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Bigg Boss 12 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update:

Bigg Boss 12 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 77
Sree says to Dipika that there is no milk or sugar to make tea, they have stole it all. Dipika asks Megha. Megha asks if someone has sugar? KV says there it is, he gives sugar tablets. Dipika says what is this? we have to ask for everything?

Megha says to Somi that KV took sugar tablets, its not a personal item, he cant keep it in his things. She looks at cabinet but leaves then.
Dipika says to Sree that he gave tablets and then took it back, he is stealing, I will hide complete packet now. Megha comes there and asks for tablets. Dipika says KV hid it in plant jar. KV looks on. Megha goes and finds tablets in jar, she says we have to ask for sugar tablets too.
KV tells Deepak to hide sugar in shoes.

Megha asks Somi to sleep, there will

be no food, they can make their food, we are not servants.

Deepak takes sugar from KV’s cabinet and takes out small amount. He shows Rohit that KV kept it in shoe box. He hides it there again. Rohit says what a man.

KV says to Rohit that I dont have respect for Dipika, Sree and Megha, if someone says something to her then how will her family and friends react? Surbhi says Sree will be beaten, I have family too, my brothers wont spare him.
Sree says to Dipika that they can come to me but my lawyers will handle everything. Dipika says this week will be tough, we have to listen a lot of things.
Surbhi says to KV that Sree is cheap and girls are protecting him. Rohit says he just got a catch in world cup and keep bragging about it. Sree says let me make it there then.

Romil asks Sree why he said words to Surbhi? Sree says it unintentionally came out of my mouth. Romil says you talked about hotel, people are helpless to stand outside somewhere. Sree says they are desperate, I was angry, she was personal so I said aggressively, I accept my mistake.
KV says to Surbhi that I cant look at his face, he lost respect.

Surbhi cries seeing Romil with Sree. KV sits with her.
Somi says to Romil that Sree and Surbhi both said a lot of words, Surbhi talked about his family and he talked about her character, both were wrong.
Surbhi says to KV that I want to beat him, KV says time will come, you dont have to do anything.
Somi says to Romil that Sree indirectly called her pr*stitute, his sorry was not good too.

Dipika says to Sree that you should say sorry to her. Sree says she kept talking about me today too, I said sorry infront of everyone. Romil says you can make her smile. Dipika says if you said something wrong then say sorry. Sree says I am not giving her importance. Romil says its just a sorry, you talked about her character. Sree says I am not a dog, she doesnt deserve it. Dipika says its about wrong words, you said sorry infront of Salman so say it one on one. Sree gets angry and says you want me to say sorry?
Sree comes to Surbhi and says I am sorry, sorry, sorry, he angrily leaves.
KV says wow, he lost his respect, this is the he was talking? Romil says I was on his side but he didnt mean it. KV says he didnt feel it.
Dipika says to Sree that this is not the way to say sorry, I didnt ask you to do it like you are favoring her, Sree says I want to sleep, she said so much about my family, she didnt care about saying sorry, you are worried that she is a girl and crying. Dipika says your problem is that we stand with you but you made wrong statement so you should say sorry. Sree says you want me to leave this house? you are saying all this sh**, I said sorry so now what do you want? she didnt say sorry. Somi says its about a girl here. Sree says come all of you here. KV says I came here to tell you that the way you approached was disrespectful, Sree says I dont care about your respect, you have said a lot too. Surbhi says its fine, I dont need it. Somi says this is his sorry? Sree says today morning you people were saying a lot of stuff too. Surbhi says stop it, dont talk about it, Sree dont talk and we will leave it. Sree says I got to that point because of you provoking, you didnt say sorry, she leaves. KV says Sree I dont want to see you, Sree says we will see for sure.

Deepak and Rohit are making coffee in luggage room, they take coffee from KV’s cabinet but Dipika comes there. Rohit laughs. They hide in washroom. Somi comes there and says you are stealing everything. She tries to take sipper from Deepak. Rohit says we didnt steal anything.

Surbhi laughs and says Rohit is like a thug. Rohit says Dipika saw us taking coffee from your shoe, we said its empty.

Somi says to Deepak and Rohit that my relation ends with you both, you are in both teams. Rohit says I am playing from Pakistan team. Jasleen says only you can have a thought like this. Rohit says nobody talked to you, Jasleen says you are stupid, you have no mind.

Megha says to Rohit that you are using too much sugar. Deepak says you make more halwa. Jasleen says I need sugar tomorrow. Rohit says I will take sugar if I get a chance. KV says they are having fun. Jasleen says we couldnt make tea today, we are requesting to not take all things. Megha says they have no manners, they are like monkeys. Deepak laughs. KV says I game them directions. Megha says then run kitchen too. Jasleen says I got coffee two times only, we dont get anything.

Rohit says we will not steal sugar.. if we do then we are not going anywhere. Somi says this is not funny. Megha says they want to be beaten, I will beat you here. Surbhi says they are joking. Jasleen says why not tell him to stop saying rubbish. Surbhi says he was joking. Jasleen says he can joke anytime he wants. Deepak says these are your manners? Jasleen says get lost. Megha asks him to get lost. Rohit mimics her. Megha says you are *******. Surbhi says they are having fun. Jasleen says dont talk to me like that ***. Rohit says I didnt say anything. Megha says I will slap them. Jasleen says I will beat them with broom, what do they think of themselves? Rohit comments on her. Jasleen shouts at him and says who is he to talk to me like this? Romil asks Rohit why you commented on her? He fights with him. Romil says you will comment on your mother and sister like this? Jasleen says he called me *****. Rohit says she started first. Jasleen cries and says I cant bear this. Romil says respect girls. Surbhi asks him to get lost. Deepak says you are double faced. Somi asks them to calm down. Deepak says Romil your time ended in show. Megha asks Rohit to not be so smart, Rohit says your days ended. Megha asks him to shut up. Rohit says I just said she is 250gm sugar.

Jasleen cries and says he cursed me, they are cheap.
Rohit says I dont curse, she started it.
Dipika consoles Jasleen. Deepak says Jasleen started it. Romil says you dont talk about respect. Rohit asks him to sit down, you lost. Romil says you take me out, come. Rohit says dont stare at me. Romil says I will. Somi takes him from there. Surbhi says I am ashamed that I called him my brother, he is talking about women respect but keeps commenting on me.

Somi says to Romil that they will hide sugar, thats why they are here. Romil says they give you things, you have soft corner for them. Somi says dont question me, cant I talk to others? I didnt get anything. Romil says I am so bad, dont talk to me. Somi says I didnt say that. Romil says Jasleen is my friend, she cried for second time. Somi says I was crying in task too but you didnt come to my defense, you kept talking.

Day 78
Inmates wake up to song ruppiya. They all dance and enjoy

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