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Santoshi Maa 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Ushma devi kills makkhi.

Santoshi Maa 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ram lila celebration finishes & guests leaving singhasan’s house. Devi polomi arrives & uses her powers in lovely to instigate nidhi to tell pandit who is already here for searching date of your marriage completion & nidhi feels happy while singhasan says I heard & first time elder daughter in law must have used her brains as lovely feels glad.
Singhasan tells pandit to give date for indresh & nidhi’s marriage completion as you are here so he searches accordingly but indresh feeling confused while indresh”s mother tells him to give after dasshera but he does not find any date till one month & they all feel sad but polomi uses her powers into pandit & he says there is one date which is on kadva chout after moon arising which comes once in long long years so this date & time is comfortable for their marriage but singhasan says on kadva chout marriage is never performed but then too pandit insists & singhasan decides accordingly while all are delighted but bubli is cursing nidhi’s marriage with indresh.
Dev rishi discussing with mata santoshi about devi polomi again has used her tricks to finalize date also of both their marriage so ushma devi has to kill makkhi anyhow to make swati better & also to stop this marriage.
Devi polomi discussing with her guru that by this mata will know my powers towards my devotee’s & also ushma devi who feels strong of herself cannot stop this marriage.
Dev rishi & mata santoshi are near swati’s body & dev rishi asks mata can chout mata able to bless both brides together with one groom & mata tells him it’s not possible for her but if swati performs pooja of kadva chout then it’s possible for blessing indresh with swati or nidhi might get blessings of mata with indresh so swati has to get up to do this pooja but unless makkhi is killed & ushma tells mata that makkhi will be killed today anyhow & swati will get her husband back.
A black bull comes running speedily from back of ushma towards her as she sees him & flows herself having trishul in her hands & shoots towards the bull which makes makkhi instantly hit & get killed while polomi asks guru shockingly how come your security guard could not save him & guru tells him he himself taken out the guard for inviting his death. Mata santoshi blesses ushma praising her while mahadev & mata paravati also feel glad on her achievement.
Swati slowly opens her eyes as mata & dev rishi feel happy about her health developments.
Nidhi in confusion seeing indresh’s face in trouble so discusses with him asking him what has happened to you or is it that you do not love me anymore & indersh tells her it’s nothing like that & calms her saying we’ll marry on that day but he is thinking about swati itself.
Mata santoshi in disguise of a woman goes to swati’s who is being kept in separate house to rest as she gets up seeing mata & mata asks her taking name that you got up? But she asks her is my name swati & who gave me this name while dev rishi also arrives there. Mata santoshi gets shocked thinking about swati’s memory telling dev rishi that she has lost her memory it seems. Swati seeing mangalsutra asks mata am I married so where is my husband & forces mata to tell the truth getting annoyed of her actual identity which she isn’t remembering.
Singhasan’s family members are busy in purchasing costume & dress materials for marriage celebrations to take place while nidhi forcing indresh to search costume for her as he sees the same one which swati liked & he lifts that one for her as he is remembering of his earlier days with swati with the same costume in which she looked beautiful.

Precap : Mata santoshi is explaining swati the fast of mata kadva chout gives blessings to woman so swati asks her if I keep this fast then is it possible I’ll get my husband & yes says mata. Indresh calls ushma asking her I wish to meet swati but she asks him what’ll you do by meeting her & he says she is my wife. Devi polomi thinks due to indresh’s pooja performance I can reach till santoshi’s devotee swati so that I can kill her anyhow now while mata santoshi is watching polomi planning.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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