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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gopi’s Unique Disguise

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna shows her flower plants to Gehna. Gopi steps on thorn and writhes in pain. Gehna bandages her and says she is feeling bad that she cannot go with Kokila and even got injured. Gopi says whatever they try, only what is written in fate happens; maybe matarani wants her to fulfill her responsibility towards a mother who loves her more than a mother, she wants to reunite a mother with her son and asks Gehna if she will help her. Gehna says yes. In gym, Gopi kaka’s friend tells him that everyone are happy seeing him back in akhara/gym. Gopi kaka says he didn’t want to, but a woman is behind him. Friends ask how does she look like. He describes that she is fair and beautiful with long hair, etc. Friends taunt that he saw too much then. Gopi disguised as a Rajasthani man walks to her and says he wants to speak to Gopi Singh. Gopi kaka says he is Gopi Singh. She says she is Ahem Singh Garodia and thinks he doesn’t want a woman near her, so she disguised herself; she promises herself that she will become Gopi again when he becomes Ahem Singh Garodia. She says he was speaking about a woman in detail, who is that woman. He asks what? She says she had a great respect for this gym and him, but when he cannot control his feelings for a woman, so she will not get trained by him. He says he already shoo’d that woman away, though she was trying hard to come near him; he is not the one who can come under a woman’s trap and is a brahmachari. She shakes hand with him.

Gopi introduces herself to Guruji as Ahem Singh Garodia who considers Gopi Singh as his ideal wrestler and wants to learn wrestling from him, so she wants to be near him and watch his each daily routine. Guruji permits her. Gopi kaka says doesn’t look like Ahem has gone has attended gym at all. Guruji says he got Ahem’s letter and he is from Rajkote’s akhara. Friends say Ahem has to wrestle with Gopi for 60 seconds at least to prove his competency. Gopi thinks Ahem ji is a seasoned wrestler know, how will she withstand him. At home, Gehna prepares Ananth’s favorite food as per Baa’s advice. Sagar hearing her murmuring thinks of troubling her, but hides seeing Jamna coming. Jamna prays Gehna and asks her to serve it to Ananth. Gopi kaka asks she is ready to wrestle with him. Gopi agrees and prays Kanhaji for help. She gets into wrestling ground with Gopi kaka with 60 seconds timer se and escapes his 2 attacks, reminiscing watching wrestling on laptop. Gopi kaka grips her and keeps hand on her pagdi. She gets tensed thinking if pagdi falls off, her truth will be out. Commentator says only 10 seconds are left and let us see who will win. Gopi prays Kanhaji for help. Gehna enters with Gopi Kaka’s food and calls him, diverting Gopi kaka’s attention. Gopi pins Gopi kaka down winning competition. Everyone clap while Guruji says Ahem Singh Garodia won today’s fight. Gopi asks Gopi kaka if he will teach him wrestling now.

At home, Praful and Jamna perform pooja and invites family for lunch. Pankaj gets tempted seeing sweets. Kanak warns him to find out how much money they can grab from Praful’s 1 core retirement corpus cheque. Chetan warns Hema to be with Kanak and find out her plans, else he will not give her pocket money. After wrestling, Gopi kaka asks Gehna why did she divert his attention and made him lose. Gopi says she thought nobody can divert his attention. Gehna says food can divert his attention and asks who is this new bird/man. Gopi kaka introduces Ahem Singh Garodia from Gujrath who came to get training from him for 5 days and will stay with them. Gehna greets Jai Sri Krishna Ahem ben, then says sorry Ahem Bhai. Gopi warns him to stay away from him as he doesn’t speak to girls. Gopi kaka realizes he left his towel in gym and goes to get it. Gopi thanks Gehna for saving her on time. Gehna sees Gopi’s foot wound bleeding and gets concerned. Gopi says this pain is nothing in front of the happiness of reuniting a mother and son; pain shouldn’t be tolerated if someone troubles them. They both continue their chatting.

At home, Gehna serves dinner to family. Sagar tries to flirt and touch her. Family walks in and Baa praises that Gehna prepared Ananth’s favorite food. Ananth says its tasty. Pankaj asks Praful if he should deposit cheque and withdraw money. Ananth says they can make FD. Kanak thinks she will not let money go in FD and will do something.

Precap: Ananth sees Kanak serving dal rice to Gehna in an aluminum plate and asks her to serve their food in proper plate, asks Jamna what is happening.

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