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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav admits his mistake

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with family worrying for the kids. Kartik and Naira come home. They cry. A truck comes. Kartik recalls getting driver’s call. Driver says we got the kids. Kartik says thanks a lot, where are you, tell me. Driver says I will drop them home. FB ends. Everyone runs to Kairav and hug him. Kairav says sorry mum and dad. Naira takes Akshu and hugs. Manish gives money to the driver. Kairav recalls Akshu and runs to the house. Akhilesh says maybe he got scared. Kairav goes to temple and recalls Dadi’s words. Dadi says Ganga jal is magical. Naira says Ganga maiyya fulfills my prayers, she will fulfill your prayers too. FB ends. Kairav takes the Ganga jal pot. He runs back. Naira says baby doesn’t sleep like this. Suwarna asks Kartik to take her to doctor. Kairav stops them and sprinkles the water on baby’s face. Kartik says we are getting late. Kairav says Ganga jal is magical, Akshy wake up please. Baby wakes up. Kartik asks Naira to see. They all smile. Teri ankhon mein….plays…. Kairav says thanks Ganga maiyya. He goes. Suwarna says we should show her to doctor once. Naira says sure, where is Kairav.

Kairav cries. Vansh says you should have told us, we would help you. Kairav says I was scared. Krish says its fine, you and baby are fine, I told you that keeping baby in the box is a bad idea. Kairav says mum and dad will be angry on me. Vansh says its everyone’s mistake, its Krishna’s mistake, we made the plan to get her out of the house. Krishna looks on. Doctor checks Akshara and says she is fine now. Kartik says she is fine, we have to talk to Kairav now. Naira says I can’t leave baby now. He says please, its imp to talk to him. Suwarna takes baby from Naira. Naira says take care of her, call me if she cries. Suwarna asks her to go.

Kairav comes and says sorry to say a bad thing. Manish asks what did you do. Kairav says I kept baby in the box, the workers took her, I was scared. Kartik asks him to sit. Naira asks why did you do this. Manish says maybe by mistake. Kartik says no, they planned it, why. Kairav says to make Krishna out of here, Dadi said she will send her to hostel if she makes any other mistake. They get shocked. Kartik asks are you mad, you risked yours and Akshara’s life, you love her a lot, if anything happened to her. Naira says I thought you are sensible. Kartik says if you or Akshara fell down the truck, I explained you how people kidnap children, ask Krishna, she has seen it. Manish says you did wrong Kairav. Kairav says I don’t know how….

Naira asks why didn’t you tell us. Samarth says Vansh and Krish are also at fault. Samarth and Kirti scold Vansh and Krish. Kartik says leave it, what will we expect if Kairav didn’t tell us. Aira says you felt we will send Krishna to hospital, shall we send you to hostel now. Kairav says no, sorry. She says we are very much hurt, if Akshu understood things, she would be happy that her brother did this. Kartik asks what happened that you did this. Naira says you accepted Krishna before, what happened then. Kairav says sorry. Kartik says no, say sorry to Akshu and Krishna also. Samarth asks Vansh and Krish to apologize. The kids hold ears and say sorry. Krishna thinks to save her brother. She says don’t scold them, its my mistake.

Naira asks what is it. Krishna says when Kairav had put baby in the box, I had seen the worker taking the box, I thought Kairav will get scolded. Dadi asks did you hear it, she did a mistake, Kairav is a kid, Krishna didn’t save the baby, you both risked your lives for her, she had let the baby go in the truck, look at Kairav, this girl isn’t worried, this is difference in own blood, if she was ours then… Kartik says don’t say this. Naira says Krishna is a kid. Dadi says do anything you want. Naira says we saved those girls from goons, how did you let this happen with your sister. She cries. Krishna says sorry. Naira says they should get punished, else they will repeat it. Kartik says they won’t get punished alone. Naira says I know, we will also bear it. He says I also accept.

Kartik says we thought you will have bonding, you won’t talk to each other now. Naira says you shouldn’t be around Akshu, this is your punishment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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