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Shakti 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Shakti 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Parmeet that they can’t explain her about the matter. She says you are Virat’s mother and thinking of his betterment and I am Heer’s Dadi and thinking about her betterment. She says this is right for both Heer and Virat’s betterment and happiness. Parmeet asks how, with this incomplete marriage. She tells that she will get this marriage rounds completed with her conditions. Harak Singh asks her to listen to her. Parmeet thinks of Heer’s words asking them to regard her as their daughter. She turns and tells Preeto that she will make Heer as their daughter, but for that she has to pay a big price. Heer leaves her hand impressions on the walls and smiles. Preeto is shocked at Parmeet’s words and tells Harak Singh that she will ask her what does she mean? Harak Singh stops her. Shanno smirks. Preeto tells that our daughter is delicate like a flower and don’t know about worldly things, tells that she will ask her what price she was talking about? She is about to go out, when Mahi shouts asking her to stop for Heer. She says if you cross this steps today then our mission to hide her identity will go waste and Heer has to pay such a price which we can’t ever think. Preeto turns back and goes inside.

Virat thinks of his promise made to everyone and thinks today is wedding night, what shall I tell Heer. Gurwinder tells Heer that she is very happy as her new life is starting. Heer smiles happily. Gurwinder smiles too and makes her sit on the bed. Virat comes there. Gurwinder gives advice to Virat and asks her not to leave his wife on the first night. She says she will bring milk. Virat says ok bhabhi. Heer covers her head with ghunghat and waits for him to lift it. Virat tells Heer that they can’t sleep together here. Heer lifts her veil shockingly. Virat says we can’t celebrate this wedding night. Heer asks why? Virat tells that their marriage is not yet completed, as their rounds are not completed and until it completes, we can’t be officially husband and wife and can’t have wedding night together before completion of our marriage. Heer asks what are you saying, just now you was happy after our marriage. Virat says what is the hurry, once we complete the rounds then we will celebrate our wedding night. He says he will go out and sleep. Heer holds his hand and says Preeto’s condition is mean to you a lot, that you are leaving me alone. She asks who is important for her, Preeto’s condition or her. She says our first night is remaining incomplete because of Preeto’s condition and asks him not to leave her biggest happiness incomplete. She says she had always thought about marriage since her childhood and you want to leave me alone today, tells that wedding night completes the couple. Virat shouts and says he doesn’t get affected. He tells that his love will never get less. Gurwinder brings milk there. Virat goes.

Heer tells Gurwinder about what he said. Gurwinder says she will talk to him. Virat goes to other room and says until you comes to know about your truth, till then you will feel my love is sometimes bitter or sometimes sweet. Gurwinder hears him and asks what is the truth? Virat tells that Heer is my wife now and there are limits in sasural and she is not listening. Gurwinder says she must be feeling bad as you are not sleeping in the room. Virat says your are unhappy with bhaiyya as he doesn’t listen to your family and when I am listening to my inlaws, you are not liking it. Gurwinder says situation are different and asks him to go to room.

Virat comes to Heer and holds her waist. She says now you have understood. Virat kisses on her forehead and makes her sit on the bed. Tu hi mera khuda plays…….He makes her rest on bed and is closer to her. She throws flower petals on him and they laugh. It turns out to be Heer’s imagination. Gurwinder is taking Virat to room. Virat stops her and asks her not to interfere between his wife and him and do her own work. Gurwinder is shocked and goes.

Heer cries and goes out. Virat thinks he will not let any tears in her eyes and will give her happiness as promised. Heer talks to the moon and says she has never thought that this track will come in her life….She asks why this is happening? Virat comes there and splashes flower petals on her. tu hi mera khuda plays….He pulls her closer to him and then lifts her. He asks if anyone celebrated their first night like this and tells that one moon is on sky and one is infront of me. Heer says yes. Virat says if you doubt on my love then ask me question, you know what will be my answer. She asks for the gift. He says from today I will call you Gulabo, your favorite name and asks her to tell her Gulabo that he is calling her by this name. Heer and Virat smiles.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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