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RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Herculean Task For Sam

RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sam searches Anirudh and asks Nishath if he saw Anirudh. Nishath says he doesn’t know as he is busy arm wrestling with Ulmukh. Sam continues searching Anirudh and finds him sadly sitting under tree, asks why didn’t he reply him. Anirudh says he doesn’t want to speak to him as he left him alone when Asuri powers attacked ashram, how can a friend leave his friend in trouble. Sam says he is elder to him in both age and relationship, why will he leave him trouble. Anirudh smiles and says they cannot shoo away Achyuta like other teachers. Sam says let her try to set her feet, but he will pull her feet away. Anirudh says its difficult. Sam says tomorrow will be difficult for Achyuta. Next morning, Achyuta walks in and students bend and greet him except Sam. Achyuta scolds Sam to bend and greet his guru. Sam obeys. Achyuta says she will start her class now. Radha walks in and asks if she can join her class. Achyuta says she is welcome. She starts class and explains about Dharma and Karma in detail and says nobody can follow and teach Dharma like Krishna. Anirudh says they all know Krishna as he is their grandfather. Sam says what is special in Krishna. Achyuta says he must be knowing well as he is Krishna’s son. Sam says Krishna is overpraised as he is just a charioteer; though he gets credit of winning Mahabharath, he did it via Arjun’s arrows and Bheem’s gadha/mace. He continues that Krishna may have killed kalia nag, but he killed much bigger snake at a very young age. Achyuta says Krishna killed snake with a reason; he wanted to protect lives from snake, but why did Sam kill snake without any reason. Sam says a warrior doesn’t need any reason to kill anyone. Achyuta explains that dharma and karma are related to each other and with a reason they can do anything, but with a wrong reason they can’t.

Sam challenges Achyuta that he can pull tree out without any reason, can Achyuta do that. Achyuta says she can, but will give them much better example. She takes everyone to garden and planting her foot on ground asks to try and shake it. Sam says its a child’s play and even Anirudh can do it. Anirudh tries but fails followed by Ulmukh and Nishath. Achyuta asks Sam to try next. Sam tries, but fails. He punches Achyuta’s foot with all his power injuring it. Achyuta shakes her leg in pain. Radha says he shouldn’t have done that. Sam laughs that he won and Achyuta lost, he proved that anything can be without a reason. Achyuta says she asked him to shake her leg, but he tricked and punched it. Sam says everything is fair in war and asks Anirudh if he will not celebrate his uncle’s win.

Radha takes Achyuta/Krishna to her room and applies medicine on it. She asks when did his leg become weak when his whole body was strong before. He explains that Barbarik had shot 3 arrows to prove his power, which would have killed anything and even Krishna; 2 hit the target, but one flew and hit Krishna’s leg making it his body’s weak part.

Precap: Krishna braids Radha’s hair. Sam thinks of ending Achyuta and walks into her room, but stands shocked.

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