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Destined to be yours, Raglak part 8

Raglak came out of the shop searching Sanskar.

He was standing at a corner cursing his fate.

Seeing Raglak, he put up a fake sulk expression.

Raglak went to him.

San: I don’t want to talk with you both.

Raglak glared each other and their eyes said “this is because of you”. They fume again.

Rag: So what shall i do so that my dosth will talk to me?

San: You both should not argue.

Raglak: That can’t be done.

They fume at each other and Sanksar hits his forehead.

Sanskar looks at them angrily.

Rag: Acha ok, I won’t argue, but you know dosth it is your bhai who starts arguing.

Lak: Excuse me, when did I start, it is always you.

Ragini was about to retort,

San: (angrily) You are arguing again.

They became silent.

Lak: Where will we go now?

Rag: Movie??

Lak: Nice idea. But which?

Sanskar knows that both like different type of movies, which means, again an argument, NO, no way man. He shook his head, even this thought was scary and he shouted NO.

Raglak looked at him startled.

Lak: Bhai, what happened?

San: no, no, we won’t go for movie. I don’t like movie.

Rag: acha, acha, we won’t. But then, where do you want to go then?

San: Amusement park. Dosth there will be so many rides, we can have great fun.

Ragini became scared.

Lak: What happened Ragini?

Rag: Vo Laksh, I am scared of all these.

San: Dosth there isn’t nothing to be scared, it is fun.

She shook her head in no.

Lak: Ragini trust me, it would be fine, see bhai is insisting na, and then (he held her hand) I am with you. Everything will be fine.

Ragini looked at Laksh’s eyes, they share a beautiful eye lock.

Sanskar broke the eye lock by calling Ragini.

Raglak composed and then they headed towards the park.

Ragini was scared seeing different rides. Sanlak smile seeing her.

The first one was a two seater one.

Rag: Laksh, you both go in, please…If I go with Sanskar, I won’t be able to care him, I would be scared myself. And then we both can’t as Sanskar will be left alone. So no argument you both will go in.

Sanlak: (in mind) Is anything left to argue??

Lak: Ok, Bhai come.

They both got in and she stood there watching them.

Laksh was not at all enjoying the ride, his full concentration was on Sanskar.

Sanskar who noticed it turned to other side  as he was teary. He could feel Laksh’s love and this was confusing him. He is angry on Laksh, he wants revenge from him, but still till now he was not able to hate him completely and now this care and concern, it is making things tough for him. His heart is heavy.

Laksh too was teary, he was taken back to their old days, when Sanskar was fine and when they had all fun. If, if Sanskar was fine even now…

Both were in their own world and came back to sense only when the ride stopped. They composed themselves and came down.

Ragini noticed that both were teary, she knew what bothered Laksh, and hence was more tensed for Sanskar.

She went to them and held Sanskar’s chin. But with her other hand she held Laksh’s hand and applied pressure.

Laksh calmed as he understood what she meant, he too applied pressure on her hand.

Rag: Dosth, what happened, why a1e you crying??

Sanskar  nodes his head in no.

Rag: You won’t tell your dosth?

San: Vo ri ride,

Ragini wipes his tears and smiles at him.

Rag: It is over now na, so relax, we won’t go in that ride again.

Sanskar nodes.

She was holding Laksh’s hand even then.

Lak: We will go to next one.

Trio got into the next one, Ragini was so scared, but sanlak held her each hand. She smiles seeing it, she feels like she needs nothing more. They both are with her, and it is heaven.

They and real fun, three of them were happy.

Laksh was happy being with this duo, the two special persons of his life.

Even though he had issues with Laksh, Sanskar was happy spending time with both, especially Ragini. She has became very close to him, his best friend.

Later they went to beach.

Ragini was standing in water watching the waves, she was lost in it.

And Laksh who was standing a bit behind her, was lost in her, her calm smiling face. It was soothing him, he smiles.

Sanskar looks at their peaceful faces, a naughty idea came to him. He made a ball out of wet mud and aimed at Laksh’s back.

But when he throw it Laksh has moved from there and it hit Ragini who turned towards him, hence it hit fully on her face.

The trio was shocked, mud had covered her whole face and neck. Some went into her eyes and mouth also inside her blouse.

Ragini started to scream jumping up and down and Laksh was still in shock.

San:(in mind) Sanskar think something, anyway your idiot bhai is not going to think something.

He looked around and saw a cool drink shop. He ran to there, took three bottles of water and came back, emptied one bottle on her head. Everything was very quick.

Raglak were more shocked. The shop keeper came behind Sanskar.

SK: You mad man what are you doing?

Laksh’s blood boiled hearing it.

Lak: (angrily) Don’t you dare to call him that. Here take, and leave.

He gave him money for the bottles, seeing his angry face, the shop keeper went from their quietly.

Sanskar looked Laksh emotionally.

Laksh looked at Ragini, she was trying to remove the mud, her eyes were clean, and was removing the mud from her neck, but now she was wet.

Laksh fumes, he was about to scold Sanskar.

Ragini who noticed it,

Rag: Laksh please, I want to go home right now.

Lak: Yeah, but you can’t stay like this, it will be itching.

Rag: Yeah, I am trying to remove the mud na.

San: Sorry dosth.

Rag: It’s ok Sanskar.

Laksh took out his handkerchief and came near her.

Lak: Stay straight, I will help you.

She nodes.

He cleaned her face, she then washed hee face with water. He took the water and pour on her neck lightly. Then cleaned her neck, it was new to both, he was touching her neck and shoulder and also near cleavage. Both were having new feelings inside them and they were looking anywhere but each other.

When most of the mud was removed, Laksh took his hand back.

Lak: We must go now.

He wasn’t looking at her. She agrees looking at somewhere. It was very awkward for both.

Then they came to MM.

Ragini straightly went for a bath. It was itching her.

Laksh was still thinking about those moments and his feelings.

Ragini came after taking bath, she saw that Laksh was still lost. It was awkward for her too and she wanted to divert him.  She looked around and something struck her.

She took out the talcum powder tin and emptied it on his head.

Laksh screams, she laughs.

He fumes.

Rag:La, laksh you, you look like a white ghost. Laksh Maheswari, the white ghost.

Shw laughs holding her stomach. He fumes more.

Lak: What is your problem with my face? Why are you always behind it?

Rag: I am not, see I was just helping my friend.

Lak: huh??

Rag: Yeah, that mud was meant for you na, but poor me, I had to take it, so should also get something na, otherwise Sanskar will be sad na.

Laksh fumes more he pulled her to him by holding her elbow. They were so close.

Lak: Oh so you are worried about your friend, then what about me, I am your husband!

Rag: Who said I don’t care about you, I care that’s why I put talcum powder on you, else I would have thrown mud on you.

She winks at him.

Laksh couldn’t help but smile.

Lak: You know what, with this stunt of yours, you earns an extra smiley. See whatever we did today, we both did together, but for this you gain one extra smiley. And by this you wins the game.

She pouts and he laughs. She was still in his arms.

How was it, ignore mistakes please☺️

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