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Internet Wala Love 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ash decides to talk to Jai

Internet Wala Love 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai calling Ash and asking her to come. Ash lies to Aadhya and tells that Jai is very impatient and don’t want to leave her alone for few mins. She goes to the washroom. Aadhya looks worried and cries. She hears Jai asking Ash to clean his eyes. Ash looks at the door. Aadhya peeps inside the bathroom door and looks at them. She misunderstands the situation and runs out of the house. Jai tells Ash that he has to go and meet Aadhya, and that he can’t touch the water as doctor asked him not to touch it. Jai comes out of bathroom. Ash thinks Aadhya must have misunderstood them and thought they have kissed each other. Jai looks for Aadhya and asks Ash where is she? Ash smiles. Rupa also smiles. Aadhya is walking on the road, when Jai calls her. She thinks of Ash’s words

that they are going to announce their relation to everyone. Ash tells Jai that she told Aadhya that someone is following her and wants to harm her. Aadhya thinks Jai and Ash kissed each other and reaches home. She cries falling on bed. Music plays……She opens the cupboard and gets Jai’s gift and card. She thinks if Jai never felt for her, and thinks why he didn’t tell me anything if he loves Ash from the beginning. She cries. Jai comes and throws teddy on her. He calls her name and asks her to come out, but he can’t come inside as his hand has bandages. Aadhya thinks why did he come here, when he wants to be with Ash. She comes out. Jai gives her tea and samosas and asks her to come with him.

Aadhya asks what, at this time? Jai asks her to come and tells that he came in a hurry and worn different chappals. Aadhya smiles and says ok. They go to side and sit on the bench. Jai says he wants to know about her love and also about her weird behavior. Aadhya says you came to ask this. Jai says yes, I was worried for you and says we have all night to talk. He says you was not picking my call and secondly you are siyappa queen. Aadhya says sorry. Jai asks her not to show her puppy face and says I get bored without you, and when you are not with me, I feel strange. I think I am habituated to you know. Aadhya smiles. Jai asks what did you say on radio, if it was all true. He asks if someone came in your life and says you promised that there will be no secret between us. Aadhya says if there is something important, then you will share with me naa. Jai says ofcourse I will share with you. Aadhya asks really. Jai says yes. Aadhya asks do you like any girl.

Jai says ofcourse and tells that he had many girl friends. Aadhya says not that, and tells that real love. She asks if he felt real love for someone. Jai asks her to question again. Aadhya asks again. Jai thinks for a while and smiles. Just then Rupa and Ash comes there. Rupa scolds Aadhya for coming there with Jai for picnic. She takes him forcibly. Ash tells Aadhya that Jai came to know that I told you about the proposal thing and he got angry and wanted me to keep it a secret. She shows Jai’s recording in which he said that he will tell her when he is confirmed. Aadhya thinks Jai lied to him and cries. Ash smiles and thinks nice work.

Shubhankar comes to Aadhya and asks if she is not going to office. Aadhya says she has taken off and thought to stay at home. Shubhankar reads the news paper story and tells that one shall trust his love and shall trust the other person. Aadhya thinks she knows that Ash is a big liar and thinks to talk to Jai directly. Rupa tells Ash that video recording worked. A fb is shown, Ash tells Jai that she told Aadhya that someone wants to harm her. Jai says I would have tell her, why did you tell her. fb ends. Aadhya thinks to talk to him and finds her mobile battery low. She comes to landline phone and hears Diya speaking to her friend. Diya tells her that her friend ruined her friendship with his best friend and proposed him.

Samrat gives money to the man and tells that Shubhankar shall be blamed. He thinks he will ruin Aadhya and her family. Jai thinks why Aadhya took off and thinks to call her. Aadhya thinks if she confesses to Jai then her friendship might break.

Aadhya takes an auto. Jai is in the car behind her auto without knowing that she is in the auto. Samrat is driving the auto and thinks nobody can save you from me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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