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Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir sleeps in Ruksaar’s room

Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Ruksaar and Kabir comes her room. She says come inside, you are my best friend, you will have to play with me. Kabir says um.. Ruksaar holds his hand and says come inside. He is about to go in but Zara comes there and says I will play with you, Ruksaar says no Kabir will play with me today. Zara tries to go to her but Kabir grabs her hand and stops her, he recalls Salma’s taunt and how he promised that their relation cant mend till he pays off her debt and how he took Ruksaar’s responsibility. He pushes her aside and sits with Ruksaar. He says let me tell you a story about a girl, she was very nice, he looks at Zara and says she was very good but then she became bad as she loved only herself in her love. Zara says atleast listen to me Kabir. Kabir says I dont need to

listen to you, I am telling a story so you can leave. Zara says I didnt do anything and my mother said sorry, dont do such a big mistake that you cant comeback, she says poetry that our love might be punished for decades. Kabir says it applies to you, you said that I make issue out of small things? let me tell how I do it. Zara tries to take storybook from him but Ruksaar pushes her out of room and closes door. Zara is tensed.
Zara is going to her room crying, Alina sees her running away like and goes behind her.
Zara comes to her room and cries.

Kabir is telling a story to Ruksaar but she throws a soft toy at him, Kabir says dont make me angry, Zara already destroyed it. He reads that one’s happiness is most important in life. Zara comes there and says you are wrong, biggest thing in world is anger like yours. Kabir says leave me alone otherwise I will throw you out, Zara says you are stale and angry man. Kabir says you have made my life like this, you have to fight on everything, this is your love? you are selfish, you only care of winning, you have to win against me everytime, do you want to live life with me? then become mine, if you love your family then go to them, you have made my life hell because you only love yourself.. he pins her to wall and realizes that he has been shouting at Ruksaar and imagining her to be Zara. Ruksaar whimpers and says you are bad, you scared me and scolded me, leave me. Kabir says I am sorry, I thought you were Ruksaar. Ruksaar says you are a liar, she cries. Kabir takes a teddy bear and says Ruksaar is nice. Ruksaar says yes, he gives her that and gives her more toys. Ruksaar smiles and says Kabir is nice. Ruksaar says who will make me sleep? Kabir or Zara? Kabir says I will do it. She nods.

Zara is tensed and recalls Kabir not talking to her, she breaks things in anger and cries. She recalls her mother trying to say sorry, she says Kabir living with Ruksaar is my biggest defeat, this is my insult. Alina comes outside room but Ayesha says let her take out her anger, she takes her from there.

Kabir is sleepy but Ruksaar is still not sleeping. Ayesha comes there and sees Ruksaar’s head lying in Kabir’s lap, she is tensed. She closes door and leaves.
Ayesha gets Salma’s call. Salma says I have to meet you, I am outside your house. Ayesha says what? at this hour, I am coming. Ayesha prays and comes out of house. She says you here this time? Salma says I am sorry but I separated my son in law from my daughter. Ayesha says you should go home. Salma says I came here without telling Irfan, you can understand my pain, I didnt want to destroy their lives, we can make them listen and they might agree. Ayesha recalls Zara breaking things in her room and says dont be emotional, I understand you but let me bring peace back and then they will listen to us, I will try fully but this is not the right time, let house become normal then everything will be fine, you trust me right? I request you to go home. Salma nods and hugs her, she cries and leaves. Ayesha says I am sorry but house situation is such that I had to send you back from door, God make everything fine.

Zara is sitting in her room on floor with glass broken everywhere.

In morning, Kabir wakes up and finds himself on couch.
Ayesha offers namaz and prays for Zara and Kabir.
Kabir offers namaz and prays to keep his anger in control, I couldnt bear my insult, give me strength to bring honor of me and my family back.

All family members come to have breakfast. Kashan goes for seat but Kabir pulls out for him, Kashan ignores it and sits on other one. Shahbaz asks where is Zara? Ayesha says she might have slept late. Zeenat says yes, she must be worried thinking how to bring storm in house. Ruksaar comes there and greets everyone. Zeenat says you are looking happy. Ruksaar says you know what happened last night? Kabir was in my room whole night, all are surprised. Ruksaar says right Kabir? Kabir says hmm. Ruksaar says we enjoyed a lot and he lovingly made me sleep, right friend? Kabir shakes his head and says leave it. Ruksaar says tell it. Kabir angrily leaves. Ayesha says I will go and check on Zara.

Ayesha asks Zara to open the door. Alina asks to open it. They knock on door but Zara doesnt answer. Ayesha screams for Kabir to come, Zara is not opening door. Kabir is stunned.

PRECAP- Kabir hits and breaks door. He comes inside and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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