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Hamariwali Good News 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mukund takes back the FIR

Hamariwali Good News 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay getting his brother home and beating him. Mukund says its the same guy who misbehaved with me, where did you get him. Sanjay says he is my brother. Mukund asks him to leave the guy, its fine. Sanjay gives him money. Mukund says I don’t want it. Alok asks him to keep the money. Mukund says its not about loss, a woman got much hurt that day. Alok asks Mukund to pay for Sanjay’s loss. Mukund asks what did I do. Sanjay gets a call and goes. Alok says you got medal of a good citizen, you have filed FIR against Sanjay’s brother, amazing. Mukund says that woman was much hurt, I m saying the truth. Alok says you have to take the FIR back, else Sanjay can get troubles in business. Adi says why will we take FIR back. Alok says I will tell you clearly, if you don’t take FIR back, then Anchal and Sanjay won’t get married, Preeti won’t come here again. Adi asks why will we do this. Alok asks him not to speak between elders. Mukund says we will go to police station. He says Adi isn’t a father, he doesn’t know what we need to do for daughter’s happiness.

Madhu meets Navya. She says I m fine now. She gets her aunt and uncle’s pic. She says they had adopted me in childhood, they aren’t my parents. Navya asks do Kusum and Gautam know it. Madhu says yes, why will it matter, if adoption was done in the family, if my mum didn’t give me to Maasi, then Maasi’s marriage would have got broken. Navya recalls Meena’s words.

Preeti says dad should have not done this. Renuka asks her to talk with respect. She says that woman was hurt, that’s why he filed the Fir. Preeti says your thinking is small. Adi says your thinking is small, Alok threatened dad and took him, don’t you find it odd, you blindly follow him. She says so what, mum taught this to me. She asks Renuka to say if she is wrong. Navya comes home. Preeti taunts Navya.

Adi says rich people think they can buy anything with money, I m tired of this, how is Madhu. Navya says she is fine, did you know that Madhu was adopted. He says yes, Gautam told me. She says think if we can adopt baby from the family, who can make us parents. Adi thinks. Mukund comes home. Renuka gives him water. He gets rude. She gets sad. Adi says Preeti will not help us. Navya says Preeti loves you a lot, she can help us. Adi says she is just bahu of a big house now. Navya says we have no way now, we don’t have a choice. He says even if Preeti agrees, Alok won’t agree, every relation is a business for him. Navya says you didn’t ask him anything. He says he gave loan to dad and then insulted him, that’s why I have savings to Alok. She says kid isn’t a loan. He says we can’t trust Alok, what will we do if he claims the child, don’t dream of a child now. She cries. He thinks I wish anyone could help us, but how.

Its morning, Renuka cleans the floor. Mukund asks her to stop all this. She says I have a fast today. Kusum comes home. Renuka asks did you get everything. Kusum says yes. She asks Navya to see everything well, she will also keep the fast from next year. Navya feels sad and goes. Renuka goes to Navya. She stops Navya. She asks Navya not to feel bad. She says I have kept a fast today, I m sure we will find some way. She says I will make this news true, find any way on the internet, there will be some way.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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