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Agnifera 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni and Sakshi’s Plans To Stop Kishen’s House Auction

Agnifera 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi cries in front of Sakshi that she has lots of memory related to this house and Kishen was born in this house, she does not want to go away from this house. Sakhi promises she will not let anyone snatch her house. In Yashi room, she gets sad looking at Kishen’s childhood items. Agni enters and consoles her. Agni then walks to her room. Sakshi enters and taunts Agni that she is sitting calmly as she is neither Kishen’s wife, nor his friend. She continues her mind game with Agni. Agni angrily confronts and fumes. Sakshi throws water on her face and says she is Agni and may expel fire, so she threw water on her. Agni tries to reply, but Kishen enters and stops her. He warns Sakshi to stay away from his family issues. Sakshi says she is his wife and has right to interfere in his family

issues, she has promised Devi aunty to save house at any cost. Kishen says she is not his wife and he will not accept her help. She says she will not listen to him and will do her job as she is his friend and wife. Kishen asks her to get out. Once she leaves, Kishen tells Agni that he does not know what to do to save his house. Agni says family is more tensed regarding this issue, he should be with family at this time. He walks to living room with her.

Kishen’s family gets worried for their house. Vasu says he tried his best to save their house, but failed. Kishen also feels helpless. Daadi says she saved her family house with great difficulty, now she is helpless. Agni and Sakshi try their own tricks. Agni asks Mukhri to help Kishen’s family, but legally. Sakshi calls her aides and orders to kidnap fraudster itself.

Next day , family gathers worried that their house will be auctioned today. Sakshi assures them that she will not let their house auction. Agni asks if she is using illegal means. Sakshi asks her to mind her own business.
Auction starts. Her aide informs that they kidnapped someone else instead of frauster CA. Auctioneer says this house will be transferred from Vasu Thakur to CA. Agni hopes something happens. Sakshi stands tensed that her plan failed. Mukhri enters as prospective buyer. Agni gets happy.

Precap: Mukhri buys house from CA. Agni gives property papers to KD and says this house belonged to her and will always be.

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