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ATLSNE- Season 2 Summary of Chapters (Deepika, RagSan, Shivika, Twinj, Abhigya)

Hey guys. Hope you all remember me 🤣🤣🤣🤣. If not, well I’m GuruMaa (Sairandhri) of Tellyupdates.. “Shhh don’t tell anyone….🤫🤫🤫😃😃😃”

So I’m back after my exam which just ended today and I thought this would be the best stress relief for me rather than sleeping for edges and being Panda Kumari 😃😃😃…..

Well I missed you all a lot. Like I was dying to meet you all and see now I’m here. So I want to say that- “I’m feeling so good and happy to be back here and now let’s move towards an important announcement which is necessary for my current fan fiction “ATLSNE Season 2″…

Well before that, let’s have a quick summary of 3 chapters—–


Okay to make it easy for you to understand characters. Here is the list-

  1. Deepika Padukone (Deepu) as Veronica Johnson
  2. Ragini (Teju) as Rachel Johnson
  3. Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as Sergio Garcia (later turned Smith)
  4. Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) as Edward Johnson
  5. Annika (Surbhi Chandana) as Jennifer Williams (nee’ Johnson)
  6. Pragya (Sriti Jha) as Ella Miller (nee’ Smith)
  7. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) as Amber Smith
  8. Chris Pine as Daniel Johnson
  9. Abhishek (Shabbir Alhuwalia) as Leonard Smith
  10. Chris Hemesworth as Andrew
  11. Robert Downey Junior as Ezekiel
  12. Robert Pattinson as Jason
  13. Andrea Melichiorre as Ebeneezer
  14. Timothy Hickernell as Bartender Alex
  15. Chris Evans as Nahum


So in the 3rd Part which is basically a first chapter…

How Ella is working in the “The Little Light Agency, NYC” as Bianica’s assistant. She is simple yet can gave it back with the same pace. The way she just outdid Emma is worth praising.

Ella’s stint from Chapter 1:

Ella:”. Emma yo’re so funny you know…”

Emma: “I think you need a doctor.”

Ella: “Yo’re my doctor. ”

Ella then winked at her.

Emma: “Shoo…”

Then we got to know how about Jennifer just made an everlasting impression on some mysterious man, who was desperate to make her winner!!!! Turns out Jennifer isn’t sweet like “Sewaiya” 😅😅😅…

Jennifer’s stint from Chapter 1:

Anchor: “So the Winner of the Miss. UOR Contest is—”

Both Regina and Jennifer having worried look.

Anchor: “Is— Regina………….”

Regina jumped with the excitement and looked at Jennifer and came to her..

Jennifer: “Well… Congratulations sweetie…” she said and gave her a hug.

Regina: “Aren’t you feeling jealous!!!”

Jennifer: “For what!! Getting 2nd rank.. 😃😃😃. Dream on!!!”

Regina: “Oh whatever. Better luck next time…” and left being confounded… 



Then we saw how our “Tikhi Chhuri” Rachel locked her horns with Sticky Savannah on the set of “The Bachelor”, LA.

Rachel from Chapter 1:

Savannah: “Rachel, nice name. But yo’re messing with wrong girl dear. I can cut you in pieces right now… 😠😠”

Rachel: “Don’t even start with that funny shit… 🤪🤪🤪”

Rachel: “Yeah unlike you boasting up fake pride all the way. Hey girl remember one thing, never mess with me. I’m not here for winning heart of Aaron so better stay away from me.”

Like this was not enough she messed up with show producer Sergio by giving him one “Kanpatti wali”… 🤣🤣🤣

Guy: “Hmm, whatever that is. You look pretty average for this show nor you have good taste of fashion. Don’t know from where they have taken you!”

Rachel: #This man needs to show his real place 😠 😠. How he just can insult me..#

And then Rachel just slapped him.

Then we saw a very romantic and sweet proposal from Daniel for Amber… Even I need such proposal 😭😭😭

Daniel and Amber from Chapter 1:

Daniel: “Of all the like, care, fight, love and friendship that we have shared over 6 months, I want to say that yo’re the most amazing girl I have found. You always brings the best out of me, yo’re my pillar of strength and vessel of my weaknesses. Yo’re the one to whom I want to give all my love and care. Amber Smith, will you make me ‘Daniel Johnson’ the most happiest person on the Dallas garden?”

Amber: “Just only Dallas!! Why not Earth? ☹️☹️☹️”

Daniel: “For that I’m having another girl!”

Amber: “What the heck man! Dare you do that and I will kick your balls! 😡😡😡”

Daniel: “Okay miss Amber, will you marry me!”

But at the end some has to mess it up and that’s where their date got messed up 🤣🤣🤣..

To read more and find out the “Rapchik” stuff go and read the chapter. Link is below:

A True Love Story Never Ends- Season 2 Part 3: The beginning


Now for Chapter 2 and Part 4:

Hope either you read that chapter or yo’re same like me to ignore and read further 🤣🤣🤣

The chapter begins with revealing that mysterious man as Edward… Oops and real matter was he wanted to ruin Jennifer 😞😞😞

Edward from Chapter 2:

Man: “But why, Damien! That girl- what’s her name? That runner up! Arghh”

Damien: “Edward, that’s Jennifer!”

Edward: “But Damien, I wanted her to win…”

Damien: “Ya I know, but this Regina has something to her…”

Edward: “Just.. Leave it. I wanted Jennifer to win…”

Damien: “But why! Do you get something for her!!!”

Edward: “Damien… Are you nuts!!! I can’t have a thing for that b***h, she ruined me!”

Damien: “Edward, is she the one from NYC!!!”

Edward: “Yeah, she ruined me and now I will ruin her!”

Isn’t this was enough where we get to know the real culprit of ruining of date… and that was none other than our Veronica with her bro Edward 😅😅😅

Text: “Plan successful. Task: Ruining date… Status: Done, Successful… 🤣🤣🤣🤣”
Edward: “🤣🤣🤣”

Damien: “Edward, have you gone nuts!”

Edward: “Oh that’s Veronica and we are successful… 🤣🤣🤣”

Damien: “Oops 🤣🤣🤣… So that says ‘A Celebration’”

Edward typed something to her-

Edward: “Yeah, that leads to celebration. Where are you?”

Text: “My place..”

Edward: “Don’t say yo’re again hooking up! B***h please don’t you get tired! 🙄🙄🙄”

Text: “🙄🙄🙄”

Now this was nothing if yo’re thinking so much drama. Drama is here Mamaaa…

So Sergio decide to throw Rachel out of the show but Channel Producer Andrew restricted him to do so….

Sergio: “I want that contestant to get disqualified now!!! 😡 😡😡. How dare she slap me!”

Man: “What happen Sergio! Who dared to slap you! 😡😡😡”

Sergio: “That contestant, what’s her name even! Rachel.. Rachel Johnson!”

Man: “Sergio, calm yourself! I think that girl has got some balls that she dared to slap you, I think she can fetch some good amount of TRPs.”

Sergio: “Oh shoot, I haven’t thought that way! She can be an amazing muse…”

So after that there was a “Bhai Bhai” meeting between Ezekiel, Nahum and Andrew where they discussed their cute Amber’s date. 😄😄😄

Now this is nothing if yo’re thinking that’s bit too much. Hope this encounter of Ella and Leo will make you GAGA 😄😄😄

Man: “Leonard, Leonard Smith”

Leo: “Is it me or yo’re shocked by seeing my charm. I know no one can ignore me, Leonard Smith.”

Ella: #What a narcissist!#

Ella: “Well, I think yo’re the one who is enchanted by me that despite of me ignoring you, yo’re continuously blabbering shits…”

Leo: “Ohh, feisty one, I love it”

And believe me if you have thought this was all I had in my store then ‘Priye’ Sweetie yo’re so wrong!!! 😞😞😞😞

When there is Veronica  ‘Dhamaal’ can’t be prevented….

So the first thing she did in “Avalon Night Club, LA” was

Guy: “Oh sorry girl, haven’t seen you.”

Girl: “Jason, are you kidding me! This is how you gonna talk to some chicks!!! 😂😂😂”

Jason: “I can’t do this… 😫😫😫”

Girl: “Yo’re shame to my prestige 😂😂😂”

Jason: “Veronica, just f*ck you! 😫😫😫”

Veronica: “Ya sure, gimme the time!! 😂😂😂”

Jason: “Yo’re unbelievable b***h… 😂😂😂”

Jason: “Teach me more!!!”

Veronica: “Yo’re with hook up queen man! I just lost that hot check because of you!!! 😖😖😖”

When Veronica was asked to shake a leg by a handsome she couldn’t resist but when that man asked her this—-

Veronica: “You have beautiful eyes!!!”

Adam: “Well thanks babes! So how much for one night!!!!”

Veronica just stopped in her track and looked at him…

Veronica: #What the f*ck he just think of me!!!!! 😡😡😡”

Veronica: “What the— 😡😡😡”

And then Veronica just slapped that guy…

Adam: “What the heck lady! What’s wrong with you!”

Veronica: “Just leave before I lose my shit… Move 😡😡😡”

Adam leave her and just looked at her.

Thinking Veronica is still angry then read this—

Adam: “Well (middle finger) for you!!!”

Veronica: “Sure, dipped in hot chocolate 😉😉😉”

Now in this much “Garmi” one should have a drink and Jason also did the same—

Jason: “One Gin for me and for this bombshell one hot chocolate… 😉😉😉”

Veronica: “F*ck you man, 😂😂😂. You know me, I can’t resist such things!!!!! 😂😂😂”

Her “Mast” conversation with Alex Bartender will make you …..

Veronica: “Yeah me too. So make one ‘Veronica Special’”

Alex: “Is that changed to ‘Hot Chocolate’ 😉😉😉”

Veronica: “Alex 😂😂😂”

Don’t take Veronica lightly. “Maan Jaao” I have proof. The Hookup king of LA tried to underestimate her and she showed him who is the real boss. Not believing then let me “Parosing you Garm aa Garam” proof—

Ebeneezer 😍😍😍😍

Ebeneezer: “Well the girl have to win me by doing something but you got it for free…”

Veronica: “Free! What do you mean?”

Ebeneezer: “Well, I was mad because of some random chick and wanted to forget that! So gave you a chance!”

Veronica: “Well then that’s my cue to leave…”

Ebeneezer: “That means hookup queen has got no guts to accept my challenge….”

Jason: “Do it Veronica. Just show that f*ck what yo’re”

Veronica turned to Ebeneezer…

Veronica: “Veronica never leave a challenge. Throw me with one!”

Ebeneezer: “As this is club and you tag yourself as ‘Hookup Queen’. Do something that will grab at least 200 eyes instantly…”

Veronica: “Accepted. Just wait and watch..”

Jason: “Are you out of your mind! Unless you will stripe yourself, not even 100 is gonna pay you a heed.”

While Jason was thinking, Veronica went to Ebeneezer and looked at him—

And smack…………

Veronica planted a lip kiss on Ebeneezer…

The crowd began getting elevated… “Wohooo”

“Make it more passionate….”

“Wow… That’s pretty amazing b***hes”

Veronica released the kiss—

Veronica: “Well, never mess with Veronica. Catch you later sweetie..”

Okay thinking Ebeneezer is not gonna do something. Well yo’re wrong, he is Hookup king after all…..

Veronica began leaving while Ebeneezer hold her from behind–

Ebeneezer pulled her to him and gave her a hickie..

Veronica felt something electrifying in her—

Veronica: “F*ck that hurts!!!”

Ebeneezer: “That’s a mark of Ebeneezer! Catch you later!”

So this is Veronica… Thinking enough drama for one chapter then don’t do so. There is “ek dam dhamake daar” thing for you. Out of regret, Rachel went to aplogize to Sergio and then…

Knock knock”

Sergio: “Not interested, just leave”

Rachel: “That’s me, Rachel”

Sergio: #That slap chick. Let me take her class#

Sergio: “Sure come in.”

Rachel: “Oops. Well, I’m here for saying sorry. Actually I didn’t know yo’re a producer—”

Sergio: “So you wouldn’t have slapped me if you already knew I’m a producer!”

Rachel: “I don’t know! I might have slapped then too but not in public like that!”

Sergio: “So are you here to beat me in private 😂😂😂”

Sergio: “Oh so we’re alone here, mind me checking you—”

Rachel: “Well, I won’t say ‘I will slap you’ but there is a high chance of that… 😂😂”

Sergio: “Did you take my permission for leave?”

Rachel: “Well, hello. Are you for real!”

Sergio: “Yes, I’m dear!”

Rachel: “Well, okay may.. may I.. leave?”

Sergio: “Sure…”

Rachel was about leave when Sergio held her and gave her a passionate lip kiss…

Okay want more details on how steamier it went then do check out the chapter 2. Link is given below:

ATLSNE- Season 2 Part 4: The hookup (Ragsan, Shivika, Abhigya, Deepika)


Now moving to Chapter 3 and Part 5:

So Edward and Micah reached to Veronica in club and then—

Micah: “But really, just how you planned it?”

Veronica: “A long story, first lets enjoy some drinks. Alex has so much to tell….”

Veronica turned to leave but Edward held her–

Edward: “Hey.. hey.. what’s this on your neck? Wait, it seems…”

Veronica: “It’s a modern age tattoo.”

Micah: “Woah, and since when tattoo are began having such purple shade!”

Veronica: “It’s a new technology, in which it is made from..”

Edward: “Mouth and crafted through teeth, right!”

Feeling amazing then why the atmosphere turned so calm when Daniel stepped into the club….

Guy: “You, ‘date destroyer’ “

All turned to him and of course that’s Daniel with Amber.

Veronica: “Oh boy. Drama never leave Veronica. Hey man, what’s the deal with you? “

Daniel: “What! You ruined my date! “

Veronica: “. Thank me instead man. I made your date wet “

So Rachel ran away from Sergio’s cabin and dashed to Savannah where of course Savannah made worst remarks but when “Atrangi” Rachel is there why to “Fikar”

Savannah: “Why Sergio disqualified you before the beginning only!  Oh, I pity on you! “

Rachel: “Dream on girl, I think yo’re high on something. Me and disqualify, never dear! I’m here for you always, honey “

And Rachel began approaching towards Savannah while having that seductive smirk—-

Savannah: “What a— “

Savannah ran away…

Just then someone pulled Rachel in corner and there she again encountered with Sergio and this is…

Sergio: “Shh. I know this is not good but it was nothing for me. That kiss means nothing to me.”

Rachel: “That’s fine, even it means nothing for me! Even if it was more than a kiss—“

Rachel: #Sh*t, I messed up.#


Sergio: “Uhhmm, well do you think there would be more than kiss! Just look at your face! “

Rachel: “Hey Mr., my your tongue. Yo’re producer this show not mine. Anyway, have you looked at yours!!! “

Sergio: “Hey you—“

Sergio pointed a finger at Rachel.

Rachel: “Hey put down this finger!”

Sergio: “Why are you uncomfortable? Then what about this—“

Sergio began moving his fingertip from her forehead to her cheek, from cheek to jaw line and then her neck….

Rachel: #Oh my dear lord, please save me.#

Sergio: “F*ck you woman” and he jumped very hard while Rachel smirked.

Sergio: “You just stomped my foot…..”

Rachel: “Never mess with Rachel Mr. or else.. Leave it.”

So in the end of all drama Leonard finally see the ray of light as he got coffee date from Ella.

Leo: “Well credit goes to my intelligence. So is there a coffee date now!!’

Ella: “A date!!!”

Leo: “I mean just a coffee and some random chitchat.”

Ella: “Sure, tomorrow evening 5:30 PM.”


In sheer excitement Leo gave a tight hug to Ella which flinched Ella.

Ella: #What’s this spark?”

Ella: “Are you electrocuted?”

Leo: “What!!!!”

Ella: “Nothing. Now go…”

Okay now after this some serious drama is awaiting for you. Thinking everything is fine I was about to sleep when I read this—- 😲😲😲😲

First let’s have glimpse of Johnson Mansion in Beverly Hills

While he entered and there was someone standing on the balcony, enjoying the beautiful views of Beverly hills.

Edward: #Whose that!!!#

Edward: “Who is there?”

Edward: “Angie!!!”


Angie: “Eddy…”

Edward: “Shut up, why are you here! Miss. Jennifer?”

And he pushed her forcibly…


Edward: “What will you say! Your white lies!!!!”

Jennifer: “It’s not f**kin white lies and you know that!!!”

Edward: “Then what are those!!! Tell me that you were framed….”

Jennifer: “I was… and you know that……”

Edward:” Oh if that is so then why did you kill ‘Angie!!!’”

So this was the end twist with so many unanswered questions. To read the whole chapter follow the link given below:

ATLNSE- Season 2 (RagSan, Shivika, Abigya, Deepika) Part 5: The Meet up (Updated)


So this was all recap of all the chapters that I had written till now. So, what do you think about this!!!! Press a like and leave a comment (Especially for Silent Readers) to make it more “Kantaas” 😍😍😍


Another Announcement for TWINJ:

I’m thinking to add Twinj into this fan fiction and I do have some amazing roles for them. I will give their introductory promo with the Fan Fiction promo that I’m gonna launch soon. Wait for it.


Now I’m really happy while writing such stuff and do encourage me more by writing your views in Comment Section. I’m waiting……



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