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Mere Sai 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: What is real happiness?

Mere Sai 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumati assures Ashok she wont let anything go wrong with him. Ashok is miffed with their father for making the wrong choices. They look at their parents. Raghav asks Rama if she is upset with him. She says what else could I feel. It is important to marry the girls in good families but you wanted to send them to great, rich families and you tried to meet their demands afterwards. You took loan to do that. You sold off land and then mortgaged the house. Raghav insists that he did this for his daughter only. What if her in-laws would have taunted her otherwise? I thought I will pay it off but fate dint support me in this. You will blame me for this as well? I know a Sahukar (money lender) through my friend. I will take money from him and pay Sarkar. Interest is double but we will get time. Rama scolds him for his idea. I have never stopped you from making your decisions till date but I wont let you do this. Stop showing off and these expenses! She points at Sumati and Ashok. They will be made servants by Sarkar. That idea is killing me! I don’t know if or how we will get out of it! I beg you. Please don’t put us in another problem now. Sarkar has atleast given us a roof. Your sahukar might snatch this from us too. She breaks down. Sumati comforts her. Raghav apologizes to them. I have no alternative to save you all from this problem. Sumati says Sai did tell you a solution. Raghav gets thinking.

Sai and Bheema are walking in the jungle. Bheema tells Sai they are at the border now. Sai looks around. He smiles as soon as he notices a boulder. He asks Bheema to bring water for him. Bheema agrees. Sai picks up the boulder and puts it in shade, over another stone. Bheema watches Sai clean the boulder with water. Sai covers it with vermilion. Jai Shree Ram. He folds his hands. I have put your idol here, Hanuman ji. It is up to you now. Bheema asks Sai what he is referring to. Sai says it is to get someone the same freedom that you got once. Bheema tries to say something but Sai suggests heading back to Shirdi now as it is getting late.

Raghav and his family are on their way to Sarkar’s house. A guy reminds Raghav of what he had told him earlier. You could have married your daughters without grandeur. You lost your house and now you must become Sarkar’s servants. Don’t know what all you will have to go through! They begin to walk away. Sumati tells her Baba she is with him. How can we let Ashok get into this? Raghav says we have no alternative. She suggests leaving Ashok with Sai but he refuses to leave her side and hugs her. She insists that Sai will take better care of you. You can continue your studies there. He stays put. Raghav says Sarkar wont agree. He will do his worst or disrespect Sai if we do this. Sumati says Sai is beyond respect or disrespect. He speaks of his helplessness but she does not want Ashok to get involved in this. It will be a sin to pull him into this. Let him live his life. Ashok asks her why she wants to push him away from her. Rama tells Sumati that Ashok loves her just as much as she loves him. He wont leave you. Ashok hugs Sumati again. Sai smiles.

Tejasvi tells Prahalad to eat properly. We will have 4 full-time servants from tomorrow. You can enjoy your life then. Keshav says they are forced to be servants. You must remember that there are 2 kids too. Rukmani seconds him. Keshav tells his Baba to show humanity towards them. Sarkar asks Keshav if he tells him how to run his business. Rukmani asks her husband if this is the right thing to do. He fumes. Keshav says it is understood when someone is unable to pay off their loan on time. you can make them work harder and pay it off. Tejasvi asks them why they cannot think of her. We will be able to relax. Rama can cook and Sumati can be our son’s maid. Prahalad tells his mother he doesn’t want a maid. Sai has taught us that one must do everything on their own. Tejasvi scolds him for speaking between elders. She tells Rukmani to think about her comfort too. Sarkar says it is good that Keshav got you as his wife. Keshav reasons that selfishness and helplessness are two different thing. Tejasvi argues that Raghav couldn’t pay off his debts. Keshav gives Mahabharata’s reference. We shouldn’t forget what happened to Kaurava’s. Sarkar refuses to hear another word on the topic. Anyone who is in disagreement can leave the house. Things will run here as per my wish! Raghav calls out to Sarkar just then. We are here.

Sarkar tells Raghav and his family to stay in the hut behind the house. We will tell you about your work tomorrow. Keshav asks Raghav if they had food. I will get you some. Sarkar says he even owes his meals to me right now. You killed my hunger and are trying to feed them? Keshav says we don’t even send animals hungry and these are human beings. Sarkar insists that servants have no rights, not even as humanity. I will give them meals in return of their hard work. Keshav offers to pay off their debts. I haven’t forgotten my humanity. Sarkar asks him how much he earns. Return me the money which I have spent on your education if you want to. Pay me the money that I spent on your stay in London. It was 50k! Keep quiet if you cannot return it! I have been merciful and I gave them a place to stay. Raghav requests Keshav not to argue with his father because of them. We must get used to living like this. Sarkar reminds him that he is a servant. You all will bow down on your feet and greet me in the morning and evening. Rama says we both can do it as much times as you want but please spare the kids. Sarkar says you all are guilty. Your girl brought that Fakir there. You can bow down to me when you can bow down in front of Sai. Your son is guilty of taking birth in your house! Raghav and his family kneel down on the floor and fold their hands in front of Sarkar. Sarkar and Tejasvi are content whereas Keshav and Rukmani feel bad. Keshav tells his father he committed a sin by taking birth in his house. Sarkar asks him if he cannot see how prosperous this house is. I like this very much!

Sai is lighting diya’s in Dwarkamai with Bheema’s help. Bheema says you always value hard work. Do people get the fruits of their labour? Sarkar has been so mean all these years yet he is living a happy life. Sai asks Bheema what happiness is. Bheema says it might hold different meaning for everyone. I feel happy when I don’t have to worry for my family’s needs next month. Sai says happiness and needs are two different things. You need money to take care of everyone’s needs. This is your basic necessity. If someone gives you a lot of money and asks you to leave your family and Shirdi, will you be happy? Bheema denies. Sai says it means your family is what makes you happy. You got a good family as a fruit of your labour. The added benefit is that you can respect and understand their importance. You have so much yet you aren’t arrogant or jealous. You sleep peacefully. People respect you from their heart. All these are considered the fruits of one’s hard work. When people try to oppress someone then it means he is hiding his pain by doing that. He does not realise that his family is his true earning. Do good deeds so you can be happy.

Precap: Rama tells her family that this hunger is their future. Sumati is sure Sai will help them. Rama asks Sumati to do some miracle then. Sai offers water to Tulsi and the stomachs of Rama and her family get full.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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