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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Baby claims Ram is her dad and Koyal mom

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Ram says to Koyal I am not scared of you. She says just relax. He says you relax. Koyal says you take tea for Dulari and here with anger. What happened? You sent that kid there. She says I can’t order a kid online. Ram says I know you sent her. Koyal says which kid? He says this kid. Irfan is there. She says this isn’t the kid. He is more of a father. Ram says there’s a kid. Irfan says you are married. Who is your lucky husband? She says Ram ji. Irfan says Ram? Koyal says no ask him about the kid. How would I know about the kids in the neighborhood? Ram says let me look for the kid then I will speak to you.

Dulari sees the kid playing. Patang says this is a sign from God. Dulari says why was she taking your name. Dulari says hi. She says my name is Dulari what’s your name? SHe says Chintakakachintata. Patang says what? She says what’s your name? Where did you come? Why did you say patang? She says naa tum jano naa hum. Patang says she’s so clever. I didn’t bring her. Dulari says you’re so sweet. Who brought you here? She says my papa and points at Ram’s photo. Dulari is shocked. Patang says I knew he would cheat on you. He had a baby before you. Dulari slaps him. She says my Ram can never do that. I know he wants to give me a sign that he wants to be a papa.

Ram comes home. He says I need to find the baby before Dulari finds her. Dulari says our love doesn’t need signs. You can tell me clearly. What do you want? Boy or girl? He sees the baby and says baby.. He goes out. Dulari says Ram’s way of saying things is so unique. Ram comes to the street but the kid isn’t there. Ram asks Hema if he has seen the babu. Koyal says what was he saying? She says it’s our personal thing.

Scene 2
Dulari puts kids’ photos in the house. Radha says put Baal Gopal’s photos as well. Dulari puts photos on the falls. Koyal comes and says is there good news? Dulari says for now you came, nothing can be good after you come. Soon there will be a baby in this house. She will make our love stronger. No one would ever be able to come between us. ram comes as well. Dulari give parsad to Ram. She says I made this for the baby. He says did you meet the baby? Dulari says yes I did. I know it was your way of telling me that soon there should a little girl in our house who will call me.. The baby comes in and says mummy. Dulari says come hug me. The baby hugs Koyal instead. Ram says is she your daughter? Dulari says if she’s your daughter who is her father? The baby holds Ram’s hand and says papa and mummy. Dulari is shocked. Dulari says why is she calling you papa and calling Koyal mom? Koyal says I need to go home. she runs out. Dulari looks at Ram. Ram says what? How can you doubt me? She isn’t my daughter. The baby says papa left me? She cries. Dulari says don’t cry. Ram says you can call her mom. She says mummy for a small while. Dulari says sure you can call me that. What’s your name? Patang says Milli. Dulari says okay. She hugs her. Ram says Dulari is so cute. I won’t let Koyal annoy her anymore.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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