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Love after arrange marriage Ep-16- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-16- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

Team 1 – Riddhima stands 1st in the line , behind her is Vansh and then Angre then Chanchal.

Team 2- Siya stands 1st , behind her Kabir , then Aryan and at last Sejal .

Aryan says,”So pairs are  Riddhima bhabhi -Siya , Vansh bhai – Kabir , Angre and me and Sejal- Chanchal..

Kabir says, “First player will go when I will say Go! ”

Riddhima and Siya goes . They both find their balloons and burst it .. Angre says,”So , Riddhima…I mean Riddhima Bhabhi  has burst 12 balloons while Siya has burst 10 ..Good Job!” Then Goes Vansh and   Kabir (Siya says ,”Go.” ) Vansh bursts 11 balloons while Kabir bursts 10 .. Then goes Angre and Aryan , Angre bursts 9 while Aryan bursts only 6 . At last , goes Chanchal and Sejal ..Chanchal bursts 6 balloons while Sejal bursts only 5… ”  So , Ladies & Gentlemen , with a heavy heart  Riddhima bhabhi  ‘s team is the winner ” , says Siya. The team 1 dances and says,”Now loser team’s each player will do a dare.” Flashback- When Siya explained the rules of games she said ,”The loser team’s each player will do a dare.” Flashback ends .

Riddhima says,”For Siya 1st.” The team 1 discusses the dare and says,”You have to wear traditional clothes with makeup and have to dance.” Siya says,”Soo easy.” Vansh says,”Let us complete ..Also , you have to post it on your social media …the 1st take will be the last one.” Siya gets a little sad and then says,”Okay.” She goes to get ready and completes her dare ..Though , she made the video very well but in between Riddhima and Vansh comes to disturb her …

Siya's look

Angre says,”Next , mm, Kabir.” The team decides the dare and says,” You have to take this  wig and wear it  and hold this chain .” Kabir takes .. When Kabir comes out everybody laughs …

Kabir doing his dare

Chanchal says,”Now Sejal.” The team  discusses the dare . Riddhima says,”Your dare is you have to answer 4 questions truly.” Sejal nods yes .

1st ques

Vansh-“Do you love someone here?”

Sejal – Hmm…My Riddhu

Vansh- No , I meant from men ..

Sejal- Well , Angre

Angre gets happy and says,”Me too.”

Riddhima says,”Ooo , New couple…hmm” . Sejal says,”Riddhu!!”

2nd ques

Riddhima- Seju , will you marry Angre ?? Everyone giggles

Sejal – Can you please shut up !!

Riddhima – Its a dareee

Sejal – O God!! Why you are troubling me ??

Riddhima- Answer me !!

Sejal – First I wanna know him , then I will decide ..

Riddhima – Okk ..

This for today ..


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