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True Love Never Dies – Rianshbir (Episode 5)

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Episode 5

VR Mansion

Vansh Goes to meet ridhimaa and see angre is near by her he goes near and holds her hand & say sweetheart sorry , I forgot what I promised you, (flashback she ask him to promise that he never leaves her if she goes away also he will find her and never leave her) he continues, what happened if you didn’t remember about us now it’s my responsibility to make you realize our love to you. sejal & dadi enters the room and say that’s my Vansh ” (morning) ridhimaa slowly getting conscious vansh see that & leaves from there, Ridhimaa gets up and says where are we sejal, siya enters the room and say in my home, siya you, (ridhimaa gets happy & she sees dadi) I’m sorry dadi for what happened I was also fasting & I didn’t have my pills , seja cuts her talk and says what did you say that you didn’t have anything from yesterday, how can you do this ridhu you know right you should have taking pills in right time, Ridhimaa says I know, I’m sorry I didn’t want to skip pills but I told you na I’m fasting, siya says OK go and fresh up and have something, Ridhimaa say no I can’t eat until I break the fast, sejal says no you’re eating something right now, Ridhimaa say no, they start fighting over it siya say enough let’s do one thing, today my dadi kept pooja (flashback dadi comes down and call every servants and say to make preparations for pooja) , So you both just fresh up and come down. And ridhu you break your fast there only.ridhimaa nods.

VR mansion (kitchen)

Anupriya say Mrs Dsouza please prepare all the dish ragin’s favorite, siya come there and say Ridhimaa mom, anupriya explain all the dishes what should all make goes out. Angre comes there and ask what happened siya, why did you called me, she say ridhimaa is fasting and I remember whenever she was fasting you were making halwa for her , so can you make halwa for her.( Angre remember how she is being happy by having halwa how he’s use make it for her). Siya call angre come out of your dreams angre, she didn’t eat anything from yesterday so can you quickly make it for her, angre gets shocked and says she didn’t eat anything from yesterday , he ask Mrs Dsouza where is all ingredients kept, Mrs Dsouza helps him, siya gets happy by seeing him so much happy and come back to the hall.

Mansion Hall

Pandit started pooja dadi tell siya call everyone, she goes to call everyone, she didn’t find vansh and she come and say I called everyone, but I didn’t find vansh Bhai anywhere you know right he never attended the puja’s she says yes dadi remember but today she is with us, siya calls vansh.

Ridhimaa gets ready she say don’t you think sejal this dress is perfect match for me liking stiching , color combination and everything is my taste, I mean, ( siya call them) sejal says you come I’m going, Ridhimaa tries to stop her but she left.sejal comes & think what I’m doing is for you ridhu you should remember everything)
All family gets gathered. All looks towards the stairs where she gets down, all gets happy for seeing her. siya introduce her for each family members. When she comes near anupriya she say ridhu she’s my mom anupriya Raisinghania (ridhimaa gets some flashes and feel dizzy )Ridhimaa call her mom, everyone gets shocked hearing that , anupriya gets emotional and hugs her tightly ridhimaa gets surprised and ask her we have met earlier. Anupriya smiles and says no, but u remembered my daughter so I got emotional sorry, Ridhimaa it’s ok mam I’m also like your daughter only na, they both hugs each other. Aryan comes there and shake hands her ridhimaa feels uncomfortable. Siya see that & say come I want to meet you someone (angre enters from the main door) siya says come shetakes her to angre and says he is angre , Ridhimaa say I know him he was one who interviewed me. Aryan say oh he told us you are new legal adviser of our company, welcome to the company, Anupriya call everyone to dinning table. Siya takes her to table she sits between angre & siya sejal. Sit with dadi. Everyone settled down and Servants serves her food, she exclaim these all are my favorite, dadi say don’t hesitate my child have food , she eat Shira and say I think I have eaten it , & says it’s very delicious , but she coughs angre gets worry and give her a glass of water and pat on head,siya say you should more careful. You know and , why did you eat this you have allergy right. Ridhimaa gets surprised and ask how do you know that I have allergy of almonds. Sejal cover ups and say I have told siya , siya feels hurt and ran from there.

VR Mansion Garden

she comes to garden & cries but just then sejal come there and say I know siya you’re concerned but we can’t take risks like this, siya says you’re right we should control our sentiments. They get in.

Siya takes ridhimaa and sejal to tour of the house (siya praise vansh a lot) in vansh room they enter they look around and ridhimaa look a picture where all family members and she ask who is vansh here, siya say no one Bhai hates taking photos like you. She see another pic of beside the bed she go to pick up it, siya snatched it from her and say we should go down, Ridhimaa sejal leave siya see the photo of vansh and Ridhimaa & say thank God she didn’t see the picture ,after a while ridhimaa & sejal take blessing from dadi and angre say tomorrow sharp at 9:00 boss hate late comers, she nods. Siya sayI wanted you to meet my vansh Bhai also OK whatever you will meet him in office only na, take leave from there. After they leave. A car arrived at home with vansh comes out and open the door a girl gets down & says thanks Bhai to come to airport to pick me up. (vansh leaves home after getting message from ishani) It’s okay ishani come in. Ishani call everyone and say I’m back siya gets shocked and see at vansh (vansh eyes searched for her) ishani ask who had come, everyone hesitates to tell her, siya says my friends & how are you why did you come, ishani looks her, I mean when did you come, ishani says today morning I called Bhai he came to pick me up. Vansh says go & fresh up.

Ridhimaa reach home and she gets a call she exclaim Kabir, she picks up , hi kabir how are you, how your trip going, he say I’m fine how are you and did you take your pills she crosses her fingers and say yes within time OK is there is sejal give her (sejal is kabir company legal adviser) they talk about some legal issues, and project of which vansh was talking about he say make any idea but I want this project, this time vansh Raisinghania should lose, she tries to say something, he cut the call, sejal says no kabir vansh only win this project and he will win ridhimaa also.

Siya brings vansh to the room and say did you tell ishani about ridhimaa, he says no siya, siya say it’s OK for sometime we are not saying anything about ridhimaa to ishani, we all know she hate her, &siya tells him about pictures , he exclaim what did you say, she say I managed she didn’t see the picture, he call angre and tell him about incident and oder him to take all pictures of her and keep it in dark room.

Precap: ishani get to know about new legal adviser, Ridhimaa and vansh meet, at same place where they have met first time.

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