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Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam seeks Dhruv’s answer

Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying I don’t want to answer anything. Sonam stops him and asks him to answer. He says let me go to my room. Sonam asks till when will you run, you used to say that struggles make a person strong, you can’t go like this, these questions won’t leave you, answer them, three lives depend on it, end this by your answer. Dhruv says you have played a game with me, don’t play. Sonam says I m not playing any game, I didn’t marry anyone else in mandap, you did everything, I got my truth out, you think I m playing a game, this game can’t go for long, give your answer, this game will end.

He says fine, I have decided, my answer is ready, I will take seven rounds with Milky. Nutan smiles. Sonam gets shocked. Dhruv says but I will take the rounds when Sonam leaves my heart, I won’t marry until I completely forget Sonam, I promise I will end Sonam’s memories from my heart. He goes. Nutan and Milky hold hands and see Sonam. Sonam cries. Sheetal says Milky has won, Dhruv said he is ready to marry Milky, I will make Sonam’s memories out of his heart. Ankita looks on. Sonam prays to Mata Rani. She says I will see Dhruv and Milky’s rounds and go, if Dhruv doesn’t take rounds with me. Nutan gives chunri to Milky. She says you keep the fast tomorrow and win your husband.

Milky goes to keep the suhaag plate in the temple. She says I will marry Dhruv by taking rounds. Sonam says I won’t let my memories end. Milky says I won’t let him miss you. Sonam says you can’t stop memories in someone’s mind, you can’t do anything, love, vows, memories, you can never understand or stop it. Shashi comes to Nutan. He says you are trying to prove to Dhruv that Milky is going to do puja for him, the day he knows your politics, you will lose him. She asks will you explain him.

Sonam is on the terrace. She recalls Dhruv and her meet. Dhruv comes and asks what are you doing here. She says we met her when lights went before, I didn’t come to remind anything, answer my questions in yes or no, are you still much angry on me, do you really think I will leave the marriage for the sake of makeup, do you feel suffocated with my stay here. Milky wakes up and doesn’t see Dhruv. She says where did he go. Sonam says you knew there is no light and I will come on the terrace, then why did you come here. Dhruv looks at her. Milky gets a lantern. She looks for Dhruv. Sonam asks Dhruv why did he come. Milky comes there and sees them together. Lights come. Dhruv sees Milky.

Sonam comes to do puja. Everyone stops her from performing the puja. Dhruv looks on.

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