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Avneil FF.. A new face of love (Episode 2)

Hi… Friends.. I am back again with my FF… I got so many positive replies for the first episode… Thank you all… Keep loving me..

In the last episode… It was seen Avni getting Neil’s mobile and Bebe calling Neil but Avni takes the call.. Neil comes to the park seeing this and gets angry


Neil sees Avni taking his calls… He goes to her and takes the phone from her and answers the call… He says Yes Bebe, I am coming…

Avni looks on.. Neil keeps his phone in his pocket turns to leave.. Suddenly Avni calls him asking him to stop…Neil donot mind her and starts to leave

Avni goes to him and blocks his way saying Who are you? What is this mannerlessness..

Neil: who are you?

Avni: I am also talking about this.. Who are you to take this phone from me…

Neil: Is this your phone?

Avni: No… Is this your phone?

Neil: why should I tell you?

Avni: Because till the real owner of this phone come I have responsibility

Neil: did this phone’s owner asked you to take responsibility…

Avni: No… I got this from floor.. I have the responsibility to return this to him

And takes the phone from his pocket

Neil takes the phone back from her hand by saying Okay fine then… This is my phone.. Owner has came.. Now may I go

Avni again takes the phone back and says who knows that you are lieing or not..

Neil: Excuse me.. I am not free like you.. I am so busy, I need to go.. Give my phone back..

Avni: Proof… I need proof

Neil: I am ACP Neil khanna.. Check my profile if u want proof

Avni checks the phone and thinks Ooh… What did I do.. This is his phone only… What to do now

Neil: what are you thinking… Give my phone back.. I need to go

Avni gives back the phone

Neil thinks ‘No sorry after creating this much drama… What type of girl is this’

Avni thinks ‘ don’t expect sorry from me.. I won’t say’

Ansh who was watching all the drama says  what are you guys thinking… Come on Avni di.. We can go

Avni: yes I am coming.. You go

Neil walks away and gets into his car and goes..

Avni also goes..

Later, In Mehta house

Neela: Avni…. Ansh…. We are going for a puja… Take care

Avni:okay माँ… We will

Neela and ashish leave

In puja… (Khanna house)

Neela  and Ashish comes to khanna house and greets everyone… Neela goes to shweta to greet her but shweta turns her head away( Shweta didn’t like neela)

Neil comes there and greets neela  nd ashish.. They bless him…

Everyone do puja…

Neil goes outside in between

Avni gets bored  sitting in home.. She also go outside… Avni walks on road thinking about the mobile incident and how she was embarrassed in front of neil..

Neil drives his car thinking the same about how Avni talked to her… And says No girl didn’t speak to me like this…even though I told her my identity of being an ACP, she didn’t stop..  She is so bold..

Neil gets some call and he stops the car… But he is not able to hear so he gets outside… While he is talking he notices Avni walking on the road and a fast car approaching her…Neil gets shocked… He shouts Avni and pushes her…. Both of  them fall down and rolls in the ground… They have an eye lock ( tu safar mera plays in the background)

They come into their senses and wakes up immediately… Neil scolds the car driver for being so careless…

{someone is taking video of the whole incident}

Avni looks at neil…

Neil asks her if she is okay.. She nods yes and was about to say thank you but suddenly Neil says even you were careless… You were walking lost in thoughts so I can’t blame him full… Be  careful next time…

Avni who was about to thank him gets angry and says I would have been managed myself.. Why u came in between..

Neil: if I didn’t came… Then you would have been died within

Avni makes some expressiona and starts to leave

Neil says(slowly) : even after saving her life… There is no thanks…

Avni: I heard what u said about me… Donot expect thank you from me to you…

Neil again says slowly : is she any jaathugar.. She is able to read my mind

Avni: I am not any jaathugar… But I know what u said now

Neil thinks I have to leave now… Talking to her is a waste of time..

Avni:stop blaming me in your mind… If u want to say something.. Say  it directy… Understand…

And leaves from there

Neil also leaves from there getting confused about Avni…




Hope you liked this… Sorry if i made you bored.. 😊😊


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