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Shaadi Mubarak 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti teaches a lesson to Tarun

Shaadi Mubarak 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeti slapping Tarun. She says I knew you aren’t a good hearted person, but I had love for you, how did you stoop so low to ruin a girl’s life, you have always insulted me, I kept silence, the way you made me out of the house, if I wanted, I would have taken you to court, I know the law meant for parents, I wanted to make some place in your heart, I wanted to see respect in your eyes, I wanted to change your thinking that you can proudly tell everyone that I m your mum. KT looks on. She says but now, you don’t deserve to be called my son, I made a mistake, I couldn’t teach you respecting women, you tried to ruin Priyanka’s respect, I wish your sins pot stop filling up. She asks him to come and apologize. Tarun apologizes to Kusum.

Preeti turns him to Priyanka. He says sorry Priyanka. Preeti folds hands and talks to Amit’s family. She says Kusum’s family is good and valued, my son has targeted my friend’s daughter to make me weak, Kusum is not just my samdhan, but my best friend, courage and strength, breaking her will be breaking me, so my son played this game, my friend taught me to stand with respect and move on, she gave me a wish to find my self esteem, think if she did so much for her samdhan, she would have given much values to her daughter, don’t punish Priyanka, she isn’t wrong, my son is wrong, if he didn’t respect his mum, how will he understand any girl’s respect. Amit says I m ready for this relation. Everyone smiles.

Preeti says I don’t want unlucky shadow of you both, get out of here. Tarun and Rati leave. Preeti wipes Priyanka’s tears. Priyanka and Amit sit for rituals. Kusum does the rituals. Priyanka cries. Amit and Priyanka exchange the rings. Preeti hugs Kusum.

Rati says I didn’t expect this from Preeti, she insulted you so badly, I know this slap is on your cheek and self respect also, mums are such, she insulted you for Priyanka’s sake, she used to hear your scolding, she was like a lioness today, Tarun I felt much bad when I saw Kusum enjoying it, they want our family to break, if they win the challenge, they will dance on our heads. Tarun gets angry. She gets Chanda’s call. Chanda asks where is the party, Preeti’s ego broke, we should celebrate. Rati says what party. Chanda says I can’t expect smartness from you, anyway the news is Preeti lost the current project, she is empty hands now. Rati says that’s amazing, thanks. She says congrats Tarun, Preeti lost the project, she lost the challenge, its diwali tomorrow, she won’t get any project, your mum will get mute and come back home, then you can take revenge of this insult. He says right.

Its morning, everyone is excited. Kusum gives gifts to her daughters and everyone. Juhi gifts Preeti and Kusum. Kusum says my saree is more costly. Preeti also gifts the girls. Juhi asks can’t we do anything to stop mum from going to Tarun. Kusum sees Preeti. She says fate is troubling her a lot, but I m with my friend.

KT recalls Preeti and Rati’s words. He says Aryan’s wedding contract got cancelled, we would have won, Preeti lost, there is no hope now, I can’t imagine Shaadi mubarak without Preeti. Preeti ad Kusum light the diyas. Preeti thinks diwali has come, I have decided to do this. She calls someone. KT sees the diya flickering and goes to hold it. Preeti also holds a flickering diya. Ik tara….plays…. She prays. Preeti and everyone see the last knot in the saree. Kusum prays for Preeti to win the challenge, that she doesn’t need to leave the house.

Buasa gives the advance to Preeti and says I want your company to manage the wedding in village. Preeti says KT can’t come there. Kusum asks why did you refuse KT. Preeti says that village is my inlaws, they can’t understand my work and partnership with KT. KT in disguise holds Preeti in arms. Everyone looks on.

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