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Qurbaan Hua 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Godambari blames Chahat for drinking alcohol

Qurbaan Hua 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neil tries to wake Chahat however she falls to the ground he doesnot know how she got unconscious, he wonders why there is smell coming from the air purifier, he sees that the filer is choked so thinks that she might have inhaled the smell.
He lifts her, she is rests her head on his chest then wakes up so immediately pulls herself away asking what is he trying to do, he mentions that he was only trying to help her because she might not fail her exams, Chahat apologizes when she realizes that he was only trying to help her, he says that he would not take advantage of a girl whose name is yaqoota, she inquires how did he come to know of her real name, she is really amazed that he came to know of it and when he makes fun of her she gets mad, Bopho also comes so when he starts making fun of the name with Neil, she leaves in anger after which Neil has to go after her so that she calms down.
Baleq seeks blessing from Viyas jee, he explains that he would be able to find something about the family of Chahat, he also asks Baleq to give some donation to the labours fund in Delhi, at which Baleq also agrees.
Neil enters the room where Chahat is sitting in anger, he starts thrashing the room searching for something but when Chahat asks about it he responds that he is looking for her smile which he feels has been lost, she asks then why did he make fun of her name, she says that her father gave her the name of her grandmother but her friends made fun of it so her father changed the name then now he also made fun of her name. Neil says that he would not make fun of her name anymore, she also says that she would fail the exam and it would be the first time in her life so he must leave her alone.
Viyas jee writes a cheque seeing which Baleq gets happy as he has no plan of donating the money to any labour organization.
Chahat is praying in her room that Allah give some sense to Neil as he should take care of his father, while also praying that she should pass the exams as otherwise she would not be able to pass the entrance exams which she cannot bear, she then realizes that she should only ask for one thing which is to give some sense to Neil.
Neil is also performing the pooja for the better result of Chahat as otherwise she would break down which he cannot see, Bopho standing at the back exclaims that he has finally started praying because of Chahat as he never performs the pooja, Neil mentions that he did this only because Chahat is a pure soul and he cannot see her break down, Bopho mentions that his means he is in love with her however Neil refuses to accept that he has started liking Chahat so says that if she gets the degree she would be able to take care of Chanda, Bopho answers that then the cow would kick and hit him.
He says that the truth is that he has feelings for Chahat, she is also thinking about him and leaves.
Naveli is in the room when Chahat asks her that she should give her some baby powder because it is finished, Naveli says that she is making a list that she will give to Baleq and he will bring it for her, Chahat then takes it from her but is shocked to see that there is nothing in the list for Kripa, Naveli exclaims that it is just a waste of money as Kripa would soon get older. Chahat says that this is not the case because if there is negativity amongst the elders it is shown in the hearts of the young. They are talking when Godambari comes asking why is she doing this because she has ordered her to never use her daughter to seek the blessings of Viyas jee, Naveli says that she should stop this act as she has created a WhatsApp group in which there is only Viyas jee and Neil, Chahat answers that she created this group to make sure that Viyas jee gets his medicine on time. Godambari then asks Naveli to come with her.
Neil enters the room where he sees that Chahat is drinking something he thinks that it might be alcohol so asks why is she drinking it as this is not allowed in their house, Chahat tries to explain that it is not the case, Godambari calls everyone to the room saying that it Is alcohol, Chahat makes her drink it after which she smiles exclaiming that it is just apple juice, Viyas jee orders her to make the juice for everyone in the family, Chahat mentions that she drinks the juice whenever she is sad and when Viyas jee inquires the reason she explains that she failed the exam.
Jamuna inquires what exam is she talking about, Neil says that she gave the exam for the five star hotel but failed it, Viyas jee inquires why did she not tell anyone, Neil explains that she did not want to hurt anyone, Viyas jee says that she should have told him as then he would not have worried her with the chores, he explains that he would order Godambari to take care of the household chores as she should just worry about her studies. Jamuna also advises her to focus on her studies.

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