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1st Epi – Tantra 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update

Tantra 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The show starts with two robbers break into a deserted old house. One of the robber feels strange happenings and fear ghostly acquisitions of the house. He tries to loot the gold but was engulped by a godfather clock and locked inside the house instead. An old lady living nearby watch this from her window and claims there is Tantra in this house.
The time reaches when the old deserted house was only a model of paper. One old woman prayed in front of temple and wonders when she will get away from this mother in law of her daughter and has to bear this heavy music. They come to argue each other, wondering when their new house will be completed.
Niyati had to participate in cycling race being telecasted on Missouri’s local television. Everyone was gathered in the lounge. Kartik and Pari also

reach the hall. Geeta, the maid appeared tensed and called someone but the number went unreachable, she wonders why can’t she call Mohan. Mohan was the man trapped in time in the deserted house whose model lay on a table nearby.
Niyati drove bravely on the hilly roads of Missouri and undergoes an accident on the road. Monica was first. Niyati wasn’t among the winners of the race who completed their first round, though a champion of past years. Niyati gets up and competes Monica in the second round, taking lead from ninth position to second and then first against Monica.
Everyone among the family cheer for Niyati. Niyati’s mother however sat curtly, and leaves the hall. Niyati comes to rostrum and gives the credits of her secret to her mother. She says her mother looted all the love but also made her independent. Sumitra’s religious mother boasts about giving the best brought up to her daughter, but her modern grandmother claims to do that instead. They turn to Geeta who loses her balance. Sumitra scolds Geeta for not paying any attention, this Jalsa house is her husband’s biggest dreams. Geeta says Mohan is missing since yesterday’s afternoon. Police comes there and asks if Jalsa is their property? There was an accident at the site.
Swati awaited Akshat at a restaurant. Akshat knelt to propose Swati with a rose. Niyati comes from behind with tears in her eyes, and claims her love for Akshat. Akshat comes to wipe her tears and was at once serious. Swati was angry at Akshat for cheating her with another girl and leaves. Akshat turns to Niyati who breaks into laughter and tells Akshat she ruined his date because he didn’t come for her race. She then gets a call from Nirwan who asks her to be here.
Niyati arrives at Jalsa with Akshat. She passes a blood filled fruit. There was police inside. Nirwan tells Niyati there was a robbery in the house. The police finds Mohan’s cell phone which Niyati recognizes. Geeta says Mohan would never do so. The police wanted to take Geeta but Niyati says she is pregnant and works as maid here; police may come for any inquiry at home.
Niyati walks outside and finds the old lady in the neighborhood peeking through her window. Akshat comes to Niyati and says this house appears to be some human, its balcony as the eyes of some human while its door as some monster’s mouth. Niyati asks what if this monsters is hearing whatever Akshay said and gulps him at once. She laughs out loud at his imaginations and says this house is her father’s dream work. He wants Nirwan to finish the construction and shift here within two to three days.
Nirwan comes there and says this house isn’t in a mood to spare him anytime soon. Something is always going out of work here. He requests Niyati to ask her father delay shifting here, meanwhile he will get the construction completed. At Nirwan leave, there was a crack at the outer wall of the house. Niyati spotted a red flower on a stone and goes to pick it up, the flower flies through air while Niyati feels the cracked brick about to fell over her.

PRECAP: The old lady decides to warn the family against the house. She pours the letter in the letter box but it was ejected into pieces at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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