just talk to me.. she loved me lot..

Twinkle: she rolled her eyed Acha who told you this she is your Dadi dont go near her okay if I saw you next time your dost will also not save you from me like last time.

Ammar:he isnt dost papa😛😛..

Twinkle:haa whatever who told you call him papa.

Ammar:no one its natural na everyone will call their father to papa so Ill too call my father papa.. Leela and rt give smile..

Fuzail:he is right di😛😛..

Ammar:mamma Im going to papa.

Twinkle:youll not go anywhere.get it. Come with me show me what you have done in your school. She takes him in room she gets freshen up and she and ammar sit she check his school books.Other side Kunj is fully busy in his work.Fuzail went to airport to receive his maamu.Shekhar Mehta.He come and meet with Fuzail.

Fuzail: hi maamu you become more fatty.

Shekhar: haa 😛.. they sit in car and left for Taneja Mansion.Leela gets happy her brother is coming.she called Abeer and Mehar.

Twinkle; look at MAA papa she is hell happy today her brother is coming..

Leela:of course. 😊.. Abeer and Mehar come.

Mehar:where is Shekhar maamu.

Twinkle:my dear sister he isnt come till now.Hiya and ammar playing even fighting little bit while little one siya sleeping.Fuzail and shekhar reached they went inside. Leela and everyone was waiting for them as soon as they entered inside they see them and get hell happy Leela went towards Shekhar and hugged him..

Leela: Bhaiya..

Shekhar: Leela hows you..

Leela:Im fine you.

Shekhar:you can see me.. Im all good just get tired everyone meet with him one by one he sit twinkle give him water.

Abeer:maamu lose your weight..

Shekhar: now its impossible 😂.. ammar and Hiya look at him.. Arey mere dodo lala hows you both come to me. Ammar and hiya went to him ammar hit on his stomach playfully😂😂..

Ammar:Oops.. you become fatter 😛. Pumpkin nanu😛😛.

Twinkle: ammarr😶😶😶

Shekhar:Arey let him he resembles someone he is too like him. He caresses ammar hairs.

Mehar: whom maamu he is antic piece of twinkle.

Shekhar: Arey I had one more carbon him wait Ill Meet you with him..

Rt:you go and get freshen up youll feel good.

Shekhar:haa fuzail take him in room he get freshen up and rest for sometime.

Kunj and yuvi working and thinking now what they will do..

Yuvi: here this Purushottam Enjoying in lock up as well what nonsense is this even law too sold out..

Kunj:what did you thought everywhere just this money power ruling my dear brother.

Yuvi: whatever.

Kunj: where is your son and wife today.

Yuvi: they went to mahi mother place.

Kunj: thats why you sit in peace they just eat your head..

Yuvi:even your will too.

Kunj: Arey mere laal se yaad aya mere beta.

Yuvi:what about this DGP..??

Kunj:he is enjoying here our band is going on.This inspector call me today Ill not leave him. His tour didnt end up till now.

You go and meet with dadi.

Yuvi: what doctors said now.

Kunj: they wanted we take dadi keep her with us.

Yuvi: are you out of your mind we cant you know the reason passed from years we kept her in undersecretaries. We dont know who is behind her condition once we get to know well not that person.

Kunj:for this revenge I alive Yuvi but doctors was too right at their place Ill see them later first do something with Purushottam most important work my ammar. What Ill do now.

Yuvi: means I didnt get it..

Kunj:I cant trust on twinkle she changed like weather I know she cant let me stay near ammar shell run..

Yuvi:that is correct what you have done with her its needed.. Kunj give him death glares.

Kunj:saale you are with me or with her go and sit with her only.Nonsense.

Yuvi:Ill suggest you one thing go in court you get ammar Custody easily and your problem is solved.

Kunj: Yuvi I dont want only ammar but uski MAA bhi.

Yuvi:than sit like this only shell not come you know her ego.

Kunj:but Im Kunj Sarna. I get all things what is mine.. Whether is difficult to get but Ill get it at any cost. You go and meet and see doctors if they needed anything do.

Yuvi:okay.He left while kunj get inspector call.

Inspector: kunj sir DCP sir is come back.

Kunj:good. Send me address.He sends him kunj see and left for the address place.

At Taneja Mansion everyone sits for dinners shekhar get happy to see his all favourite dishes..

Leela:have today nicely.

Ammar:mamma this hiya teasing me..

Twinkle:you both keep quiet and have your dinner they all having their dinner happily.After dinner they sit in living area. Kunj reached he come out of the car..

Kunj:what this DGP doing here?? Leave it. He went ahead.Kunj went inside the Taneja Mansion. Kunj see DGP went towards him while others sitting in side couch area. DGP see kunj and get up. Arey sit down.

DGP: you here.. others get confused to see kunj here at this time and why..??

Kunj: yes what Ill do you Itself didnt answer my calls and messages, so I have to come to you.. I come..

DGP:you are mad young boy.

Kunj:you know me still making me run behind you.

Abeer: what he does here.

Twinkle: how I know.. Kunj and Shekhar Shake Their hands and hugged each others.

Kunj:Arey my pumpkin 😛😛.. pie.. twinkle and others giggles out. Why you increase this world weight already its enough.


Kunj: I wanted your help..

Shekhar: what help.

Kunj:you know..

Shekhar:kunj give some time.Im old man at least think about my age.they sit. Ammar come there and see kunj he got happy and rushed towards him.. low voice.. Shekhar get call.

Kunj:shhh he gestured him.ammar stand between Kunj both legs.While Kunj hands around his back.Shekhar keep the phone in side.Now leave this phone my uncle DGP.

Shekhar:without any details I cant do anything.Kunj give him file.

Kunj:see this and this ACP just doing drama.Twinkle see ammar he was playing with his tie..

Shekhar: hmm I know hell do this only its quite hard to get bail Kunj..

Kunj: but you are DGP do something I wanted to ruin his life at any cost their conversation not very much Audible for others they just see them..

Leela:kunj knows bhaiya..

Mehar:seemed like very much..

Shekhar:I can understand.

Kunj:he enjoys in jail as well what a law you have..

Shekhar:its not only law.Ill do my level best you know police had only proof against him that didnt prove it

Kunj:its your headache not mine.6

Months very nicely you enjoy now back to the work.

Shekhar:haa.. mere baap.

Ammar:come with me..

Kunj:Ill come you go..

Ammar:okay.He kissed on his cheeks and went from there. Kunj get up.

Kunj:okay bye.. he about to go.

Shekhar:at least tell me your plan.

Kunj:youll get to know very soon.

Shekhar: its not easy. Kunj turned.

Kunj:I know DGP.. here no work happened without fulus.😛..

Shekhar: thats true you find new language.

Kunj:ab you know all languages 😛.Kunj give him cheque book. Used how much you wanted it.

Shekhar:you are same like her. Padmakshi ji was one lady who rule it..

Kunj:he gives smile and Im her part think than..

Shekhar: okay mere baap today Im tired Ill do tomorrow paka.

Kunj:tomorrow sharp 10 well meet. Today finished your sleep. Soon you going to be retired..😛😂😎.. my pumpkin pie. Bye kunj went from there shekhar sit down.

Leela:bhaiya you know him..

Shekhar: yes..

Twinkle:why he come here..

Shekhar:he had some work.. he is mad totally.

Ammar: mamma come with me..

Shekhar: haa Im saying na he resembles someone he is only that one Kunj Sarna twinkle your son totally like him. Uff Im going sleepy head he went from there..

Mehar:hehe maamu Dont know he is his son only.Mehar and abeer left for their place while twinkle take ammar in room.

Ammar: mamma papa didnt answer my calls..

Twinkle:ammar papa must be busy.You sleep okay.twinkle changed his night dress and her too she went in balcony and standing there ammar come and she takes him in her arms, and he rests her head on his chest and closed his eyes while twinkle caressing his hairs she was busy in phone with Chinki.twinkle eyes went on kunj he come Where he went??.Kunj went in his room he changed his clothes and make coffee for himself and come in room he about to closed balcony door his eyes went on twinkle back kunj went in balcony and sit there, he having coffee and bread and look at twinkle her back facing to him see ammar in her arms.Kunj doing work in laptop and eating too.

Kunj:with whom she talking ha in jealousy. Twinkle turned and look at Kunj.

Twinkle:workaholic man.didnt have time for food.what work he had with maamu he is DGP and he is business man.twinkle sit there and look at Kunj.. maya come these twinkle see her..


Kunj:hmm didnt look at her..

Maya:you wanted anything.

Kunj:nope you go please.She immediately went from there.

Twinkle:she is staying with them only still.

Kunj see ammar miscalls he call.. twinkle pick up the call. What??

Kunj:why you call me..

Twinkle:hehe Ill call you really this ammar call you I didnt.. both look at each other.

Kunj:okay.What happened to him.


Kunj:how he get ready to call me I know you must be jealous my love win..

Twinkle:acha very lame Kunj Sarna. Dont get happy if he call you papa. Asked yourself you deserve this.

Kunj:tujhe yeh hi baath aati hai kya..

twinkle:yes you go to your maya. she must be waiting for you.cut the call.both give each other looks.later they went and sleep.Next day.firstly Kunj meet with DGP Shekhar.He applied for his bail..

At [emailprotected]

Twinkle: abeer please I Resigned from this project you please handle I cant now anymore..

Abeer:what twinkle but why..

Twinkle: abeer I decided to go from India.

Abeer:what but why so suddenly..

Twinkle:I have to abeer you know my problem. If I stay here more later Ammas cant stay without Kunj.

Abeer: and what about you even you too you just running twinkle.

Twinkle:whatever is it abeer me and kunj end up long back.Ammar knows kunj is his papa good now I cant let him stay with him.. you handle this project.

Abeer:Ill but you arent doing good.I can say this.he left from cabin.Abeer make the papers and send to kunj and yuvi they should know about this.As soon as kunj read the papers get shocked.he went in twinkle cabin didnt fine her..

Kunj:this twinkle Ill not leave her.whole day kunj busy with lawyers.He get free immediately went to meet twinkle in anger.

Where is twinkle Leela MAA.

Leela:what happened so suddenly.. twinkle come down..

Twinkle:what you wanted?? Kunj get near her held her elbow..

Kunj:what nonsense is this twinkle haa.. how can you resigned in middle..

Twinkle: its my wish abeer will handle.

Kunj: acha did you think Im idiot I know what planning in your mind its good for you stop this Itself if I..

Twinkle:what I.. I dont wanted to do work with you all..

Rt:what happened.

Kunj:asked your daughter I know why you do this just because of ammar na.You do this project or not Ill not leave ammar.

You shifting to London.

Twinkle:its my life Ill do whatever I wanted it.

Kunj: yeah its your life but you have my son with you.Now you cant.. I wanted him

twinkle:what you wanted from ammar kunj now everything is finished.. for your happiness and his I let you spend time with ammar now dont increase my problem.

Kunj:what.. problem you didnt do any favour on me. He is my son this world cant let me stop to meet with my son who the hell are you.

Twinkle:dont forget Im his mother.

Kunj:I know this you too dont forget Im his father.. you doing this wrong you wanted to leave this project good.But you cant go anywhere. You are forcing me to do something.

Twinkle:do whatever you wanted it..

Kunj:why you cant understand my emotions haa even I too wanted to stay with my son..

Twinkle:why so suddenly..

Kunj:acha apne beta toh me leke rahuga I dont wanted to separate him from you. But you didnt understand sweet language.

Twinkle:hoo even I too wanted to see what youll do..

Kunj: moreover you are my wife still we are legally husband and wife.

Twinkle:she rolled her eyes so what.We didnt stay together passed from years our marriage automatically break down by law process..Ill not give you my son that fit in your mind.leave please.She went in her room.Kunj look at her with anger eyes.

Kunj went behind her.twinkle removing her accessories Kunj went in room ammar sitting and doing his work.He saw kunj.

Ammar:Papa.. 😍.. twinkle turned and see kunj.

Twinkle:why you come in my room didnt you heard what I said.. Kunj went near twinkle pulled her towards him.. kunjjj.. Kunj see ammar..

Kunj:ammar baby you go..


Kunj: papa wanted to talk to your mamma in personal..

Ammar:itna personal even cant in front of me too..

Kunj: yes my baby Ill tell you you go now..

Ammar: okay.. ammar get up and went he closed the door before going. Kunj look at twinkle.

Kunj:ab Bol what are you saying down haa.Dont fly twinkle too much you know me very apni pe aaya na no one will, cant stop me.. he hold her hand tightly.

Twinkle:aha. Kunjjjj.. Kunj eyes went on table he see flight tickets he leave twinkle and take the tickets in his hand and read his eyes get wet to see this that fear of losing ammar jerked him that twinkle can see on his face. He look at her tears formed in his eyes.

Kunj:Till now I thought you just playing with my heart really you doing this.You going London with ammar..

Twinkle: haa.. she turned.

Kunj:but Kyu what I have done it Ill

Do everything that you wanted it twinkle promise.what punishment you wanted to give me Ill get ready to have..

Twinkle:this is the best punishment for you. You can meet with him once in a year.. Ill not stop you kunj turned her.. tears escaping from twinkle eyes and as well from kunj eyes.

Kunj:aww look at this twinkle.Bol toh aise rahi hai jeshe me ammar ka koi rishteydar I can meet with him when I wanted and your heart is very big.. mere apna beta hai woh..

Twinkle:today you remember he is your son haa what happened that day.

Kunj:what that day I didnt understand tell me clearly whats going on in your mind haa.

Twinkle:you hurt me lot kunj for that Ill never forgive you.. she wiped her tears please for gods sake leave us we bear lot. Now let us live our life she turned. Tears escaping from twinkle Kunj backhugged her tightly.. Lock his hands around her waist..

Kunj: Mat kar please Im your culprit I know I hurt you.My sorry cant give your days back to you. But I try to correct my mistakes I dont have anything Twinkle now I had one hope to live it just ammar he makes me live again my life after you my life has stopped Im just alive in front of world eyes inside my soul die that day only when you leave me..

Twinkle:I leave you. You throw me out of your life what did you said you forgot but I

Not Kunj. I never expected this from you.I trust on you more than myself how can you think Ill cheat you. You didnt leave any option for me after whatever you did still I loving you wanted to come to you and tell you that Im pregnant with your child thought youll leave everything.But what I saw i never expect this.

Kunj:you are right at your place. Twinkle please trust on me my MAA didnt leave any option for me.. That night only I wanted to come to you but she gives me swear of my papa if I go than shell kill herself Im helpless all you have everyone with you but I dont have no one my own mother didnt care about me.I didnt remember when I slept in this years twinkle even I bear lot.I didnt live my life.He cuddles her tightly from back.While crying, he pressed his lips behind twinkle ear.dont do this I cant live without ammar twinkle he is my lifeline without see his face my day hasnt starts.she turned both face drenched in tears..

Twinkle:you are so selfish you just wanted your son you never care about me not yesterday and today as too you want ammar because he is your son when you didnt care about your own wife how its so sure youll do my son when your mother wanted youll throw him too like him.

Kunj:noo twinkle I cant imagine this if god will too come and tell me Ill never do this he is my part.Who told you I love you like anything he cupped her face.I just

breathe without you twinkle my soul didnt feel anything.I want to take your hand and walk you through my dreams just to show you.just to prove that what I live for is you and me youre all I need I love you with all my heart and soul you are and will always the only one for me.twinkle look at his face.I love you twinkle what Ill do that you can see my love for you.

Twinkle:leave me Ill understand you love. She turned her face. Kunj smile painfully.

Kunj:this I cant do in this brith.. Leave this decision to go from here if you go Ill come behind you. She looks at him.

Twinkle:Ill not Change my decision. Kunj tore the tickets and throw it in side twinkle get shocked to see this what nonsense is this kunjj.

Kunj:that you saw.. its not easy to take my son away from me I can bear everything but to let him go away from me that not at all i can fight with everyone for him..

Twinkle:bete se itna pyaar uski MAA ki toh izzat hi nahi ki aaj tak.just base on that DNA reports you agreed he is your son why..when your own mother saying you he isnt your son and she too knows we dont have anything between each others why dont you believe on your god mother..

He pulled her tightly. Their face is very near.

Kunj:acha Im not thinking these na.I dont care what she think I know na he is my son.she doesnt know what we have

between each others its none of anyone concerned.

Twinkle:even Im too shocked how you get ready to believe he is your son how you remember I thought you dont know anything so bad na kunjj..

Kunj:haa its my mistake I forgot the best night our life I never thought like this something happened.I toh telling you about my feeling but that storm come in our life that breaks everything I love you twinkle believe me..

Twinkle:you dont love me I thought you love that night I give myself you why she stops. But I never thought you give me this acha Sila diya tumne kunj.because of my mistake today I bear this all things If that night doesnt come in our life we didnt

bhavnao me beh jana today ammar not come.. even in Mumbai you saw me with ammar for a second you didnt think he can be your baby but he is vikram son its possible your cant why kunjj.

Kunj:what Ill say I dont have words Im idiot twinkle..mujhe kuch bhi yaad nahi ta

I had baby you was pregnant with my baby.Never ever I imagine.Kabhi sapne me bhi nahi socha ta this will happen Ek raat me..

Twinkle:even Im cursing god why he gives me baby when my baby father is like this worse person ever.You insult my respect and babaji put your blood in my womb.

Kunj:you can tell me once..

Twinkle:acha I didnt tell you haa.

Kunj:you never ever try to give me hint he is my baby.go and asked your bestie chinki didnt I come haa.I give her letter too.

Twinkle:there is no use of this all things.

Didnt Chinki give you what I give her for you.

Kunj:yes she gives me but..

Twinkle:but what dont making any stories. Leave us thats it.

Kunj:thats impossible Ill get you and ammar back at any cost,. You use law na great what didnt you think your this papers stop me to meet with my son and talking about project that too you cant resign compensation you know.

Twinkle: Im ready to give compensation as well.

Kunj:acha from where you get 100 crores.

Twinkle: you dont worry about this. If you are millionaire Im not beggar..

Kunj: I know this baby your husband is millionaire you are too.

Twinkle:you arent my husband.

Kunj:that Ill show you tomorrow.. Kunj held her hand kissed on her finger tips:.

Twinkle:chhodo dont come near me.she started hitting on his chest Kunj enjoying it she going in backwards due to bed she falls down on bed kunj come on her.

Kunj: at least try to forgive me.

Twinkle: now you wanted to live your life with me in front of your mother eyes Im pr*stitute what you will do with me and my son he is to pr*stitute son..

Kunj:why you always said this and hurt me.tears fall down from kunj eyes falls on twinkle cheeks even her tears too flowing.

He rests his forehead on her forehead.Mat kar.I dont have name for our love.

Twinkle:because tumhare pyaar me shrif dard hi dard hai.

Kunj: if you dont love me why not you moved on in your life with anyone.

Twinkle:dont worry soon Ill get new father for my son and husband for me she winked at him kunj blood boiled out..

Kunj:dont ever think of it you are just mine nobody cant raise their eyes and see you..

Twinkle:Im not your wife anymore whom you control and show your possessiveness

Kunj:you are my wife.He went near her lips.

Twinkle:Kunj choddo.. mujhe.Kunj grab her lipstick fully twinkle hitting him with her hand Kunj take her hand linked their fingers.He started showing his anger though kiss twinkle too do same with him both kissing each other and biting each other lips.Twinkle protesting.But Kunj didnt leave her lips kunjjj leave me in between kiss. Kunj leave her lips and both look at each other with Tashan eyes.

Kunj:this let you remember you are just mine.. he kissed on her forehead gently.

Twinkle:leave me Ammar will come..

Kunj:let him come he to get to know how much his father love his mother. 😛.

Twinkle:this will not work out.. Whatever situation will come if you are last person in this world Ill never ever give myself to you. One time I did a very big mistake again not at all.. ammar come see twinkle and Kunj position he went towards them and lay down on bed beside twinkle. Kunj and twinkle see him.

Ammar:whats going on😛.Twinkle try to get up but Kunj didnt.

Kunj:nothing my son.He pulled his cheeks.

Ammar kissed on twinkle cheeks.he gives smile to Kunj and twinkle cuddles ammar.

Ammar:my mamma❤️.. twinkle push Kunj.


Ammar: papa come sleep. Twinkle and Kunj get surprised while Kunj give naughty smile. We sleep with papa mamma.

Kunj: dont worry soon we sleep together 😛😝😜 winked at twinkle okay bye my baby he went down twinkle behind him.

Twinkle: dont come again.

Kunj:whatever now you just wait and watch Ill get you and ammar back.Kunj said this echoed in whole mansion he left from there.

Leela: twinkle hells do something. She smiled.

Twinkle:you all in his side I know.she went in room and lay down beside ammar twinkle touch her lips and feel Kunj touch his touch every time make me lose my sense,they sleep. Kunj get busy in legal process to get ammar back.He filed case in court. From court notice went to twinkle. Servant give her papers. Twinkle open the envelope.

Rt: what is this..

Twinkle:this come from court let me too see this.. twinkle read the papers and get shocked. Kunj filed case for ammar and her in that clearly written Kunj Sarna wanted his wife and son back and stay with him if she doesnt she cant take ammar anywhere before going anywhere she had to take him with herself too. She gets shocked by this.

Leela: kya hua.

Twinkle:see this MAA this Kunj filed case in court.rt and Leela see the papers. Ill not leave him today for sure. She called him he didnt answer his call twinkle directly went to Sarna Mansion nobody was at home they all for pooja. She asked servant for Kunj servant told her he is in his room twinkle went upstairs goes in Kunj room. She entered in room her World freeze its her room as well she looks at whole room in every corner of this room her all memories are..

Twinkle:nothing has changed in this room same to same twinkle eyes went on bedside wall ammar and Kunj big wall photo frame there

.and her and Kunj too in side walls she went and caress the photos.My room ek time pe.Kunj who was in washroom. Kunj come out of the washroom in towel he sees twinkle get surprised to see her and understand her why she come here.

Kunj: hi. Twinkle turned and see Kunj she closed her eyes with her hands.

Twinkle:you shameless man wear your clothes Kunj smile and went towards her.

Kunj:dont be shy you see my everything already 😂😜more than this fully.. even I too she looks at him. Here only in this room we made love 💋

Twinkle:stop your cheap talks what is this she throws paper at his face.Kunj ruffles his hairs. Went towards dressing table.

Kunj:you dont know what is this read it youll come to know my dear wife..

Twinkle:dont act smart with me kunj. Why you do this..

Kunj: i told you already if I come to myself. Ill not stop. Ill use my all power to get my son back.You take me lightly. Kunj wear his clothes.

Twinkle:what you get after do this.

Kunj: than Itself you stop.

Twinkle: okay fine do whatever you wanted Ill not stop you even I too wanted to see what youll do and how youll take my ammar from me.

Kunj:who wanted him from you haa I wanted you both. If you cant stay with me fine at least let me come to you and him.

She wiped her tears.

Twinkle:I bear lot to pain to bring him in this world didnt let anyone take him.She said.Meet you in court.twinkle meeting with lawyers.Leela and Rt supporting her. Next day today is the first hearing of their case.Kunj do this all just teased her he dont have any other motive.outside of court kunj come with Aditi and yuvi While twinkle with her family Kunj waving to twinkle.

Rt: twinkle he just teasing you Im sure.

Twinkle:no papa today Ill show him what Im. Kunj went near her.

Kunj:hi twinkle Kunj Sarna..

Twinkle:Im not twinkle Kunj Sarna Im twinkle Taneja.

Kunj:today Ill clear your this mistake too. Lets come.They all went inside the court and take seats soon judge come and take process ahead.

Judge:start the process of court.

Kunj side lawyer. My lord.My friend Kunj Sarna wanted his wife and son. He told each and everything to judge. Now she goes from here.. twinkle side lawyer interpreted. No my lord shab they didnt living together passed from many tears.

But my lord they are still husband and wife kunj lawyer said.They didnt give divorce to each other they had one son as well. Judge right all points. Judge call twinkle and Kunj in witness box. They both and stand in witness box.

Judge: what you wanted twinkle first tell me.

Twinkle:I dont want anything my lord.

I dont wanted to fall his shadow on my son.

Judge: and you Kunj Sarna.

Kunj:my lord I wanted my son and wife back we are still husband and wife.she take my son away from here.

Judge:you wanted to give him divorce twinkle? She looked at Kunj stuck what to say she takes deep break put stone on her heart.

Twinkle:yes I wanted divorce even he doesnt have any right on my son.

Kunj:I have all rights on my son.

Judge:oder oder she wanted divorce you give her divorce

Kunj:Ill not give her divorce I wanted her back thats it.

Twinkle:I dont wanted to stay with him.

Judge:right now you both staying separately fine.Mr.Sarna want his son. I wanted to call him.Fuzail bring ammar inside.Whats your name is..

Ammar:ammar Kunj Sarna.

Judge:you want maama or papa. Ammar look at Kunj and twinkle.

Ammar:I want both of them.want to live with my papa. Kunj give smile.

Judge:you want papa Kunj give papers to judge he saw. Im suggesting you one think 6 months ammar stay with you and another 6 months with kunj. If not than mrs twinkle sarna you are wanted divorce and Kunj doesnt want and your son want his father and mother both.Whom you choose one ammar.

Ammar:Papa.And mamma is one for me.

Kunj: he didnt let me meet with my son.

Judge:after listening everything.You give divorce to twinkle and she gives you ammar custody.And you have to take all responsibility of your son and wife.all finically because you not give her divorce.Twinkle get shocked after listening give ammar custody to kunj. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes like anything.

Twinkle:my lord I dont want anything I want my son thats it. Fuzail take ammar from court room.

Kunj:same I too dont want ammar custody she is his ammar and I cant do this paap separate a baby from his MAA never I cant do this sin. Twinkle and others get shocked as well surprised.

Judge:means what you wanted else.

Kunj:just one permission I want to meet with ammar, and he stays in Amritsar only she cant go anywhere. I dont want ammar custody he is her son. Even dont give her divorce as well. Shell remain my wife.

Judge:okay if you dont want this.So twinkle you cant go anywhere. Legally you cant take ammar anywhere without his father Permission he can meet with his son anytime.its court decision he lastly oder the hammer.court is end,everyone went out of the court room kunj and twinkle see each others.

Yuvi:why you do this..

Kunj:Im not heartless those thinking this.

Twinkle: acha.

Kunj:take this favour I didnt take ammar custody just for you.He wiped her tears which hanging.He throws the papers in side and went from there in tashan.

Mehar:he isnt bad fully twinkle.Twinkle see him while going. Everyone went from there twinkle get happy now ammar is with her only she is sad as well.

Twinkle:today kunj deny taking ammar custody if he wanted he gets it easy whole law in his hands till. Itna bura bhi nahi hai.

She messaged him.Thanks kunj for today kunj see her message and give smile..

Ammar playing in garden dont know what happened to him his vision get burred he sits and hold his head.He started sweating.

And nose bleeding too.ammar closed his nose..

Episode end on his face. 2 mores two go🥳

next: ammar feeling uneasy twinkle and Kunj get worried about him.


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