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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update – Maharaj & queen’s son karn behaves arrogantly.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narayan discussing about chintamani ganesh which will teach child’s behaviour when anybody expecting a child in their lives so he is telling that a sindoor worked for a rishi which became very important factor for chintamani ganesh.
Rishi kapil flows sindoor on ganesh’s idol with maharaj abhijit & rani gunwanti who got impressed by rishi’s advice & started doing pooja of ganesh for wishing of a child & a child was born to them hence they use to do pooja of ganesh with little grown up child but he use to perform wrongly & as he use to get scolding from his father then mother use to calm his father saying when he grows up he’ll understand but again he use to disobey his mother & she scolds him while he asks help form father telling him to explain mother as she is also shouting me & then he use to calm her.
Narayan dictates devi laxmi that he use to do whatever he wished without listening to anybody.
The child of maharaj use to harass people in their kingdom but they use to ignore saying he’ll understand when he grow up as still he is small.
Maharaj & queen one day take him to their kingdom’s rishi’s gurukul & maharaj intimates rishi that let my son do whatever he wishes because once he grows up he’ll understand what all he did wrong in his childhood days but rishi tells maharaj that this is not possible due to policies are governed by gurukul which he has to follow then the child karn teaches him that you are not king & king decides the policies & not you as you are only simple person in king’s kingdom & he gets shocked while his queen mother appreciates his smartness to king.
Children’s are playing catching the ball with child rajkumar karn but as he catches he keeps with him while one of child tells him to pass but he doesn’t saying which i have got i do not return back as it’s mine now. For all such things he keeps on doing this harassing people in his kingdom & also rishi is bugged by his weird behaviour so he decides to complain rishi kapil.
Rishi kapil praying prabhu ganesh’s idol in his ashram asking him to help in this situation due to all people are complaining him about rajkumar karn & he is trying to keep bhog while ganesh emerges in front of him as he is shocked telling prabhu you came for me is very surprising for me as i was just keeping this bhog for you & prabhu tells him to give it to me then & instead banana he gives covering of banana by mistake just steering ganeshji & ganesh understands thinking he has lost in my devotion in such a way that he is not knowing he is offering me cover of banana but then too ganesh gulps it & later rishi understands so accepts his mistake to prabhu but parbhu gives him a job which should be done by him of making rajkumar karn to get here in his ashram.
People of kingdom come to complain king about his son & his friends are harassing everybody but he tries telling them he is just to come out of gurukul so let him becoming able person so that i’ll explain him but in meantime he comes telling king that because of this i have come back & he is telling king to not to listen to them as whatever i got is mine be it anyhow then king explains people this must have happened due to his mistake but i’ll compensate you all with money but people say you’ll compensate with money but what about rest other things which he has damaged huge things which can’t be repaid so king explains karn this is not good to harass our people itself which will affect your long term rule also & we need to sacrifice lot of things for our people but he ignores & complains his queen mother but she too explains him the same thing & he gets more annoyed telling his father that if it is sacrifice what you feel then you have to do that first by giving away your crown to me & he is shocked to hear this while his mother also feels what is this he saying. Kings son takes away his crown & also sitting on his place while his mother is crying praying ganesh that we didn’t expect such a child from you who insults his own father in front of his own people & their son tells them you should have thought all this before & king tells his queen that it’s our mistake that we could not give proper guidance & knowledge to him which we have failed & not to blame prabhu ganesh.
Narayan tells devi laxmi this was all due to chintamani ganesh’s plan that finally their son was going to act weird with them.
Their son also tells them now your time is to leave this palace & stay in ashram as you are old now & he takes both of them to kapil’s ashram. Rishi kapil gets signal from prabhu ganesh which he understands & welcomes them also asking karn to have food from here & go but he tells them what can you offer & rishi tells them you will get whatever you wish & he tells rishi that i am a king now so expect raja’s treatment from you in which you should provide delicious food to everybody & rishi accepts his wish & welcomes all of them giving seat to sit comfortably also. Karn thinks he has given simple seats to sit but let’s see what kind of food he’ll give.

Precap : Rishi kapil keeps a mani near ganesh’s idol & prays him to provide sufficient good food to guests arrived at my ashram & prabhu ganesh provides all kind of food items with arranged in plate for everybody by which rajkumar karn is shocked but becomes selfish. After having food he gets up saying this mani should be with me & not in your ashram so he tries to pick but gets tremendous shock getting flown away seeing prabhu ganesh in front of him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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