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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Datta and Perv join hands

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Perv says to Guddan stay in your limits.. AJ comes and shoves him. He says don’t dare coming near her. I will break your legs. What have you done now? Guddan says leave him. You don’t have to fight with him. I will handle. AJ shoves perv. AJ says what is your problem? Guddan says I know how to handle this house. I am doing everything for right. You have to trust me. She leaves.
Guddan says they think can’t we do anything? Kathor comes out. AJ says what did perv do? GUddan says ask him. He is your relative. AJ says Guddan I am trying to help you. Guddan says you helped me earlier and then Perv was part of this family? I can help myself. I don’t need your help. She sits with kathor. AJ says you can’t handle him alone. Kathor sits on his

shoulder. Guddan says give me my kathor back. She picks kathor from his shoulder. Guddan says he is hungry. AJ says then why doesn’t he eat? Guddan says you make him eat. He got scared because of you.
AJ says kathor eat. Guddan says he is like people of this family now. Kathor sits on his hand and eats. Guddan smiles. AJ says you wont take help from me anymore right? Then handle Perv and kathor yourself.

Perv beats Datta. He is angry because of Guddan. He says you have to do what I ask you. He says I will. Perv says you are free. You have to take revenge from that Guddan. She slapped me.
Saru calls someone and sasy come as soon as you can. I have the key traces.

Someone calls Guddan and says we need an actress. we heard about your acting.. Guddan says I am amazing actress. AJ says Guddan come out of washroom. He says the role is of a mother in law who is young.. Guddan says what.. I will b e the perfect one for this role. AJ says Guddan open the door. I am getting late. I have to use washroom. He texts her where to come. Datta and Perv laugh.
Guddan throws water on AJ. He says are you crazy. She sys this is just water. He says get out of here. I am late already. Guddan says I am getting late too. She says I have to go for audition. She says wow I will give the audition.

Saru says on call I have the key trace. Come soon. Guddan sees her leaving and comes to her washroom to use. Saru is coming back. Guddan sees the key trace in her cabnet on a soap. Saru says who is in my wasroom. Saru comes. Guddan is washing hands with that soap. Guddan says you thought you could hide this soap from me. Saru is scared. Guddan didn’t see the trace. She says I did good acting right. Saru says where did you find this soap? Guddan says AJ was in my washroom. The trace is removed. Saru leaves in anger.

Guddan gives dadi chocolates.
Precap-Guddan goes for audition. Perv slaps her and she faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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